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  1. V For ᐯΛNILLΛ

    Looks like a fun game but the community isnt very cash money

  2. H

    This game just looks like what division 1 was supposed to look like

  3. Wyatt Hunt

    Where’s my rainbow 6 Netflix series bruh. I need it

  4. H

    Why is Mira fucking hot

  5. Satan sama


  6. Delta 47

    “There is always next year” Smoke gases entire stadium

  7. Floggerbux : /

    Now that... is awful

  8. Meurice Robinson

    Also taking out most of the best/fun maps out of ranked


    Eat your cereal 🥣

  10. Meurice Robinson

    Operation Health ruined the game!!!

  11. Mr. Niceguy

    Is this his gadget just a suit of plate armor

  12. Imperial One


  13. Unwielding

    3:00 Rip ash acog...

  14. Luke Bryden

    Pulse is the worlds biggest simp

  15. Kxryu

    Hibana <3 Pulse I ship it.


    One of the Best Assassin's creed games

  17. the_blue_stash

    Where is our tachanka elite Ubisoft

  18. OG JT

    Perfect prologue to the game!

  19. H Brid

    This is a key example why jaeger is a necessity

  20. JoeFrankman YT

    This kinda makes me wish that Ubisoft would add fist fights to the game.

  21. William Howell

    can we talk about Mira tho?

  22. Mix Kingz

    So we got super hero abilities now ok Ubisoft

  23. Anakin Skywalker

    “There is always next year” Next year: Doc and rook spawn peeking through the second floor balcony

  24. ueo ai

    은혜누나 나죽어~!!

  25. Bleu Night

    Based on the comments below about Oryx, he is just the koolaid man that's just carrying guns and can jump 10ft.

  26. makareg

    pffff trash, no secrecy, in real life, a rainbow would have long been eliminated.

  27. Arnold

    pulse is an idiot but he still good tho

  28. Yolo Bros

    I wish they made this into a show or an actual sport

  29. Bryson Morgan


  30. Axel Acosta


  31. BlackmanVic

    If ash gets to look like Lora Croft then they should have castle's elite be 50 cent

  32. Miiself

    Eat your cereal 🥣

  33. Ivan Balbino

    forçado pra caramba, a caveira combina mais com a lara

  34. Chris

    There is nothing like For Honor. Apparently Mordhau is just a dream.

  35. Aaron Haberstroh

    If they mess up Oregon like they did with Theme Park, so help me. Also bring back Skyscraper into the map rotation

  36. SpartanOli

    When you gotta almost copy IQ's elite..

  37. Brody Lojeske

    Make a series out of this

  38. Quaketh


  39. Naught Meinäm

    #1: Discard grounded tactical stratagem in favor of a meta-fueled hero shooter

  40. Omar Damian

    4:11 Ah the negotiator

  41. Kuraku Tenshi

    Actually seeing there faces are awesome.

  42. Σllιρѕιѕ

    2:52 Hammer and the Scalpel reference, anyone?

  43. Skull_VN

    2 mins at the beginning of the video like Micheal Bay's movies

  44. Deceiver

    I came back to the game after October...I have paid for the pass back then (even though i didnt had to) and believe it or not it was the only pass i bought the whole year..But this time im going to wait before paying half the price of an AAA title..If it doesnt work out and its just a money grab then im never going to touch this game again. I may be even better buying the 1st one,as i have heard great comments, and hope that the playerbase jumps from the 2nd to the 1st one.( I also hear its already happening)

  45. lmao

    Nice you added a train operator and a dead ringer girl in this game

  46. Butt Cheeks

    Yeah if your talking classic tomb Raider meaning PS2 days.

  47. E W

    When cav is about to interrogate your teammate 0:02

  48. EvenTitan274

    More live action stuff please

  49. Nigel Williamson

    dude a female who can lift 1000 lbs is stronger than a male who can lift 1000 lbs.

  50. pollutedcrimson

    Subtitles would have been nice. They talk like their mouth is full of maple syrup and they dont want to spill any

  51. DA KILLER 808

    Imagine counter terrorism become so big it is a Sport

  52. Denise Cuba

    Cav: "There is no next time" Also Cav: "There is always next year"

  53. Nuggetbuglitx X

    There using airsoft guns

  54. Yud Hei Vav Hei

    Like Like Like I like.

  55. doliio volay

    Seeing incoming thirsty comments. "LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED!!"

  56. The Senate

    Eat your cereal

  57. Ywhna of PromisedxLand

    Why tf did they not get the Russian badger for this

  58. Charmatic _YT

    *Petition to make Recruit an OP*

  59. DogTheDog


  60. Micah

    This is making me actually sad for recruit and like, not even in a funny way. Like a “I actually feel bad” way. Rip

  61. Life of Connor

    I wish this was real as a tv series or real life that would be awesome

  62. ToePoke Tv

    2:47 Like

  63. Spaghetti Top

    Tig ole bitties

  64. Diego Benitez

    Eat your cereal

  65. Pilexstream

    Please Ubi rework Ying with a flashbang drone to control, that’ll be a game changer

  66. Bacon Eater

    Where was all the team killing? Inaccurate

  67. Devon Guthrie

    Why did sledge say sanitation

  68. razthee mercer007

    What a beautiful game

  69. ttv Zilchlion


  70. Neko T. Farmer

    I demand you release this right now

  71. Darth Revan

    One including the downgrade from the trailer to what it is now.

  72. SpongeBob Jesus 2

    Imagine having a perfect headshot on an enemy and telling them to put the gun the gun down Couldn’t be me

  73. sLNC

    The six decisions which making siege broken 1. Scifi gadgets 2. No more new weapons 3. Rainbow operator from nowhere 4. PMC for multinational anti-terrorism unit 5. Amazing contest with top secret classified units. 6. Ubisoft

  74. //// chloe

    Can you just add her acog back pls, although she do be thicc

  75. Rin Okumura

    Dafuq? 1 clearly more superior than the other

  76. Broccoli brah

    Hello r6 warriors I am a new streamer just uploaded my first vid today I'd appreciate you all if you'd show some love and feedback 🙏🏽🤓🥦


    When is Quarantine coming out?

  78. ghost101049

    I figured Nomad, Kali, or Caviera would make a better Tomb Raider.

    1. ghost101049

      Ash would make a good wonder woman.

  79. 5alyart

    Wow the art and design team really nailed it

  80. Baconcake

    “There’s always next year” Next year: goyo proceeds to light his team and himself on fire

  81. Jesse Combs

    Nah what yall need to do is fix the mf outbreak skin bought like 6 packs just to get the free elite with some fancy fucking camo and the same animation 😂😤

  82. afif nafis

    this is the only game i keep back playing again after a long time, filling the gap of the game hiatus

  83. Mike

    so is the player character from the first game just dead?

  84. Vaping Dragon

    Ubisoft: We're running out of Operator idea's. Employee: Let's make the defender Superman Ubisoft: Someone give that man a raise.

  85. YouAintAliveGaming

    This game is a gem, 100 operators. Would love it

  86. Loxx

    Watching this reminded me of Love, Death & Robots

  87. PyroDragon 626

    Sledge 2.0 and Alibi 2.0

  88. Matrix Gamer506

    You need to do more stuff like this is just so cool the community would love it

  89. Connor Karavakis

    nobody jackal and echo getting banned and cant compete (-_-). Next year cav gets banned

  90. jakob h

    Can't wait for these operators to get nerfed af

  91. Grape Nuyo [Hastagazpatcho]

    Dokkaebi fuckin' murdered Cav and I couldn't find that funnier.

  92. TryPod_

    mira kinda hot tho


    That was lowkey badass

  94. Klamsy72

    I remember 5 years ago how siege looked

  95. Twinkywinky 04

    Did anyone else notice Hibana Say "sorry babe" to pulse at 4:15

  96. Playerz714

    Game has PAID Loot Boxes Multiple Season Passes PAID only skins, Paid Battle Passes and its a paid game wtf

  97. Metal, combat sports, gaming

    It all makes sense now! It’s all a competition! Thats why CTU operators are fighting against each other!

  98. Happy Little Tree

    How come Miras gun doesn't have iron sights?

  99. Jeremiah Pollock

    Also what are they shooting each other with???

    1. Jeremiah Pollock

      @Vincent Puterbaugh thanks for answering my dumb question of the day

    2. Vincent Puterbaugh

      Simulation rounds