Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

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  1. Vermiculo


  2. Jovanni Marines

    8:32 5:32

  3. BiliBiliBD

    just sayin, hissing madagscar roaches are pets/docile creatures + very slow/intelligent compared to pest roaches... thats why people got pissed at techrax, atleast to my memory

  4. Porkchop Sandwiches

    I would never judge somebody for being born with a unibrow... But I will judge you for the concious decision to not pluck that shit.

  5. Ben Dixon

    Why don’t they take her phone

  6. RedDotLocked


  7. B-New DVNTZ


  8. Ben Dixon

    This girl trying to get money by suing him, genius

  9. babygoblin

    The vogue interviewer gave me porn vibes

  10. Michael Beasley

    Just because someone doesn't agree with or makes a lightweight joke abt this community they're accused of being transphobic, bigoted or even racist. Goofing on another person is at most insensitive if not apathetic toward that person's lifestyle. Btw, trans is not a race. I understand their lack of humor or very thin skin since they've probably had more reasons to feel shitty their whole lives and see every comment as an attack. I empathize with them and wish their lives weren't full of bullying, depression and/or confusion. So just because jokes are made, doesn't mean joker is against the trans fight for equality.

  11. Just here Chillin

    It’s amazing some people hate racism, yet hate white people.

  12. ABFL


  13. Send To Me

    3:06 internet historian where u at

  14. Joshua Dunald

    That religious guy is scary than the virus itself.

  15. spread negativity

    now that i look back on this stevo hasn’t chopped his balls off

  16. Ben Dixon

    Can someone explain how it’s racist, I don’t know how, she never said why.

  17. Michael Duke

    So people, at sometime, at some place did something I don't like!

  18. Noah Guillen

    Ethan: didn’t upload for 9 months Also Ethan: DUMBASSES OF CORANAVIRUS

  19. Jovanni Marines

    Sienfeld isnt offensive...or funny....

  20. Laura Bell

    There is fear of certain things only because of being a woman. But woman like her make me shake my head. She's an extreme.

  21. ManKid

    Elliot really didn’t do well after SourceFed....

  22. brett123456133

    damn u fat as fuck bow

  23. PARKzY6

    Ricegum is trying to attack the guy that helped make his platform what it is today, didn’t he see what Eminem did to MGK?

  24. klasp100

    Face blanket, more like facef**k blanket

  25. Cmor Vlogs

    Love the intro bru

  26. moose goose

    my ears have pain

  27. WattDrivefive

    Looked like felix actually liked the homosexual video

  28. I’m 10

    She doesn’t look turkish and I’m f u c k I n g turkish

  29. I’m 10

    She doesn’t look turkish and I’m f u c k I n g turkish

  30. I’m 10

    She doesn’t look turkish and I’m f u c k I n g turkish

  31. R H

    Hila you look stunning

  32. Vicz ADKS

    The fact that all of us are re-watching ethan and hila's video is hilarious.

  33. Dr Manhattan

    Yes because Linux is something just about everyone knows and understands.

  34. Mr. Man

    Slow down to .25 playback speed at 3:45, you won't regret it

  35. Patrick Przezdzink

    imagine hilas going to sleep and thinking, wtf did i done today?

  36. Sixtieth9th




  38. Naman petwal

    And the fun fact is they are child friendly and monetized while if a guy swears he's sent to the shadow realm

  39. LordLanky

    You’re hotter

  40. QuantumAvo

    5:35 Didn't expect *that*

  41. ProphetPF

    This was dope. 1:10

  42. Italian Love Cake

    I'll be honest, I'd probably get that hot dog cutter if it were easier to keep the dog cuts in place. Cuz I can't cut a hot dog to save my life.

  43. What'sInTheB0X

    I love it when people wear their ball cap and hoodie in doors. It's like double mysterious.

  44. Hooked On Chronics

    *It Sounds Like A Prolapsing Anus -Ethan Klein 2020*

    1. Hooked On Chronics


    2. Hooked On Chronics

      Truer words have not been said

  45. Ya Boi Guy

    This video is actually depressing. It makes me want to just see him in person and hug him

  46. Erick Marcelino

    When is lil Bar mitzvah dropping her op

  47. oliver monks

    what an epic video, wonder what ricecunts doing these days....

  48. Ozymondias99

    Is weed or pot ok to say too?

  49. Andrew Markizon

    Best episode of h3h3 ever

  50. F.U.N

    Cletus and Eli

  51. Ozymondias99


  52. A D


  53. Astrataway 707

    That face blanket is basically the same design of an execution mask used to strap over a death row inmate's face during electric chair executions when we had them except the real mask are made from leather. The nose is the only part of the face exposed during executions so all parties present can see the blood running out of the nostrils to know if the execution was successful or not. Creepy as fuck!

  54. A D

    She's probably banging some other dude while he's in jail. She's honest.

  55. nick

    Now I’m not gay But does anyone have a source for that last video

  56. SoupKing05

    I fucking LOVE Joey Salads!

  57. kachow

    I think its funny that he made the 'people think its the end of the world' when in 2020 with president trump it in a big way is trump has done a HORRIBLE job with the coronavirus and soon we will be seeing a major spike in deaths in the US we currently have 200k plus infected and 5.9k plus dead and i believe this would be totally preventable if trump knew how to run a country yes i know this comment is clearly biased its my opinion and i like trump supporters and i believe people have a right to their opinion im just saying i dislike trump and believe america would be in a better situation with a different president

  58. A Guy Who Games

    5:27 That cut off scream, yell, choke. What ever that was, was fuckin' funny I was dying on the ground man.

  59. E9 G

    Why you gotta bulli the v skip tho??

  60. Sindi biswana

    2020 anyone btw the orginal video has 158K dislikes yipppeee

  61. The Dandelion System

    What if the guys name actually was hugh mongus

  62. african mate


    1. yarrii

      african mate a god

  63. The Dandelion System

    As a person who went through actual sexual abuse as a young child for years, this shit really fucking hurts. Like do they not realize that this shit is demeaning actual sexual abuse?

  64. Aja Fischer

    Born and raised in Humboldt County where growing was a way of life for EVERYONE before legalization ruined all the fun.

  65. PDR

    halfway through the video and all we’ve seen is ethan stroke out and Adventures in Israel. This is gold.

  66. Stephen b

    this vid hits deep

  67. Brandon Johnson

    he is a simp before simping was a thing

  68. carlos retz

    This man is funny af

  69. Samuel Hayden

    Good thing that the parents went to jail

  70. Philmoon69

    You two look like the dumbest people on youtube... Which really is saying something

  71. Sir 117

    What kind of lobster even gets that big? Plus lobster is good and all but that’s just too much

  72. oddisss


  73. Con Leahy

    jake paul rate is no no

  74. Drumming Kiwi

    That’s liza Koshy, fuck, look how far she fell

  75. Black People Don’t Exist

    Even being a teen, watching the second video made me feel like a fucking pedo.

  76. Pug Man

    I though they were joking that ethan was pregnant

  77. Ruler World

    Anyone can eat this amount of stuff. Its about eating fast enough so that their stomach cant tell their brain its full before its already bursting with food. I imagine 80% of the time they throw up either after the video is over or between scenes

  78. SwimmingBird

    We need more dance moves from Ethan hobestly

  79. The 3 AM Gamer

    Is that Michelle Obama or am I just retarded in the intro

  80. Elmo Missing!!!

    Wait didn’t Ethan have a child or something? Does anyone still remember that?

  81. Freebobbyshmurda

    Let’s get social distancing!

  82. Joe Soap

    Reality is a bitch called porn...... Self isolation..... Ha ha

  83. Adrien Galvez

    Teddy Fresh should've made a anti dust mask

  84. Laura Bell

    I like so many of the shirts

  85. tallasianchick

    fuckin' florida...

  86. MrJamesonStyles

    Ethan's coofing is perfect for the world we find ourselves in.

  87. kd bandito

    This could have been a 7 minute video if Ethan didn't bring that old man energy to this.

  88. Super Rubix Cube

    Prioticion for hila to make a channel

  89. allidrinkisicecoldbleach

    9:53 omg he looks so weird

  90. Lucas Rodriguez

    What the he'll is wrong with these people how could you kill a 70 plus year old lobster and eat it for a disgusting nausea inducing video

  91. Default Yanny

    He fucking deleted his main IRsel channel

  92. Lipovo 2019

    I keep forgetting those isles at the store are full, haven’t seen any full isles in a while

  93. Joe Wichterman

    10:20 I think Ethan peed himself

  94. gollygeewonkers

    Anyone notice that Ethan seems different? Like his comedic timing and delivery just aren’t where they used to be. And why is that annoying music playing in the background? Anyone else notice??

  95. Paul Newman


  96. Wolfman7870

    I ain't even mad at her. If this is real, something is severely wrong with this dude and he deserves everything that happens to him.

  97. Max Thompson

    Anyone here after Coby's death?

  98. AR XR


  99. Maximus III

    4:44 what the hell is driving that car

  100. King Khari

    Jokes on them now *coughs in corona*