I do what you want to see.

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  1. Sam Jirah

    Chocolate cake?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤤

  2. Angelina Do

    “iPad Entry” “Done” Why: I’m going to university for art next year and would love this!!:)

  3. tayeb benlekbir


  4. Darren Burmania

    Do a give away that doesn’t include ig cuz I don’t have it but I luv ur art plzzzzzzzz.

  5. aurelie delice

    “ipad entry” “done” why: cuz i don’t have much money and my ipad broke and i’d love one of ur designs “instagram: @auauandrea”

  6. Fardis Salamat-Zadeh

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: why not

  7. Carla Marciano

    "ipad entry" "done" why: bigger screen and better quality for online school, PLUS cool design on the back :)))

  8. Neomi Castellanos

    “ iPad entry “ done why: to take pics of watermelon

  9. Jetson Mitchell comedy

    Not only are the shoes fire, but so is the editing 🔥

  10. shea Hill

    Nice design. Keep up the good work!

  11. Ben Woods

    I been watching your vids for a while you editing is getting 🔥 keep up my dude

  12. Yuri João

    Man i already follow you on instagram. Give that chance pleaaseeee.

  13. Jacob Pe

    "iPad Pro Entry" "Done" Why:I love your art. Specially this one. You inspired me to join an art class at my school.

  14. Heavenly Alexander

    "IPad Entry" Why: My grad night and whole graduation got cancelled too 😢

  15. Charlie Ghetes

    what do you use to edit?

  16. Jacob Dube

    iPad entry Done Why because I need an iPad for my art

  17. Keira Koss

    ¨ipad entry¨ Done :) Why: so, my brother never rlly had a phone or a device because my family couldn't afford it and I would like to give him it for his birthday¨.

  18. Juliette Huurman

    "iPad entry" "Done" Why: I love all your art, never had an iPad before but I would LOVE to have one. Especially customised by you ;)

  19. M E

    “ipad entry” “done” Why?: Because i couldn’t win your chocolate cake instead 😔

  20. Kat Stevens

    “iPad Entry” “Done” Why: well why not? I mean, you’ve TOUCHED IT

  21. Rachel Sandoval

    ipad entry done why:becuase it would be nice to have an ipad and my family is kinda broke oop im a lil embarresed

  22. Rosa Veldhorst

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: because I want to create art on it ♡

  23. Esmeralda Melendez


  24. j ander

    That's Sexy

  25. Miranda Martinez

    I just wanna be cool and be able to say “yeahh I won something from marko” 🥺😔

  26. kevin monteiro

    dude I swear your something right out of movie and I mean that in the best way possible I think you should get into acting

  27. Natedogg

    "Ipad entry" "Done" why: I never had a ipad before.

  28. CREW 11

    Scary clown

  29. asap potat0

    "ipad entry" "done" Why: i have an android, i hate it and too broke to afford a phone

  30. Katie For Life

    “iPad entry “ done why actually not for me it would be for my sister she really wants a iPad and it would just make her so happy if I could get her one

  31. Stephany Scarlett

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: because I want it for school

  32. Ok zero

    “Done” “iPad entry” Why mine recently broke and I have been saving up for a new one but I recently also broke an arm and my leg so I had to pay for the bills and running pay check to pay check i can afford the iPad anymore.

  33. Beni velazquez

    Are you famouse for what you do? You should be . IF your not

  34. Diego

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: I want to give it to my little sister because she’s been wanting an iPad for a while

  35. Manuel Guatemala

    I pad entry and I've been done since 100,000 Reason:I don't have any apple products and I need space for a lot of the videos I make for my YT Channel and I want at least decent editing software instead of some random Android quality editor

  36. Dy Erlanda

    "iPad entry" "Done" Why: because i don't want infected by Corona

  37. Samantha A

    Done ✅

  38. Sawyer Collins

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: why not

  39. Hoodie Boy

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: I need one for my high school. Btw I saw your hair :)

  40. waddywap

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: because its dope

  41. Alexander Bech

    How much paint do i need to paint a pair of AF1 ?

  42. SpectralEV

    "iPad Entry" "Done" Why:Because yes

  43. Berfin Demirdüken

    I want the Ipad love you

  44. Oscar Munro

    so good

  45. hamz can

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: gud

  46. OGNotAPussySlayer

    Dang, I'd love these designs on my skateboard. Sick, dude! Keep it up

  47. Kilah Monje

    “iPad entry “ done ✅ why: because I want it win it for my brother so he can play games

  48. Nisha_thepug

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: Because honestly out of all customizers you have have the designs.😂It will also be adjective adjective to win one.

  49. Karolis Juknevičius

    Pleeeeeeeease!!!! Tell me the name of the song! Please....

  50. Sixilie

    I did it!

  51. Liya Johnson

    when you're 15 and not aloud to have Instagram

    1. Liya Johnson


  52. Ajinkya Apurva

    "IPAD entry" "Done" Why: i also paint and it would really help me improve my painting skills and also help me learn about digital arts

  53. Gabin Cayla

    Can i have the I pad pleas

  54. The Strawberry Nugget

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: I really love art and rn I draw on my phone with my finger so I would love a better device to draw with. Drawing with Procreate on an iPad is also one of my dreams. Hopefully I’ll be able to start commissions if I get one one day :)

  55. Diego Ramirez

    Done why? Need it for college ):<

  56. tanspongebob

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: I really wanna give my brother something for his 8th birthday since we can’t throw him a party with his friends

  57. Angel Vitanov

    “Ipad entry” “Done”

  58. adam sabo

    "iPad entry" "Done" Why: I wanna win something online 😛

  59. PineappleSplit

    “Done” “iPad entry” “Why-I only have a iPad Air 1 and really need it😢” please😔

  60. Zoe Grace

    Ur close to the camera but idc ur SO funny😂

  61. Aina Carbonés

    "iPad entry" "Done" Why: Please need it!! It's soooooooooooo pretty!!!!!! And I have never won a giveaway and I've always dreamed it and also my iPad just died so...

  62. Pim

    Ipad entry, Done, Why: my laptop died two day’s ago and I’m not taking my iPad 2 to school, after corona of course. Also live in the Netherlands, I don’t know if i can still win but I thought I might just try.

  63. Juan Chavez

    “Done” “iPad entry” Why: so I can FaceTime my girlfriend while I do my assignments

  64. V L A D

    "iPad entry" "Done" Why : Firstly, because the design is dopeee!! And honestly it's an iPad, there are great specifications and I never had one before, in fact, never had an Apple product. And maybe i'll find some pics with you in its gallery yk ;)

  65. Most Disliked YouTube Video

    "iPad Entry" "Done" Why: Cause I want it

  66. Angelynn Robles

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: My brothers have an Ipad and I'm the only one who doesn't have one and my mom can't afford one for me. My brothers hot theirs when they were smaller but I never got one. I got a tablet(Samsung) but I really want IPad.

  67. iri pa

    Ipad entry... Done

  68. Bailey Else

    I need it

  69. Emma G

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: so I can play Minecraft on it and because I could give my mom my old one for her work :)

  70. Jose Cortez

    I Pad entry why Bcs it’ll remind me of you

  71. Marshalla 561

    and I also want to start a IRsel channel I need it for school for your photoshop subject it's really important to me because I don't have a really good computer

  72. Hikari Suoh

    does anyone know what pens/markers he uses???

  73. Hayde Miranda

    “iPad Pro Entry” “Done” Why: My parents don’t really have enough money to buy me an iPad or tablet and I would really like to to get one so I can start digital designing because that’s what I’m thinking of majoring in when I go to College so I want to start practicing (btw I’m really inspired by your videos :))

  74. Esteffanie Colindres

    "iPad entry" "Done" Why: Quiero ganar porque nunca me gano nada jaja

  75. Fenuel Perez

    You’re so weird but funny you’re not cringe or akward I’m your fan “iPad entry “. “Done” why I’m from netherlands and my sister is almost her birthday and we can’t afford one and I’m proud of her that she’s doing good at home

  76. Kyle Bryson

    To enter, subscribe “done”, and follow me on Instagram. Me: doesn’t have Instagram “WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME” 😂😂😂

  77. Heba Rafiuddin

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: Because it’s not as nice as real apples but it looks really good

  78. Marshalla 561

    eyy @MARKO i love your content it's the best content I love the iPad soooooooooooo much and i really really really hope I will get it pls send it to me my Instagram is marsh_muc

  79. Melvin Grace

    "Done " "Ipad Entry" Why: because I sprained my knee and I have to lay in bed bored also I have a android LG tablet that is glitched out and has screen cracks , I have no phone .

  80. Churchill Bayos

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: I can't afford things like that

  81. Bader Mahmoud

    Done Why: I need it for school and we afford one


    I only watched because you said plz...

  83. chloe kaufhold

    marko: *makes chocolate cake* also marko:” i don’t really like chocolate cake”

  84. Jessica Maui

    iPad entry Done Why my iPad is so old

  85. Sol Ruck

    “iPad Entry” “done” Why: I love your art style and have never had a iPad. I’m currently 13 and would really appreciate one!

  86. Klarissa.A

    iPad entry Done Why: Because I like to Win

  87. Jessica Maui

    iPad entry Done

  88. Jaloany Garcia Medina

    Yoo that ending had me like “🌊” 😭

  89. Leihanah Weinacht

    ipad entry Done

  90. Rana Gümüş

    Woww! I love it. It is difficult to find a unique youtuber.

  91. Otto Berg de Kerangal

    iPad entry done I really want this iPad because it’s my best friends bday and he can’t afford it

  92. chloe kaufhold

    EDITING SKILLS ON POINT oh and sick art

  93. George Wilber

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: Because it’s epic

  94. Lenne Lens

    Dá pra mim esse iPAD!

  95. Leah Vernon

    “iPad entry” “Done” Why: bc right now I have a samsung and a gameboy ADVANCE

  96. zan podlogar

    "ipad entry" "done" why: honestly, beacause i just want it

  97. SilJay

    "IPad entry" "Done" Why: because i want one ...and I have no money left (:

  98. Sammy

    “iPad entry” ..... “done-zo”.... “why? Because I can’t afford one 😅”

  99. Wintyoon

    "Ipad entry" "Done" Why: I would like to have a product that is ipad, I also love everything you do, you make art. I would love to have some design made by you and it would help me at school

  100. Briason Foley-Luskin

    I’m gonna miss the iconic bedroom when you go off to college