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  1. itzraisingirl

    Het account is at risk because of saying the name..

  2. aysharn griffen

    your kid is so ugly

  3. ItsJessica Roblox

    10:38 poor bramty

  4. Xiomilette Torres

    Omg Levy she’s so adorable

  5. Jennifer Castro

    Penelope looks like bramty

  6. Jennifer Castro

    I love Penelope’s speech for baby’s 🥰😘💕💓😘💜

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  8. Emma

    Penelope looks like Luis ,balcon Louis and levy bramty

  9. S.A

    I hope you make a video about the old photos it is so interesting

  10. Allison Castro

    The people is bad

  11. Janell Hernandez

    There probably stacies🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. Jarah Andino

    Shoutou plzz❤️🙏🏻

  13. Jarah Andino

    You all are funny and inspire me

  14. Jarah Andino

    I subscribed press that notifications and liked

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  16. Tanice Camel

    I followed your TikTok

  17. Jennifer Castro

    I love Penelope’s praying that really made my day 💕💓⭐️💜😊🥰🎉

  18. GoofyKhay

    oh nvm

  19. Jazmine Alvarez

    I mean deck

  20. ninja hyper

    Penelope be switching up first she said she didn’t want to go to the eye doctor and that she wanted to use the trampoline Bramty: I’ll wait for my mom Penelope: no I wanna go to the eye doctor

  21. Kaitlyn Elizabeth

    Levi is a mood

  22. SUNSET IZZY :p

    I understand when you were talking spanish cause i speak it too

  23. Kaitlyn Elizabeth

    I died when Levi hit him 7:13

  24. A Sens

    Levy is giving Penelope a run for her money!!!!!

  25. Amie Nepomuceno

    Okay but the Mimi really got into Penelope

  26. Aalani String

    Don't cuse

  27. Nancy Flores

    The beginning it’s really funny!!! I am dead!!!😂😂🤣🤣💀💀

  28. Isabella Calzadilla

    In todays video, YES everything gets mental

  29. Ivon Hernandez

    Penelope: Luis and Bramty Levy: Bramty Balcom: a little of Luis and Bramty’s brother together I subscribed and like the video and I will always will ☺️

  30. Lenin Eacobar

    We're is yuor goft car

  31. Ivon Hernandez

    I feel like u too look so alike which is amazing 😍☺️

  32. Sarah Gomez

    That must heart having a bagel seed in your eye for three days and not knowing what it is. She said I corona and the grandma said TikTok renegade lol

  33. Roze Leon

    2:31 Penelopa:AAaAAaaAAaahHHHH

  34. Shelly Ragusa

    All the kids are cute but you know they all have attitude


    I know right

  36. Nfornellie

    How’s quarantine going for you guys?

  37. Luis Adame

    Are you guys christian🙏

  38. samantha c

    Balcom is literally a tiny Luis 🤣

  39. Amy2010 mk Mmk

    Is she pregant?

  40. maria furlan

    love the vlog happy family

  41. Yulisma Garcia

    What is there name

  42. Cheila Martinez


  43. Emily Ford

    I love you guys! This who loves u... Me 😝

  44. Skielar Vitale

    my sis has the same flower heart shirt

  45. Olivia Tenorio

    She said"wait don't show them your whole but crack" I was dead💀

  46. Almaaah

    Yes!! Do a story time with all your memories

  47. Olivia Tenorio

    Why is Penelope such a mood👀

  48. Han Nguyen

    When Luis dances: Guess the tik tok danceee

  49. AngelysWorld

    Now I want a trampoline

  50. RiceA

    Put a sprinkler under the trampoline. Idea.

  51. Navannah Chaves

    When levy was adout to throw hands I lost it 😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

  52. Julie Lee


  53. Maria Cortes

    And also dad dresses up like a girl yells at levy* Me lol*

  54. Maria Cortes

    Levy and balcom are sooo funny🤣🤣

  55. Skarlet Gren

    You look like her sister

  56. AbelFrmMHB

    0:45 FBI OPEN UP!

  57. Ayling Marroquin

    She looks like you

  58. Ayling Marroquin


  59. Shaymah Osman Badroodien

    Literally so annoyed for bramtys part having to put up with horrible neighbors

  60. johanaliz Martinez

    That happened to me my eyes turned really red and pink

  61. Fernando García zavala

    O mi dios una semilla en su ojo. Love this family

  62. Julia Rivera

    I've been watching all your videos!! 💜 your mom is soo funny!

  63. Georgina Santizo Mendez

    I think she dose look like you

  64. Life As Love

    Who else was reminded of finding nemo

  65. Shawna Wells

    Geez some attitude 😠😡😤

  66. mia stole

    My cousin has that carseat lol

  67. Alisson Sanchez

    I love how you guys show all your flaws that happen in your life and show us that nobody is perfect, even big celebrities who’s life seems perfect and not bad at all💕🥺👑

  68. Alex_teddygirl ;-;

    Love you guys! 💕

  69. Kailyn Murphy

    My tik tom account name is kayaks457

  70. Fatima larin

    I love You guys your the Best family in IRsel and stay safe love You guys xoxo❤️❤️

  71. Lacey_yt_gameplays Ratatatata

    U r such a amazing inspiring family u are so positive and don’t let anything get in the way 💖xx

  72. Rosangela Tapia

    Levey really looks like you 😍👶

  73. Lâylă_Coøkie

    I went there before and they put medicine in my eye and my eye started glowing everytime my eye would fill wit water

  74. Samanta Garcia

    I’m so glad she is so okay when I saw the title I was so freaked out by the way I also had like a thing in my eye so I went to the doctors and they said it was like a infection but luckily it’s gone love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🙂

  75. Medeeha Ikhlaq

    U could make a huge fort and do 24 hours in the fort

  76. Selene Vega Vega

    This is one of the funniest video in my opinion

  77. Neena Guzman

    What was in her eye

  78. ms ambo

    my favorite fish is the orange and white fish

  79. Ayling Marroquin

    penelope pick her nose

  80. Get Thrifty

    Luis’s face 😂

  81. Get Thrifty


  82. Savannah Chavez


  83. sara corral

    She does look like you Penelope look like you and the boy look like luis

  84. Miri Kireka

    Levi said sumn that sounds like kia ora witch means hello in maori

  85. Peyton Filer

    when levy got in trouble and bramty was talking to her i lost it lol! too funny, she really do be a bully doe lmao.

  86. ivonne cruz

    Balcón look like Luis and yes I think levy looks like bramty and Penelope looks like both of you

  87. Emma Rollin

    Pause it at 5:29 Louis looks so creepy

  88. Sofia Vazquez

    The troubles of the twins😂😂

  89. Emma Rollin

    What is you TikTok account can you follow me TikTok username : CowBetty2020

  90. Yasir Juma

    Definitely levy looks your twin is like me and my dad my mother send me a picture of my dad and he was 24 I am 24 yes twin s100%

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  92. gacha wolfs

    "why can't we just break the law" Me: I'm up for it girl where we meeting at here my number 909 524 ****

  93. Sofia Conner

    You are suppose to say cough cough not the c word

  94. sleepy laughs

    seriously her mom is better than charli doing renegade

  95. D Z

    Don’t joke🤬

  96. Liliana Silva

    I love the bramfam

  97. Purple Sunflowers

    I watched u before u had the twins . and Penelope was small :)

  98. vanessa ontiveros


  99. Diana Vlog’s

    I love their adult tea problemas 🤪💗

  100. Brandy Adair

    Your kids are going wild