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  1. Kelvin Asamoah

    Can you please send it to me?😥

  2. Rill Ahmad

    Waiting for the Xperia 1 mark II

  3. Rayhan Sharif

    Hey supersaf,does it come with a 2D facial recognition security system besides fingerprint scanner? And how does this work? Would you please explain?

  4. Reinaldo Oliveira

    I’m kinda disappointed that you can only record 8k with 24fps while xiaomi Mi 10 pro can do it with 30fps!

  5. Donald John Trump

    I use iPhone x max pro and I love it with very good case and protector I'm good 😀😀😀😀

  6. AppleFan Network

    Love your IRsel channel

  7. Padid AZG.

    Hey Saf! when you are doing the camera comparison, please consider that the Ultra doesn't have Dual Pixel Auto Focus while regular S20 series have. The Phase detection AF is very slow in comparison with DPAF. So, I want to see the real-life difference.

  8. hottrendz

    Cosmic grey is sooo uglyyyyyyy

  9. Devansh Sharma

    Why don't you shoot your amazing videos in 18:9 ?

  10. Wiener Coffee

    iPhone 11 has a thick bezel.

  11. alex Rosata

    Drop test!!

  12. Azzam Saad

    100X zoom😵😨

  13. Michele Peraro

    I'd pick the Pixel 4

  14. FF Legend

    I used the camera on the s20 and it’s not super impressive. Zooming in all the way blurs the image to the point it’s not worth taking.

  15. Rosa Atkinson

    A free one wouldn't hurt nobody but not at this early stage of release but you can get this device for half it's price. I came in touch with a Hacker when i needed to hack my old facebook account so i could be in touch with my old colleagues and he was able to do a good job with the hack. This made me and the Hacker good friends and we started working on other things, i make a minimum of $12,000 working with him in a month and I have come to the conclusion that there is no device you can't get your hands on if you really need it. Go ahead and connect with Rosa if you need to hack anything or if you are in need of money through: Parachutelift(@)gmail.(com).

  16. Yellow 46


  17. Memulous 2.0

    The phone is very expensive but it’s honestly the dopest foldable phone

  18. BS Kumar

    Badhia a Bhai 👍

  19. Mitha mitha

    *what is your favorite product?* *Samsung*- #Like *Iphone* - #coment *(write Y)* 😊😊

  20. Ryan Olsen

    Already have the Note 10+ and the og buds. I ordered the buds+ for call quality and I like having the case battery life available. I will keep my og buds for backup cause they are great too.

  21. Yazeed Alateeq

    What is the wireless Powershate speed on the s20 ultra

  22. dk_ jr

    Iam waitting for your camera test comaprison between s20 ultra vs 11 pro max 😍😍

  23. Shazad Khan

    i expected that galaxy buds + will change buds model or make the box convenient

  24. Sam

    How about a comparison Mi 10 pro and S20 ultra?! Similar camera...

  25. Engineer Maher

    good one

  26. Ahmed Olama


  27. Messerschmitt Bf 109

    How do the Akg headphones that come in the box sound?

  28. Tobat's Channel

    Dont buy this Shitty samsung phone The only Reason is having 120 hertz on 1080p resolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sorry samsung what are you smoking when you decided this new feature only on 1080p?????? for people who hasnt experienced anything above 60 hertz, pls go to any retailer and try oneplus 7pro its a more than a year old phone and it has 90 hertz @ 1440p!! ill wait till any company will do a native resolution in 120 hertz!!!

  29. Mike Philpot

    How's it fit into jeans and/or cargo pant pockets? Coming from an S10+ You da bomb bro!

  30. Nishant Verma

    S20 ultra vs note 10 plus Worth the upgrade?

  31. Thomas casidy

    I'll stick with my 8+ until it blows up.

  32. Amit Verma

    Background music?

  33. mivanallan

    Waiting for the camera comparison with IPhone 11max

  34. mivanallan


  35. Bass Test

    Hello My Name Is Muhammed Safwan...... TRUST ME

  36. Jonaye

    Watching with my 9+

  37. Prashant Mohan

    Man I'm waiting for your supersaf camera comparison of s20 ultra with other flagship

  38. gbullock2598

    We need a galaxy s20 ultra vs galaxy s10 5g 🤷🏾‍♂️

  39. Daniel Lech

    I would like to see how the cameras perform and the low light.


    Howai the best camera phone ever?

  41. Anime Lovers

    Thanks 😊 for making that episode

  42. Goaler Fc

    Easy to get hot

  43. Elite Gamer

    Wow that case was so nice! I can't wait to get that phone!

  44. The Night Owl

    Hint they use the 100x zoom as snipers

  45. Andrew Linares

    ok, thumbs up for Justine at the end lol

  46. creater master games

    I have already seen the unboxing videos on other channels but supersaf style is best👍

  47. Jose Peña

    Where's Lou???

  48. Terry Olay

    Looks much better than the Galaxy fold but much less practical due to the way it folds.

  49. FT Pedrito

    Wait, so the s20 ultra doesn't come with a case on it's box?

  50. Anshuman Srivastava

    Honestly I just dont get excited anymore with these smartphones

  51. Emily Abordo

    Samsung should include a 45 watt in the box.

  52. Michael Frerichs

    iPhone 🤮 . Samsung 🔥

  53. Darrion S

    We need that camera comparison against iPhone ASAP

  54. Roman Gina

    I think Huawei got it right


    No Giveaway ????

  56. Mike Saint-Jules

    At least with Sprint, you have to pay for the 512gb version in order to get the black color. Not sure why they do this. I just went ahead and pre-ordered the gray one.

  57. No Voice LK


  58. hol0_protogen

    bro, you already know it isnt a fair fight, i am an android person, but still, the s20 literally JUST came out. the iphone 11 came out a little while ago

  59. Faruk Ahammed

    Saf it woth sd865 vs ex990?

  60. ElijahR_XD

    I’ve got the iPhone X and I’ve never had Samsung before, but the s20 ultra looks tempting. Should I switch?

  61. Dhruv patel

    Literally didn't watched any of the unboxing, because other's don't unbox it supersaf style 😎😎

  62. XXnightsaviorXX

    Are flip phones coming back from the dead!?

  63. krishna teja

    compare battery with 11 pro max

  64. shourov badsha

    Nubia Z20 unboxing

  65. Jason's House of fun and video games

    The end of the vid says it all. No matter how technically advanced things get, nostalgia will always get you. Nice job with the vid!👍

  66. Keven

    Nice review! They did a great job on this phone and ear buds

  67. Isabel Valerio

    There is no new phone until you do the unboxing video 😝

  68. Geoffrey Dunn

    Ok I'm confused. I watched another unboxing video. In the box under the lid there was a clear case for the phone. Are we getting a case or not Samsung?

  69. Bella the editor

    Is it normal for the McLaren to heat up while in use?

  70. HMD Plays

    not a fan of the buds plus...

  71. Danny Brian

    how can sm1 's arms be that small.???


    Can u Compare the s20 ultra vs s20 plus camera, does the photos quality on reality superior on the ultra or it's just tooo much marketing to push u buy that tablet size phone, specialty that usless 100x zoom camera wich is for me just so rediculous and I dont know why almost all the youtubers trying to make us believe that is so impressive ??? I'm sure no one will use that zoom more than few times in his life

    1. stanglova86

      AMINE ELBELGHITI people have been requesting for this for days now seems to delay somuch

  73. Isiah Rock

    I say note 10+ or one plus 7t pro

  74. Endang Hidayat

    I Love samsung Note 10 plus 👌👌👌

  75. Shalen Maharaj

    It’s just so hard to pay 1300+ for a phone which Samsung will only provide 2 major updates for.

  76. KEITH

    Would/Can Samsung add any update for QHD support 120Hz display rate later on??

  77. johnnyvonjoe

    Oh wow the vast majority picked either Apple ,Samsung or OnePlus. Totally didn't see that coming there lol

  78. David Cortez

    So no one is gonna talk about how the rear camera looks like a 2005 electric stove?

  79. one long chapter

    So how does the exynoss compare to the snapdragon?

  80. junaid jamshaid

    Guys it’s 16 gb ram really

  81. ikanc vernnoa

    You dont get the galaxy buds + for free if you pre-order you get 200$ credit for samsung s20 ultra, 150$ credit for s20+ and 100$ credit for s20... you can buy the buds + with these credits or anything else from the samsung store...... however if you buy s20 you have to put extra 50$ for buds

  82. Curve Ahead

    Quad HD+120Hz will come by update, I'm looking forward to watching your camera test. All those new models from Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Sony and Samsung, it's exciting to think about what they'll make next.

  83. Gabz Zuniga

    this what i'm waiting for @SuperSaf your Unboxing and camera comparison for galaxy S10 plus vs S20 Ultra

  84. Liberalism is a Mental Disease

    Bought the Ultra and got the Plus for free through Verizon. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

  85. the_hunter_ttv

    Samsung gang


    This is my frist android phone too, before this HTC i use iPhone

  87. Owen's Hot Spot

    iPhone 5s gang!!

  88. Jack Torrance

    I've had a Note 5 And I'm still using my Note 8 and I've never had a better phone!! The S20 looks awesome, but I use my S-pen constantly and I think that's going to sway me towards the 10 plus!!! Thanks for the excellent review!!!

  89. SSaini

    YT tech community should be talking about how absurd this Ultra phone is in terms of hardware and price.

  90. Rohan Raj

    It is truely a beast among smartphones. Way to go Samsung you guys proved again why you are the best when it comes to flagship phones and also why you top the charts when it comes to the android feel which no other android phone gives. Keep rocking Samsung as you always do. Awesome job 🤘

  91. Addison Bohman

    Guys I can’t decide which one to get like for tele and comment for white plz I need to decide which one I should get

  92. bdiva890

    Will we see a S20 unboxing?

    1. stanglova86

      bdiva890 or a camera test

  93. velva griffie

    I love you ❤️💋👄