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  1. David Fishman

    jesus are we embarrassed or are we embarrassed?

  2. Warrantedspeaker

    Alberto is so stupid.... these comments he's saying. No wonder they keep him on the show...

  3. Hana Phelps

    5:58 ugh dude!!!!!

  4. Ashleyissacutie

    They listed Chick-fil-A when they only sell CHICKEN SANDWICHES, I was like um WHAT? 🤣

  5. Hana Phelps

    How does he not know who James earl jones, William Shanter or Nicole Kidman is? Does he not watch movies?

  6. Candace Nelson

    React to Tame Impala

  7. John Preciado

    Smoking weed with Snoop Dogg is definitely not an L. Wth!

  8. Kh K

    Try and react to Swedish Candy! 😉🙃

  9. christopher s.

    LmAo 12:55 I’m sick 🤣

  10. Tort

    Halva is a middle eastern sweet...

  11. Candace Nelson

    Swipe in One Second on serial killers

  12. AEIOU

    2:16 you can not tell me that these are not the same people

  13. Dhoplinxx Chrysmaxx

    i would swipe left on Cardi B even if she had makeup

  14. Tyler Herzog

    How the f do they not know James Earl Jones? How tf do they not know Nicole Kidman??

  15. Vadergamerboss 66

    3:45 She said not realising that he had used to frequently beat his wives (yes it's plural since he actually had 4 wives) and cheat on them.

  16. kaylee P.

    Did this girl really say "whats Oregon?" Also... the whole Hawaii and Alaska thing 😂

  17. doriantrevelyan

    How did none of them realize the Taylor quote was sarcastic?

  18. Charles Byrne

    You should react to old irish music eg the dubliners

  19. Hawkface7

    I REALLY want the recipe for Brock’s stew! How you guys did it looks amazing! I want to try it out myself!

  20. Connor Gibbs

    STOP saying everyone is so “strong and independent”! Yes, good for them, but the PC is like WOW TOO MUCH!

  21. Aca An nabilah

    I just love mykie and anthony sm

  22. Reel912Films


  23. Reel912Films


  24. Ashley Deane

    Alberto.. I love you but you're killing me 🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. Lord Sebis

    6:54 what name that video ?

  26. Zoey Harmon

    Stanley is the most forgotten 90s Disney junior show🙁

  27. Zoey Harmon

    The fact that they don’t know PB&J Otter😰

  28. Irene Portillo

    whataburger over trash ass In N Out

  29. cloudcity77

    Not an entertaining video at all. Zero hope for future of mankind after watching that.

  30. Gacha Cookie

    2:56 i Think Lili Reinheart is the best xD

  31. Zoey Harmon

    I recently found Madeline season 1 on Roku TV & I legit watched every episode 😂

  32. Zoey Harmon


  33. Eddie Johnson

    Liberalism is a mental disease

  34. one man and his yak

    Look at the dolly braces Mandela effect or the sally fields Oscars one it's not your memory people wake up it's real look at risky business he dont have sunglasses anymore when he dose the dance oh and shaggy doo dosnt have a comical Adam's apple anymore

  35. Jose Espinoza

    Izzy is a nice choice, she can have all 3 of my inches 😌

    1. Mr.Mcfufu

      Bruh 3 inches you finna split her in half 😱😱😱

  36. GreenVoltline

    “Ugh you and you’re blue balls

  37. kels.

    seth’s back, haven’t seen him in awhile 💜

  38. one man and his yak

    It's not your memory the Mandela effect is a real phenomenon there is residue everywhere of the original sources

  39. FaithTheTrash

    As a chinchilla owner, Greta(?) is the most well trained chin I’ve seen wow

  40. zynbw

    That wig is... not it

  41. Griffin McAuley

    I am the one millionth view

  42. it's Yani

    am i the only getting one getting tight cause the asian girl kept talking... its supposed to be one second swipes😂

  43. Benji Sun *Moxie*

    wow, that last one i thought was Hannah John-Kamen (Killjoys, Antman and the Wasp)

  44. Jeonghan's Paragi

    I love Anthony and Mykie so much 😤

  45. Rose Alexander

    I was most surprised by the E.T. one

    1. Chris Chris

      Oh he does say it too!

  46. Nova LN

    WTF is the point of this game?? Fucking stupid

  47. Aml M

    I feel like tom TOTALLY forgot about the challenge😂😂

  48. Daisyogittens T.

    Seth is sooooo boring😔

    1. Daisyogittens T.

      But pretty

  49. Norman Caplan

    Isn't Carl's Jr Hardee's?

  50. ShadowBlazin101

    Is nobody gonna point out the fact Izzy didn’t even try to get any of these 😂

  51. Caralene Clement

    If I was in that I would not need to pet it I have my own chinchilla

  52. JENS

    Once I tried a green tea Kit Kat and I was about the throw-up

  53. Anan Muadi

    Wtf is that hair Cuadra?

  54. Mickee Woop-Woop

    Jeanie man I love her..

  55. Matas Rekstys


  56. Klaire Padlo

    Oh you should do more Oldies and black and white photos!!! Loved the sprinkling of James Earl Jones and Richard Nixon

  57. Matas Rekstys


  58. Ricky Batungbakal

    Adults, College Kids, Teens react to Stupid Love by Lady Gaga please!!!!

  59. ItsGamerTam

    4:10 lmao I love the fact that the elder is like "THATS WHAT SHE SAID." when they said "lets see how long it is."

  60. Diego Duarte Cereceda

    this people don't know who is william shatner AND JAMES EARL JONES??!!! WHAT THE FUCK??!!

    1. Benji Sun *Moxie*

      "I want you to be you" ;)

    2. Sarah Attaway


    3. Syrric

      @shooketh teaspiller Original Star Trek was in the 60's

    4. shooketh teaspiller

      they peaked in like the 80-00s. most of them weren’t going to the cinema to see return of the jedi or turning on the tv to see the original star trek, now were they🧐

  61. Tara Bachman

    I love zombies two it’s my favorite movie I love it more than any movie in the whole world my favorite people in the movie is Meg Ariel Challenger and Pierce

  62. Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    Alberto we get it you love your grandma, but you don't wanna link her.

  63. Fiona Goodan

    I tryed the cake and it didn't work sad face

  64. russ Sealeye

    Tori is so pretensious . like we get it you want everyone to know that you know everyone. but like you didn't recognize him or her because of this and that. blah blah

  65. Jimdo Daulaguphu


  66. BILLIE EYELASH Fan Forever

    Yaasss dangmattsmith !!😂💙

  67. russ Sealeye

    that other asian chick is reaching with all of her deep analization.

    1. Agung Nurcahyono

      @Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

      When I first glanced at this it looked like a dirty ass comment...

  68. VR

    React to 'The Man' music video by Taylor Swift.

  69. Amanda Garcia Kuppens

    Seth is looking so good DAMN my heart is hurting

  70. kinghaunetrofdestiny 21

    my titock is crap so i would really appreciate it if u like me and follow me.My user is aranb3

  71. William Da Silva

    You should include the new pictures too

  72. Debisib

    Rock aesthetic = Dirty? Thanks Seth.

  73. Ana Gheorghiu

    Where do i buy his cookbook?

  74. Karlie Winter

    seth wow havent seen him in awhile

  75. jacky Boy

    Boomers react to Red Dead Redemption 2

  76. Amy Ablett

    i laughed at the exact same time as the girl at 4:10

  77. Lexi Smith

    That's absolutely not Teen Wolf !!!!

  78. 12nunchaku

    I’m 29 and I’m with Sharon. I don’t freakin’ know these people 😒😒

  79. Jefrey Jiro

    Dear benny and rafi fine, please make a reaction video of people reacting to dimash kudaibergen.

  80. Ernesto Villaraza

    Im from the philippines but ive haven't tried those mango balls yet. Thanks for tasting it anyway.

  81. you shall not pass

    3:12 the town IS crazy, that's Gothams whole point.

  82. admirallotus

    Wish they would have given some background about the cartoon after the guess.

  83. Samaira Cook

    Can I be high??

  84. Tara G

    y’all need to leave Alberto alone.

  85. G M

    Please do a react on Spaceman Chaos- Delirious Army Song and about H20 Delirious.

  86. Dee W

    Wow! No one knew PepperAnn?! She was much to cool for seventh grade. Damn I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid. But I also was always outside. Kids need to get on my level. I be doing too much.

  87. UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE

    Success, So proud. Can’t wait, Hope they work out. Rhyme queen

  88. Tara G

    some of them took like a full minute to swipe

  89. The Popestar

    1:12 When food gets stuck in your throat

  90. Sara Mallory

    Alberto I love you 😍😍😍

  91. ShiftyWolf 117

    What the fuck happened to Anthony. He used to be my favourite from smosh now I cant watch him anymore. Its sad.

  92. Ahijah Collins Bowen


  93. ronak narkhede

    Yall charlie had like 8 wives lmao

  94. oHarry 2009

    It’s painful watching them play this

  95. Lise Nilsson

    Saying cardi b is hotter than j-lo is just delusional

    1. Cantyn Henson

      @Bryan Blvd not cardi b tho

    2. Bryan Blvd

      They’re both beautiful

    3. pete smart

      More plastic than.jlo

    4. Saitama


  96. k*don*

    james earl jones.... me : SANDLOT

  97. Priya Upadhya

    Here for Seth 💜💜

  98. Priya Upadhya

    Omg. Seth is back after a long time. Missed you love💜💜💜

  99. Bailey Angus

    Never seen that dream of fields movie

  100. anastasia primrose

    Africa is a continent though 😂😂