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  1. Violent Ed

    When will JaRule be fielding questions

  2. James Upshaw

    He's not even smart of enough to read what's on the paper SMH

  3. cliff prinkey

    I work for you people in a food store

  4. Are you working hard? Or hardly working?

    I work construction (High rise) in Toronto I'm a plumber. I just wanna say thank you to all those brave men that paved the way for us and built these masterpieces and to all those that died rest in peace.

  5. Clips Of Gardening


  6. cliff prinkey

    Till my last lung. U.S.A. Never left here screw this

    1. cliff prinkey

      Go Trump 2020!

  7. cliff prinkey

    We at war i'm down

  8. Phoenix Princess

    Too cute!!

  9. University-6

    CNN, Cancerous News Network

  10. Clips Of Gardening


  11. phillip kalaveras

    126,389 World Wide Seasonal flu deaths to date this year with 25,000 of them in the U.S. 64,732 World Wide COVID-19 deaths to date with 9,000 in the U.S. Quick facts:www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses. Sources and info: Seasonal flu death estimate increases worldwide - CDC Up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year - World Health Organization (WHO) World Wide Coronavirus Deaths: 64,732 U.S. Deaths: 9,000 The COVID-19 fatality rate is 1.3% in people 65 to 50, and 0.4% in people 49 to 40, and 0.2% in people 39 to 10. Between 65 and 80, and those with underlying health issues it shoots to 14.8%. For those under 65, there is no reason at all why they cannot return to work now and should have never been shut down in the first place but understandable due to an overabundance of caution at the time. Coronavirus Age, Sex, Demographics (COVID-19) - Worldometer Knowing that it is safe for those under age 65 to return to work but are still not being allowed too... You need to ask why? What if forces that want to overthrow the U.S. have infiltrated the upper echelons of our Government and/or our Political Parties and/or Alphabet the parent of Google. Is that a possibility? We have had our legs cut out from under us and there are now forces that are aggressively keeping us from getting back on our feet with hype and scare tactics. Imagine for a moment America is a Battleship and we are taking fire that in time will sink us and we are being ordered to NOT go to our battle stations (work) until the shooting stops. THAT IS WHERE WE ARE AT NOW. If we don't get to work virus or no virus we are going to sink and we will not be coming back PERIOD It is time for the President to use our military and do something that may seem to some to be huge bold over the top and unnecessary... but it is. Declare a national emergency and arrest anyone reporting fake news or acting subversively to our Government.

  12. Johnny2020

    President Trump is doing a Great Job. We are a Lucky Country to have such a Great Man Leading us during these Difficult Times.

  13. Daniel Jelke

    I would officially like to rename #COVID19 to #TrumpVirus so it can fail like everything else with that name attached.

  14. laura ihde

    Where did the Presidential Seal go and the Presidential Flag??????????????????? What is going on? What's happening here?????

  15. Andres Albarran

    Delete the memes that's my opinion on the subject to much evil hiding behind the white.


    It's the Most Greatest joke of all time that GOD, SATAN, THE CORONAVIRUS and THE GREAT ISLAMIC STATE ISIS says that what you call united states americans who dropped dead from the coronavirus and placed in a body bag? GARBAGE just like stanbrooks at 1010 wins news who collapsed the two world trade centers on 911 2001

  17. Rogue Republic


  18. perfect max

    Fac you trump


    God Bless President Donald Trump.

  20. Jordan Grace

    Everyone is saying to wear a mask but they are almost impossible to find in a store to buy

  21. Belinda Huskey

    What are they doing about the inmates in our prisons. How can they "distance" them 6 ft. apart while they're sharing confined space with other inmates?

    1. Yoli Di Giulio

      Many will be released.

  22. SuperFryGuy

    "We've got the best healthcare and disaster experts in the world and anyone will tell you that." irsel.info/video/fylm-hay/eGqwYbWnxatgeaY.html

  23. Vincent O'Connor

    On my channel I re-uploaded a video of a man with Coronavirus dying instantly. Please watch, and stay aware.

  24. Susan DeLaney

    🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥👎🟥. 🟧☠️🟧☠️🟧☠️🟧☠️🟧☠️🟧

  25. Jesse A

    Look guys wether you like it or not he’s is our president and we have to be thankful for him and the military keeping us safe. I don’t like getting into politics but imagine the amount of pressure this man endured everyday he has to say something only to get insults as an answer not cool.give him a break this corona virus is a wake up call to get United. It’s a wake up call we take everything in life fore granted look at India and China they get beat for being outside... I am thankful and I re-evaluated my self after this hit I needed a wake up call. Tomorrow instead of judging someone work on loving someone or loving yourself. That’s all

  26. Sandy Tompkins

    Expressive aphasia???

  27. J Chr G

    Call st Michael....one punch mikey

  28. Just Testing

    Agent Orange is so f'n stupid.....

  29. J Chr G

    India ..pijaar

  30. Just Testing

    Agent Orange Should of Done Something in Jan when he knew about this.. And we wouldnt be in this position....

  31. istarlin xassan

    What is not wrong with this mostly likely look like human, did he wake up from tremendous dream where he fall on his extra white around his eyes 👀

  32. FalconNewsreel

    Japan 4/4, 2988 infected. 71 died. US is Something seriously wrong. To me Trump is unfit.

  33. cliff prinkey


    1. cliff prinkey

      Take what we need we did it before why not..

    2. cliff prinkey


  34. Toxie Connor

    Some journalists do not know how to formulate their questions.


    2 hours of video, about 5 minutes of useful info.

  36. Bodhi Sattva

    God please give Trump the virus.

  37. Firko AntiZionist

    *Coronavirus should attack those who invaded Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.......Libya, Syria and caused millions of death*

  38. Bodhi Sattva

    "Our country wasn't meant for this" says the idiot in charge

  39. K christ

    Dr Faucci sounds like he has been told to say we can open the economy his tone sounds different.

  40. Moose

    When the pandemic just seems like a big inconvenience to him, "we got sports to watch and people to let in to the country, aint nobody got time for some sick peasants. I have to worry about 180 million ventilators when I could be watching WWE right now."

    1. Adam Cary

      No, he's saying do your part and stay home and stop traveling so we can get back on our feet.

  41. DEEK


  42. Sherri Berri

    Trump has ordered 3M not to ship masks to Canada. Canada had an order for masks and Trump canceled that order. www.ctvnews.ca/politics/3m-says-trump-halting-mask-exports-to-canada-has-significant-humanitarian-implications-1.4881032

  43. Joseph Barclay Ross

    CV = BS Google: "JamesFetzer.org" to learn some semblance of the truth before it's too late for you, America. And don't trust these MSM stooges as if your life depended on it, because it does.

  44. N C

    I can't stand to listen to him. Arrogant and ignorant.

  45. Francisco Garcia

    #AMLO y las mananeras en otro pais asi no anlo.

  46. Алеся Ласкина

    Brilliant woman with a lot of well power and charisma!)

  47. Mohammad maroof Nizari

    God bless good people in America🤗🤗🤗

  48. Lisa Thomas

    Who holds a dog like that..

  49. K christ

    Open the country and then more people could die. Don't open the country it's to soon. I would keep it closed all summer. How can Trump talk about sports at a time like this, it's to soon.

  50. bekkeher

    Exactly so because we are 12 days behind where Italy and Spain are at, right now we have 311,617 cases, the most in the world mind you, 28 days later....we’ll all be zombies. Oh and yes, let’s open America up again.

  51. Elisa Cedillos

    He keeps saying "you know already know" or "you know" for the information I came here for.

  52. Jamie Blair

    I feel like I'm losing brain cells listening to Trump.

    1. Maikel Rivero

      Jamie Blair you make me laugh

  53. EZGlideFPV

    The benefits of power-posing and this entire line of research have been debunked. Her co-author on the paper came out and admitted (after replication attempts failed) that the study was poorly designed with numerous artifacts and that they p-hacked (cheated to find statistical significance). There are numerous articles from reputable sources that discuss why power poses don't work and how the entire basis of her talk is not backed up by data at all. The problem with this is that she's encouraging people to conduct a behavior to get a result that simply doesn't work (similar to making sacrifices to the gods for rain), thus wasting their time and energy that could actually be spent on something that might actually help.

  54. cliff prinkey

    Help us

  55. Joe's Donuts

    Somebody please fix that squeaky door.

  56. Walks Of life

    Uhm. So if the President is saying that he isn’t wearing a mask that’s recommended by the cdc ... maybe it’s all just a bunch of Bs. Just the flu and exaggerated to take our focus off something else going on? Just a thought.

  57. Squid Word

    Bruh they look so relaxed up there just on a thin beam while when im on a rooftop im still scared.

  58. Gamer18

    Nobody will miss him

  59. Not So Pro Gamer

    Y’all are talking trash about Trump, what did Obama do during the virus in 2009? He let people die and don’t do anything until 12,000 US. Citizens die. Trump saw that 1 person was infected and shut this fucking country down.

  60. Denise Davine

    His comments about the media are so ridiculous! Can’t bear any criticism ever. We want you to shut up with the rambling every single day. I have to mute the sound so I can’t even hear him, I turn the captions on when he speaks! He says the media is spreading fear, we are not afraid. We are pissed off 😤 because he is incapable of empathy, leadership and is just plain incompetent.

    1. Liberty such a beautiful word!

      He is doing a great job! You should see how Mexico is doing not too good..LOL

  61. Ricky Berzaral

    Worst briefing from a POTUS ever. Each day he sounds like a car salesman clearly a joke for being the President of this great nation.

  62. _FAT4L _

    Remember guys we will get through this just calm down breathe in and breath out we will make it we’ll look back on these bad days and remember how doomed we thought we were but we all turned out to be ok in the end

  63. tastysandwhich

    LOL there are like 8 people in the press room.

  64. Rogue Republic

    www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2016/10/04/science/yoshinori-ohsumi-nobel-prize-medicine.amp.html I believe it is important to apply this knowledge

  65. jake benstade

    Bahut achaa ...mar salo ko kuto ki tarh

  66. Swift Master


  67. Dizny Land

    This is probably the most unhinged press briefing I have ever listened to. Please, someone reset the simulation.

  68. NappyWayz

    Starts at 53:30. The experts speak at: 1:20:31 until 1:26:19 1:41:05 until 1:45:26 1:50:11 until 1:52:54 1:54:08 until 1:54:57 2:03:34 until 2:05:00 2:10:53 until 2:13:18 2:19:04 until 2:24:22

  69. Talk with Dulci

    Is it just me or is this all getting too scary....

    1. matthew rosales

      and we have a president who says it will all dissapear like a miracle and when ever the sun comes out in the spring it will and they ask how does he know and he says he has a good feeling.

  70. Sara Garofano

    I would have slapped that dude IDGAF you don't hold children from the neck in front of me


    Masks and gloves people! Set the example! Americans spit when they talk! There is no way I would go into that room now! I live in Aisa and people wear masks! I hate them but they greatly reduce the spread of diseases. Are Americans too set in their ways to change to a better way in a crisis? If so then America will not lead in the 21St century.


      ​@Kaitlyn KenyonLet me change the sentence. Everyone in the world, speaking any language, releases some amount of droplets when they speak. Some people more than others, some languages more than others. Droplets containing viruses can stay airborne long enough to travel over 6 feet and hit people in the face. Of course these droplets are too small to feel but they are real. Everyone-not many- ESPECIALLY, CORONA VIRUS TASK FORCE leaders should be wearing masks and gloves and practicing a lot more social distancing than this.

    2. Kaitlyn Kenyon

      THE ENGLISH FACTORY many are wearing masks and very few people here actually spit while they talk. Anything to do with bodily fluids In public or social settings especially, Saliva included is in most cases the height of rudeness here.

  72. T R

    I get a real " us vs them" vibe from this. Washington vs U.S.

    1. mrcreamy


  73. Obi-wan Kenobi

    I can’t relate to what it must feel like to know you are about to die and what will happen next and how painful will it be 😔 rest in peace

  74. Marjan Rahman

    Corona sounds like karma to me donno why, every time I go to pronounce it immediately karma comes out. Weird !!

  75. d c

    Corona virus is good for press room - not as many chaotic clowns running loose.

  76. Sharon

    Trump Virus That's what it is!

  77. Inigo Montoya

    There is no other instance in life where people would tolerate receiving demonstrably false information a majority of the time from any one source; yet we are continually subjected to consistently false information from our President. The media needs to stop covering him. If all he offers is lies, why is his input sought? He is the reason the USA will have the highest death toll, when all is said and done. This administration reacted late, they reacted slowly, and they are proceeding foolishly. Testing only the sick is akin to a police force that only investigates those that have admitted guilt. South Korea has shown the way; we should be testing everyone who is NOT showing signs of illness, and quarantining those that are positive. The asymptomatic people are contagious, and spreading it for a week before they know they are ill. How can he pat himself on the back, and demand praise from others, for a projected death toll of greater than 100,000 people? No other country will come close, and he is proud of this accomplishment!?

    1. Claudia Chavez

      He does not know how to tell the truth.

  78. Victoria Shaw

    I never thought someone could make me prefer Mike Pence

  79. demigod Goat

    Hey Donald Duck fix the coronavirus you b****

  80. Breida Munster

    he has the posture of a child when he reads. he such a man child.

    1. Beauty On A Budget

      And you have the mind of a child to even say something like that. Why does it matter how he stands? Yall just dont know how to keep quiet and leave him alone.

  81. darkwoman0

    Begins 53:32

  82. Randy Jones


    1. Vivek S

      Randy Jones how? Pls elaborate

  83. K T


  84. K T


  85. K T


  86. K T


  87. Fluffy Furball777

    There are 666k views on this video....nope. I'm out

  88. worldofsuck

    WTF did you upload the first 50 min of people sitting there. cut the thing down some

  89. Not Available

    good thing i didnt wait 53:38 for Trump to walk out and start talking

  90. Beauty On A Budget

    For the ones who do nothing but insult Trump, I would love to hear what you would do to solve this problem. It's really easy to make snap judgments when you're just sitting back listening. If the whole country was depending on you in this type of situation, I believe you would have a different way of thinking. If you dont like what hes saying, you dont have to watch.

  91. Zhu J.Y.

    These two men are singing back

  92. Roblox Forever

    Where all gonna die..

  93. Abc

    Who voted for this blond periwig guy? Don’t make that mistake again!


    We're going to make sure its over soon, as if you got total control over C19, WTF, his nothing but delusional, the medical advisor was more honest then him, you guys are way behind the rest of the world, yet your dodo president keeps believing you are streets ahead of the rest of the world, WTF. His more concerned for his presidency & the economy than the lives of the people, & using this media time for his own election votes than dealing with C19 , if this was war & you were to all follow him into war, you will all be dead, nothing but a nutter, my dog has more intelligent than him, WTF .

  95. T R

    A Bank gives a suffering small business a loan, and when the economy doesn't bounce back in 3 months the Banks own everything. Thank you Banks.

  96. Jdash27

    The blatant and utter disrespect shown towards our president is disgusting.

    1. Courgette

      Jdash27 respect is earned . He is rambling nonsense and deserves to be laughed at.


    Trump is such a fkn idiot...

  98. Space from Alien

    The Twump Show

  99. Ricky Ricky

    His word now becoming a reality. Now many city in this world is in the way become Wuhan, Some of city already became the next Wuhan

  100. Walt Snow

    Remember in November........remove this fucking idiot from '' our '' White House !!!