Funny ass videos, Very bad language.

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  1. Red Jello

    Quarantine vibes

  2. melvin williams

    Lmaoooo what you mean this rick James he gonna be another Beyoncé I’m rick jamesss bitchh

  3. PR1NCE ZUK0

    3:10 Xbox players when they mad and explain shit

  4. Frolocity

    Man i can’t believe it’s been 7 years since this video. Nostalgic

  5. Dwight Chatman

    2020 make more and NETFLIX PUT THIS ON NETFLIX Asap

  6. steamedbunzs

    Why ain't we seen dashie on wild n out? Come #dashieonwildnout

  7. 666Damnato DW

    The video is funny but dat bitch thick as fuck

  8. Biggie Diggie

    Watching while eating pizza hut

  9. 666Damnato DW

    Dashie what's wrong with joe tongue tho it looks like you been licking on some sharp shit (pause)

  10. Derek Jones

    Thank you me..... LMAO

  11. 666Damnato DW

    What's up with dashie putting young pretty white boys in the beginning every take over video

  12. Trust Droid1

    "Can you fix this" HELL NA

  13. GZeus

    Every time he said “Man that’s fucked up” 😂😂😭

  14. Duck Gang

    Whos here after it went viral 8 years ago

  15. Dragonsnake54


  16. Sergio Carrillo

    Dashie love you homie

  17. Lil Tae


  18. Owen-mon

    Lol rain in mk 11 either

  19. Hector Gutierrez

    1:36 me when I hear someone walk past my door at 3 A:M

  20. Dalitso Tembo

    Hearing The UGHH!! is the best thing I’ve heard in 2020

  21. Dalitso Tembo

    Dashie’s “UGHHH!!!” Is the only nice thing I’ve received in 2020

  22. Hector Gutierrez

    4:12 me when mafuckas ask me for chipz

  23. franklin clinton


  24. TayvonK

    Real Frosty Flakes Dashie Got *FROSTED FLAKES*

  25. franklin clinton

    ha ha ha man thats funny ha ha ha

  26. Tréy

    Y'all remember that scene in Batman Returns when Penguin took over the Batmobile, and Batman punched his GPS when the Penguin screamed from it

  27. PBC Jay

    Who from 3060

  28. PBC Jay

    2020 still jere

  29. Qadiyr Jimenez


  30. mario mario

    4:01 Dat man breath was hot lol

  31. tomato head

    it looks like he's grabbing Eddie's dick 5:34

  32. Jonathan Wu

    Hey look, it’s lil Dashie!

  33. Liz REIGN

    this shit is harder than music that comes out of record labels today wtf

  34. Yani

    quarantine got dashie posting videos LMFAOOOOOOO

  35. SomePapi Online

    this is very relevant, especially talking bout stay yo ass home.

  36. Mackenzie Layne

    part 0:39 and 2:44 lol XD

  37. Waffle Toast

    2020 anyone?

  38. xavier richards

    I actually use this song as a hype song .

  39. dylan lifete


  40. dylan lifete

    Dashie did that to me I would of ducked him up

  41. Offset Producer

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 2020??

  42. Koren Goar

    lazy anthem 3

  43. god child demario Mr skidda pop pop

    Rest pops

  44. DeeDee Flawless

    2:00 killed me 😂😂

  45. XxSecretxX Name

    Aaron ain’t funny bro seriously

  46. RWBY Fiend

    What he still can do skits.....who knew😂

  47. Cole Junes

    When Jason pulled out the JIFF dashing was like J I F F 🤣👌

  48. random commenter


  49. Joe Mama

    This aint no fake news

  50. Anything4likes

    Yo I got a video idea ghetto asmr video

  51. Dhruv Patel

    This channel is older than PewDiePie's channel...

  52. Ricardo Garcia

    4:30 well god damn😂😂

  53. Lorenzo Pabòn

    The best plastic to sniff are recently opened nintendo switch cases.

  54. lowbrow

    The outro song was lit

  55. Angel Martinez

    0:10 2020 anyone?

  56. SomePapi Online

    where are the bloopers to this?

  57. pok3mon_cking YT

    20202 remix plz

  58. JoeAceJR

    "This is halloween 3" "That's a good ass movie" IM DYING

  59. Power Button

    2:28 Dashie predicted the future.

  60. strickly business

    If it wasnt for those friends and co-workers of dashie who made him famous for these skits,now he cant do it anymore since he moved elsewhere.

  61. Paulos

    Dora the Explorer ad pops up for this video, hilarious.

  62. Enrico Pucci

    Guud azovie DOUH

  63. Isaiah Hughes

    3:30 🤣🤣

  64. The mer

    dashie never ages does he

  65. Replika END


  66. Barbie Lash


  67. Deion Witcher

    cinnamon still bad to this day

  68. Gumball Watterson


  69. Not ZED ヅ


  70. Lil. Flaim

    damn a time befor ps4 and xbox one

  71. Antonio Mejia

    Bruh I have that fucking keyboard 😂😂

  72. Donavan House

    Dis will always be a classic in my heart ❤️ frfr

    1. Donavan House

      And dis my child hood

  73. Yung Overstreet

    Aint that dude off of wild n out?

  74. MaTthEw raza

    I feel like Joey is Australian

  75. Kaneko Point

    Why Asian dudes got the name Kim bruh

  76. Kaneko Point

    He talking all over me lol

  77. Sunbreaker7

    Had to come back 2020


    DO lazy dance

  79. BeastBoyIsCute 1991

    3:25 Barney hates the cops🚓🚓🚓🚓

  80. Sköll and Hati

    I miss Dashie’s animations they were so funny.

  81. Bireon

    Damn Dash okay xD this the most savage video I've seen of his lol

  82. XP ZelDa

    2:49 that run tho. 😅😅

  83. Goat Reverse


  84. Zainal Mustakim

    What's his cousin ig tho?

  85. Clouvensky

    He really making beats while making fun of them bruh 🤣😑

  86. Shawna Mccall

    Dashie went off

  87. TJKW 6179

    Bruhhh I remember when this first came out, I was in 6th grade and I was just getting to the bus stop when the notification came through....aww the memories

  88. Robin Gaming


  89. Blitterpokemon 26

    This might be the first time Dashie got puh!!!!

  90. Pimplin 70

    I love how grandad has grandad on grandad 🤣😭😭 God damn I miss this man 😔

  91. Shawna Mccall

    Dashie just love her danm is it that hard dAnm!?!

  92. golden waffles

    1:32 mans in the back couldn’t help it😂

  93. 1 Subscriber Before *2021*

    I swear every time he says "soon" I have another birthday

  94. Fyeee Ant

    Where tpindell😔

  95. Fabian Donaldson

    This was fire 🔥🔥

  96. Qortez McCoy

    Were is this store

  97. HeroTheHero

    Raven a simp

  98. SJ


  99. Liliana Sorto

    I like how he says bayumm and his apron does too


    Nobody want that healthy ass shit😁😁😂😂