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  1. Joker 742

    Amelie Zilber is weight more than Riley Hubatka

  2. Sope Is life

    Tony’s hair be lookin like a birds nest

  3. mindi lan

    Que les paso en la 3 parte

  4. Zalaiiyah Vidal

    Can I please be his friend I don’t have any

  5. Tiktok Squad

    Ondreaz(the cute one) knows all the song and not pressing the button Tony(my everything) keeps on hurting the poor button 💙💙💜💜💜😂😂😂😘😘😘

  6. bunny Gacha

    Why is there no audio

  7. Alino chka

    Я даже не знала , что Райли такая маленькая 🥺🥺🥺

  8. Cotton Candy

    I love the M twins

  9. Валерия Баринова

    Эти идеальные волны бёдрами

  10. Kristin Pelan


  11. Isabella Alvarado

    me neither

  12. Antoine Pugeat

    I miss them

  13. Grace Goodall

    Tony actually sucks

  14. Hanane Saidi

    They are very cute I love him💖💖💖💖💖

  15. Vanith Gallant

    dixie tell your sister she must say sje love kj

  16. Maiella Woolley

    0:36 when tony slaps ondeaz hand !!!!!!

  17. Sheriff Sadiq

    Tony is behaving like a child

  18. Ronet Robert

    tony come please and call me

  19. kaminee soodhooa

    I love the lopez brother

  20. Yannet Rubi


  21. Lisa Salerno

    Love you you lopez brothers

  22. Hessa Al Maeeni


  23. soy caro


  24. Adelyn Chapa

    Who’s here after the break up

  25. N i c o l e ;-;

    We all love wdw :>

  26. hotcartel311 Lmntrx

    He looks kinda of flamingo

  27. Daniel Matias

    this so hard to learn

  28. zipporah haschak

    Ok me hear writing such an easy comment

  29. Miss Xadica

    I love Riley ❤️

  30. Consulba Srl

    A love

  31. Nicolás Fernández Vergara

    Love. Cherli

  32. Manuel Aparicio

    The girl moaning

  33. Nadiah Md Tahir

    FlightHouse:"turns off music" Me:"Mom i will never bring my phone too toilet again".WHO UNDERSTAND THIS 👇🏻

  34. Lia’s Vlogs

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 whay she said to hope schwing 🤣

  35. Danny Doggy

    stop making me trip over your voice, sub urban

  36. Danny Doggy

    hiS VoiCE iS so... @[email protected]

  37. Jennah Okt sanni

    It was funny how Tony slapped Ondreaz on the had

  38. Juses Brandon


  39. BlackKittyCat


  40. McGingerHammer

    I love those 2

  41. Roblox Gamer

    0:48 ondrea- was feeling singing u are u are Tony- cause u are u are in a blame voice

  42. hai chen

    Dixie:you didn’t hit it Charli:yea I did I did this

  43. Jacqueline Cabrera

    Tony is going crazy and funny

  44. Tash Pasfield

    Do they like each other or no

  45. Mathilda Rosell

    Hi Charlie

  46. Potato Time

    Did anyone else think it was funny when “it wasn’t me” started playing and tony started dancing?

  47. Nicole Pham

    i like how they are both spaming the button

  48. Niya Scott

    Lil hudy still likes her

  49. Emanie Ramos


  50. Emanie Ramos

    Me: wtf why it keep cutting of me thinking oh wait copy right😂

  51. Arini Acharya-Prothi

    Chase was kinda forced to ask her 😂😂

  52. Quinci Belcher

    Love you addi

  53. Esther Hernandez

    Who like didn’t have sound for like Renagade and the other song touch this if yes it’s ok if not 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

  54. Yeny Flores

    Javierr be look'in FRIKEN FIRE EVERYDAY ANYWHERE I love his Chan's I know Espanol to but just look at Javs Face LIKE FRIKEN FIRE!!!!!!:)

  55. _Milokhin_Gavrilina_

    Мне показалось что это мари сенн....

  56. Iris M


  57. Leator

    1:03 they skipped the no idea dance?

  58. Luciana Sersósimo

    They make such a nice couple and I died with laughter at the end 😜

  59. Tildy

    loved it

  60. poppy jenkins


  61. Jacqueline Montanez

    Omg hi

  62. Dilnaz Mergenbay

    Райли похожа на Билли😍😍

  63. Kelly Jacey

    Tell me why am I always early

  64. Megan Young

    Dammm She really said that

  65. Lakresha Johnson


  66. Ana francini Taques


  67. MariMor GG


  68. Dareen Thamer


  69. Jumana Chowdhury

    dixie is fukn but i love charlie

  70. Maili Poola


  71. Ivanis Troya

    Nose ni madres ingles pero me gusta verlo

  72. MrEgotopia

    You should also put the link to the artist's youtube channel if they have any

  73. Blue ocean bunny yt

    lol Camilla do it agian “chase Hudson ok”

  74. Hanna Russell


  75. Keiran Kuterbis

    I miss this sm

  76. Arianna Santos

    I don’t know if the music 🎶 got silent

  77. Angelll aaa

    Chase: do yo- Charli: no

  78. Katherine Hernandez

    I just noticed that the guy I don’t know what his name but Charlie’s boyfriend he had more times than Charlie

  79. {• RainbowxEmari •}

    0:47 Ondreaz:Cause you are you are Tony:No I hit it first Ondreaze:Still saying You are you are 😂😂😂

  80. K Lpk


  81. Victor Alaquinez

    And your my fan in tik tok 😍😍😍😍😍

  82. Victor Alaquinez

    I miss you

  83. Iamxoe Lavender

    My baby girl is way to young

  84. Ton uk.


  85. Valyssa Ouch

    And they barely no any of they songs

  86. Valyssa Ouch

    Bro butt they literally have tik tok

  87. Charlotte Tan

    I miss this😢😥😭

  88. Madison Bornman

    “Act like you like me” Lol 🤣

  89. Deemz Almutawa!

    Let’s start a lol train

  90. Fatimah mohammed

    Retweet please ❤️ i want to win , god bless u

  91. YDB

    Who's watching this after they broke up but still ship them and at the same time want the best for them? :(