Welcome to my channel!! I film my life with my girlfriend Mariah and my best friends AKA the Vlog Squad.

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  1. Guido Guido

    Oh, you clickbait-y, cheeky bastard! You had it painted a new colour but you made it look like you crashed it in the thumbnail! Genius! Haha!

  2. Sara Hoxha

    yall are so cute I just cant

  3. Mary Rust

    You love ok amazing. Perfection. The whole thing

  4. Viktor Trold

    the intro is amazing

  5. Heather Bonelli

    Zanes legs tho... Daaaaamn boo!! 😋

  6. Truman Caffrey

    Race David’s Ferrari

  7. Kaba Hriikaonai

    Okhhhhayy! Everyone, the real question is-"Where the Hell is Jeff?"Uggghh so dissapointed.😞

  8. S G

    “good morning hussar family” 🥺

  9. Jada Bray

    David’s so cute

  10. Mike Mj

    Hey i love ya vids

  11. Mike Mj


  12. The Purple Smartie

    This video was made 2 years ago but I keep coming back to it becuase it’s hilarious

  13. John Sharples

    I feel like Carly and Erin are the female version of polite Zane and Heath.

  14. Ayla Dore

    Who else is on a Heath and Mariah marathon? 😂😂

  15. Erza Fernandez

    Ugh...I want a heath too 😍💔

  16. 99_Beta_ Wolf_99

    13:03 mariah: " starts to fall back in chair" Liza: moma im scared 😂😂

  17. Sharin Ramdhani

    Jeff is so sweet

  18. vicious cinnamon roll

    heath looks so good in here omg

  19. Joe Stacks

    man just mixing all the coolants. FYI that's not what you are supposed to do. you are supposed to use the recommended coolant per the manufacturer.

  20. Ayla Van Broekhoven

    At the start of the video Mariah and Liza were jaming out to imaginary music xD

  21. A touch too crazy.

    "good job hot stuff" im 🥺🥺🥺 theyre so cute together istg

  22. Noah Barr

    David’s fav work is fu**

  23. Error loading information

    The Wyatt cameo is everything 😂

  24. Matt Brown

    WAIT WAIT WAIT 5:13 and the quesadilla bit was so freaking hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  25. André Baptista

    Nowadays I would say it is a case of Coronavirus 😅

  26. Levi England-Day

    You are so good heath !! You are both insane , I'm crying 🤣😂 and laughing xx

  27. Pilar Alvarez

    this is some top notch editing by ms Mariah

  28. Divita Joshi

    cant tell where it when wrong

  29. Zoey Barefield

    I love there reactions and relationship

  30. c h e r y l c o l a

    2:18 *london bridge is falling down*

  31. Lilly Gibson

    5:37 (Scotty- "AnD REaD uR BiBLe")

  32. Tokes Outdoors

    Damn, I about pulled my calf tryin to point like Heath! 😂

  33. Icey Y-Tee


  34. Icey Y-Tee

    Damn wish i could have a relationship like this

  35. Brendan Guralsky

    Heath's screamo comin out

  36. Michael Sheridan

    Health was like “I real like I didn’t get enough for her”.1 day later he surprises her with a dirt bike and a jeep

  37. Maudi Pattison

    is zane gay? like i love him

  38. Kellie Trujillo

    Zane can walk better in heels than most girls

  39. xXTrapGod _xX

    Heat flash

  40. Léya Lepage

    The montage killed me

  41. kit kat Aldous

    Cutest F*****g couple ever

  42. Ben Palmer

    That looks terrible I don’t care if it’s in a movie it looks bad

  43. Carl Morrison

    Hey heath , how did u ask Maria out ?

  44. anne marie edwards

    I love you two!

  45. Mr_ Pander_

    If you want to actually want to go camping come down to my neck of the woods and I’ll take you guys on a Boy Scout camping trip... not during this rona stuff though stay six feet away till then.

  46. Natalie Garland

    I have never tired Starbucks.....😑

  47. Bee Anonymous

    Heath killed it

  48. Fallyn Bowen

    Who else came down here to see if they broke up before the video

  49. Oculator Norris

    bro if they stole my veichle and then i found it a few days later and insurance said i couldnt have it i would sue so hard

  50. Jenna Rainwater


  51. Brooklyn Kasella

    My family has a 27 person tent

  52. Alex Armenta

    That looks like one of the mountains Ted Bundy would pick out hikers from...

  53. Natalie Olivia

    It’s yo BIRTHDAY (April,5) 🥳

  54. Keaton Collop

    Who else thought the video ended at 4:08?

  55. WeAre Animaniac.

    Kristen and Scotty were dope together, but single Scotty omg 🤤🤤🤤 please please ruin my life zaddy!

  56. Fanofmanythings

    It's ok Matt I would've fell for it too

  57. Ty’Keria La’Shea

    Can’t get over the fact that there were literally NO vegetables in the pan Heath was cooking😭😭😭😭😭 but he was flipping it and shit😂

  58. Lisa Goins

    I never thought that I would find myself in Heath's channel for pure wholesome content 💚

  59. Arlinda Idrizi

    I want someone how can finish my sentences like Heath finish Mariah❤️❤️❤️

  60. matthew lennon

    man and yeah for every1 who doesnt know its not "pattys day" its "paddys day"

  61. A K

    Come forward. Come all the way forward. Come off, little closer. Come here, jump down. Get off my truck.

  62. Milena Cerda

    this video was great, i love seeing you all togheter

  63. Cuinn Donnellan

    happy birthday Heath

  64. Aviv Hak

    I have to say that it's the first time i'm watching your videos and this is the second video that I'm just laughing from the beginning to the end of the video . You are amazing! Thank you for the good vibes you're giving during this messed up time❤

  65. mintylight

    Her face is so long!

  66. Benny_bricks

    I swear Matt is the biggest bitch in the squad.

  67. Biscotty

    i liked just for the ad

  68. JDE Vlogs

    Happy birthday Heath

  69. Trey

    When non Motorsport fans find out nascar uses corollas n camrys: 👁👄👁

  70. Elle Simo Elle

    Oh my god what happened to Zane’s wrist at 9:13 😂

  71. Jennifer Rubio Lopez

    Joe exotic 💀

  72. Rohan Tanawade

    She like idc about the car imma hug ma man

  73. Maddy Gardephe

    anyone here from watching vids during quarantine?

  74. Sara Gable

    Y’all should do a dance to “no fears” by Dej Loaf .. that song makes me think of y’all

  75. Vielka Brizendine

    that was sick

  76. Sebastian Camara

    Heath Went hard

  77. Laurance Darwin Uy

    Dde represent yall

  78. D Shukla

    4:25, I thought they were actually going to go run to the store😂

  79. Amanda Bartson

    Just ya know coming here to be jealous the whole time

  80. Ur mom Gay


  81. KadsVoice

    How are they so cute together

  82. Alexandra Pintilie

    Imagine being they're neighbors and seeing that. I would laugh for days

  83. lissy and cleo bartram

    OMG couple goals except when they find germs in the room😥🙉😍

  84. M Ray

    Mariah is SO PURE ! 🥺♥️

  85. Bobbie D

    zane will forever be my queen 😂

  86. Real Stories

    Im Miranda Im 16 years old. I was used by my best friend online. Her family tried to exploit me. Please help me share this story so I can help prevent this from happening to anyone else irsel.info/video/fylm-hay/XYi0pdzYmc2WhKY.html

  87. The Daughtons

    imagine dating mariah and you just casually see her around the house bending like someone from the sinister

  88. Carly H

    Can someone tell me why Mariah is so shy when Heath gets intimate!!!! I just wanna know! Like we wanna WITNESS stuff!!

  89. Talia Beth

    8:43 that moment when you almost had a heart attack because heath said your name

  90. MrFreshfruit 101

    How did it happen?

  91. _ TacoAmigo777 _

    Holy Mother of Mary seeing Heath play the Rugrats game made me remember some deep childhood memories. The nostalgia has never hit this hard wow... Edit: I used to play Diner Dash, Penguin Diner, FarmVille, YoVille, Happy Island, Happy Aquarium, the OG Crazy Taxi, Luxor, and Club Penguin (now I play CPO)

  92. Kelly Friedman

    this is actually rly cool

  93. Aren Fallaria

    Scott’s laugh! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  94. Aren Fallaria

    I literally love Scotty ❤️

  95. hiba is awesome

    Plleeeeeeaaassseee do more freestyling!!!!!!!!

  96. Regi Cantú

    OMG I feel so bad I thought he was gay the whole time didn’t know he had a girlfriend

  97. CDollaBills

    When’s David gonna upload

  98. belinda tovar

    No one: Heath: I like when they touch their body’s 😂

  99. Kailey xx

    Good credit bad credit, fuck it ghost credit

  100. Rithvik Rajashekaran

    Happy birthday heath