Hi I'm Lia! I love making crafts, art, and more! I upload videos like DIY, Beauty, Hauls, etc.

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  1. Hannah Flavin

    SSiperwolf: I love the look of freckles. .me:I have frickin freckles all over my face

  2. Rileigh Fox

    I think the worst might be the spray paint diyed hair. Spray paint has a lot of dangerous chemicals in it.

  3. Mylee Myers

    When are you going to do a video with you sister

  4. Aimee Hession

    I’m watching all of lias vids bc I’m bored in quarantine 🤣😴🥰

  5. Muqadass Mehmood

    You should check out Moriah Elizabeth

  6. Victor Cordova

    You have to leave it longer

  7. Alethea Montano

    Poor TEXAS I live in Texas.😅

  8. salmoor185

    I am telling my mother


    I have rubbing alcohol

  10. danny rivera

    When the lady says no recording it’s probualy because she doesn’t want any bad comments about the food when the food is terrible. Trust me I’ve been there . It’s disgusting🤢🤮

  11. Asiya Sarwari

    You have to wipe the top when the Henna is coming out you have to wipe it leahh

  12. Adam Lucker

    Who doesn't love T-Shirts bc I do... ALOT

  13. Julianna Reynoso

    Hi little lia 😇

  14. Kickin It W/ Kasiyah

    9:50 is inappropriate

  15. Keilani Reyes

    I’m chatting when I have no school..but online school >:c Super Boring Work for me 😿😿

  16. Alia Purple

    Me: sees lia cooking Also me: trys Also me : burns down the house

  17. Alia Purple

    Random man: you eat to much Me: Thinks about how much I eat Also me: worry’s about my health 😢😫

  18. Aaliyah MacClugage

    i have a box of the Hana cones and a book of the peel of stensles for it I love it

  19. Carlton Parkes

    Hey Lia how can edible school Supplies

  20. Silly sausages 123

    Who is the man following you 😐

  21. Jade Anderson

    I got so grossed out that I left the video

  22. Salome Hedges

    Until it drys

  23. Alia Purple

    Lia: it’s a strawberry yogurt drink Also lia: its spicy Me: So it’s spicy yogurt drink Thanks Japan my insides don’t hurt 😔

  24. Larissa Hendricks

    She is sssniperwolf

  25. Zac Asiedu

    pause it at 8:08 and look at her face 😂🤣😂🤣

  26. Anita Johnson


  27. Alia Purple

    If I was there I would go bankrupt ⬇️Like if you would too!

  28. FH Cookies

    The henna is supposed to be on longer to become a darker color

  29. lakeisha mcleggan

    i give your dog a 10000000000000000000 out of 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and same with your outfits

  30. Joslyn Hines

    I've eaten actually glue.

  31. Baxcha Bakr

    The Hanna need to be there until it’s half dry then NOT RUB IT wash it

  32. Nitya Gupta

    Sniperwolf I love hena. I am indian and I use Hena all the time. Yes it brings the dye under your skin to dye it. Leave it one for however long you want. Th longer you leave it on for the darker the color

  33. Kawaii Chan

    casually poops while watching this.😂

  34. Omar Gamal

    👩🏻 👗 👢 If u dare like lia is going to DIE (but srsly don’t like)

  35. Dark Wolf

    5:25 *opens door behind ssniperwolf* Unknown Man: *oHh ShIt*

  36. Aila McDonald

    Dude, the lady in the Popeyes was so rude!

  37. A Harry Potter Fan

    For it to become an orange color you have to leave it till it starts becoming hard for brown you have to leave it till it become hard then you peel small pieces off

  38. Wangchhu Sherpa

    You need to put some oil to make it dark

  39. 5G will kill us unless we dont stop it

    I think I got dumber by watching this.

  40. Belu Raven

    Why do you always wear clothes that look like they were probably $1,000,000,000

  41. Jessica Sanders

    Splork a spoon and a fork is a Splork

  42. Sameera Harif

    U have to leave the henna on longer and a very very nice colour will come

  43. Cuco Chavez


    1. Cuco Chavez

      I though I

  44. Omar Gamal

    Lia u have to wait a few days so it gets darker and the kind u used is really good my mom is a henna artist so whenever Ramadan comes she does it for me

  45. The Sunless Institute


  46. Ilham Hajjo

    You need to leave the henna for 10 or 20 mins bcs i know all about them ❤

  47. Ntsike Gabela

    And opp and a opp skkk

  48. Tryhard ninja

    2:45 anyone acctually not look

  49. Rosie Kelby


  50. Bts Army

    10:04 I just need to dunk my hair in water and me hair spring up into curls

  51. SomeWeirdLumpOfMeat

    Me at first: oooOoo someone is building a house for their dogs! Me after realizing it's Lia: 👁🕳👁 I NEVER KNEW ABOUT DIS CHANNEL-

  52. Eva Delcheva Kidy toy show

    SssniperWolf I think you should play Roblox. It's just for you. And if you want to play my account is MsPurpleSmile.

  53. Victoria Deangelis

    You aren’t supposed to take it off when it’s still wet. You have to wait for the henna to dry in order to really get the tattoo to come out the way you want it to. And for the pigment to actually be on your skin. You remove it when it looks crusty, or dry scab-like

  54. Simone Leon

    my dinner is ready in 1n hour and im so hungry watching this video plus i can't eat any thing meanwhile

  55. Stanislas Noel


  56. LL lulu

    Just to tell u store hennah is bad homemade from ppl is ok

  57. Liljay 3x

    Who looked when she said don’t look :not me

  58. Elena Carrizales


  59. Best video ever

    The longer u leave henna the darker it gets

  60. winston parkes

    I don’t like water melons tbh

  61. Emely Chavez

    NerdEcrafter made you into a scupture monster

  62. Nope Bob

    2020 Anyone???? 👇🏻

  63. Vilma Turcios

    Ain't no one finna talk about 9:50

  64. Thê Ęćłîpšē

    Sorry Lia 😂😂😂,but i cant see you and hear you talking like that i just cant🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. Art - z

    Broooo Ur supposed to let henna dry until its crusty if u want a tattoo And if u want freckles then u can wipe it early

  66. Madelyne Smith

    Lia: I LOVE freckles Me: looks in a mirror at my natural freckled face Ugly af 😆

  67. Suhaima Patel 786

    I love the crop sweater that was sooo cute I would wear that 😍

  68. Lia Luck

    I am blonde and I can't dye my hair

  69. Fati Grihe

    I Love food 😋❤

  70. Shahd Alabdulkader

    Your Supposed to supposed to let the Hannah chip off

  71. Katelyn Dinkelman

    I love the colour purple

  72. Jasmine Jones

    I swear someone cut her bangs

  73. Erys Stack


  74. CJ J

    i thought your channel was Sssniper wolf not little lia

  75. Erys Stack


  76. CJ J

    ZIP ties

  77. Sierra Miller

    you didn't hold on the tattoo long enough

  78. Alizabeth Phillips

    I've done that before it was pretty fun.

  79. Sadia Baig


  80. Xavier Lee Novelo

    That closet is worth more than my house :>

  81. Sadia Baig


  82. Sadia Baig

    Don’t give Sssniperwolf and little lia thumbs down give lots of likes and give her infinity subscribers

  83. wolfgirl07


  84. Bhargav Chandramouli

    Ok but wouldn't your name pop up on the card...?

  85. Breahanna Lara

    At 5:15 I was dead laughing 💀

  86. irma gyugyi

    her houss is beatifullll!!!🤩

  87. Alexandria Kallberg

    I'm new to IRsel and this is the first video I've seen so yeah! :-)

  88. jessica howard

    i love you little lia

  89. Stan Dlamini

    "Wam bam lipstick mam" you look pretty now but don't think I like you because I'm a Girl bra 😠😭😪🤕😱

  90. Wendy Williams

    I watch the video and I liked it

  91. Pat Lee

    You guys are soooooooooooooo cute together

  92. Today With Maiah

    Starbucks and the pink drink

  93. Jessandemmaplays Jessandemmaplays

    It was so cooooool

  94. Lucy Perez

    Are you sssniperwolf

  95. Lucy Perez

    Corona virise won't let me because school is cancelled

  96. Nabeelah Ahmed

    I say your dog 10000

  97. Peter van der linden

    Wherry was that dollar store tho?

  98. Christine Shiozaki

    the hena will turn brown overtime

  99. Trenton Cover

    I agree disani sucks