AJR is a New York City based indie pop band comprised of three brothers:
Adam Jack and Ryan. Self produced and recorded in their living room, their music inspires comparisons to both contemporary and classic artists, while still sounding completely their own.
The brothers' collaborative style spans their writing, vocals, production and instrumentation. Adam, 23, and recent graduate of Columbia University, sings, plays bass and writes lyrics. Jack, 16, sings, plays guitar and contributes to songwriting all while still being in High School. Ryan, 19, currently studies at Columbia University and is the primary writer/producer for the group; in addition he plays guitar, ukulele, piano and sings. Growing up in New York, Adam, Jack and Ryan started performing together in 2007 and are constantly inspired by the creativity and individuality that their city brings to the table.

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  1. Derek Simek

    Forget Superman The new comic: The Adventures of Jack and the Magic Hat.

  2. Rachel K

    Love ❤️

  3. Julia Brennan

    this was the song that I first heard by AJR and have followed them since!!! the fact that it was in 2013 scares me because I was literally like 9

  4. I am Mantis

    20 bucks says I can wright a book based purely off of AJR songs. 10 likes and I'll wright a short story! 100 likes and I will actually write a book because I don't have a life but I'm to lazy to do it without someone pressuring me to. If I put this comment on enough songs then collectively I might have enough likes to begin an empire....

  5. Becky Swersky

    Simpin hard

  6. I am Mantis

    20 bucks says I can wright a book based purely off of AJR songs. 10 likes and I'll wright a short story! 100 likes and I will actually write a book because I don't have a life but I'm to lazy to do it without someone pressuring me to. Also, how many AJR songs can I put this comment on, I wonder?

  7. I am Mantis

    20 bucks says I can wright a book based purely off of AJR songs. 10 likes and I'll wright a short story! 100 likes and I will actually write a book because I don't have a life but I'm to lazy to do it without someone pressuring me to. I'm gonna put this comment on every AJR song I find and see what happens.

  8. Sara Wolffuchs

    I am not happy with the music these days, but Damn, AJR, i fell for this song in like 3 seconds! <3

  9. Meh_ Papo

    Cara não consigo parar de escutar essa música

  10. Hock Cheong Loh

    I love this song😍

  11. Tiny The Weirdo

    Feat who?

  12. Master Oogway

    I MISS YOU GUYS 😭 😭 😭

  13. Edward Kenway

    This is Joseph Seed and the crew in Far Cry 5

  14. Marcello Whatyoudoing

    2:14 Doesn't it sound like "don't throw out my legos"?

  15. Wiserain _

    This song is gay

  16. Maggzilla the Destroyer

    They did it those madlads made it 3 minutes and 30 seconds

  17. Pablo Ronderos

    Who's here from Woodson?

  18. Kristopher Hellenthal

    a little pitchy at the end

  19. Greyzoid

    Air doesn't get the attention they deserve

    1. Greyzoid

      Sry autocorrect said air

  20. Shridhar Saptale

    I love it

  21. Stuffed animals

    How do 391 people not like this?!

  22. andriani jane

    This makes my feelings better.. thx :) Im sad a little Btw good song :')

  23. Mr Monkles

    No wonder rock and roll is dead lol. Btw Climate change on Mars is caused by THE SUN. Climate change on Earth is caused by THE SUN ☀️ The end

  24. Jonas Dukan

    You made me smile. And more.


    Notice that third guy in the left @ 0:52, he's about to commit a mistake in 😂

  26. Jewel Rosé

    so i put "metronome" in the search bar

  27. Pixel tries to animate

    Yea. don't throw out a danish toy that you step on and then your filled with pain

  28. Tash Keni

    …Is no one going to mention the foot grabbing?

  29. Raymond A

    The video ended 5 minutes ago and my mouth is still wide open

  30. the Greatest 3TUltra

    4:20 music on background, instrumental of bang

  31. rosana cz

    Mano vamo combinar ninguém cresce e todo mundo continua trabalhando mas sem se achar inteligente e mandão e pau no cu tenho certezaqaue foi esse o erro da humanidadd

  32. rosana cz

    Caralho e quando você percebe que todo adulto é perdido fingindo que sabe alguma coisa da vida aí você também já é adulto perdido puta que pariu ALGUÉM PUXA O FREIO

  33. Olivia Gregory

    i showed my dad a few of your songs and i was kinda suprised when he said he liked it because he listens to reggae 99% of the time but i'm proud

  34. rosana cz

    Puta merda que coisa linda do caralho

  35. rosana cz

    Não consigo acreditar que essa música já tem dez meses 💔😭

  36. Pres


  37. Black Sage

    i'm never getting tired of this

  38. Coolt605

    My ex introduced me to AJR for a while I couldn't stand it for awhile but I'm back baby🖤

  39. Noa Rose

    I have this idea for a woman singing a song to the same tune called "Dear Summer" singing to her future daughter (with similar lyrics) and looking for Summer's dad. Then AJR and the singer of this song get together and sing a duet! Dear summer, I hope you like your name. I hope that they don't bully you, when you grow up and go to school ok? Cause Summer is an awesome name. Dear summer, I hope you talk to boys. Or girls, or whoever you like, I just hope that you have a social life...because I have no social life. Etc.

  40. ice T

    love this song and i truly hope this song will come with a great album

  41. It’s Hla

    Who are these losers, Trash music, ewwww🤮

    1. It’s Hla


  42. Leandra

    1:44 for a second i thought he was gonna do the anime glass thing

  43. Manny Chains

    How to make Girls Wet 101

  44. Elena Vikhreva

    В СССР мне говорили "Развивай мозги!". Но развитие мозга не способствует красоте тела. А потом я занялась физподготовкой. Сейчас могу и консультацию грамотно оказать и лопатой землю вскопать самостоятельно.

  45. Entertainer

    Why does the opening to the song sound like Cuphead boss music?

  46. Skyrim Guard

    That old lady looks so sweet 👵👵

  47. ColeF9

    love the kiwi ajr should preform in new Zealand soon

  48. Family Philpot


  49. Nobody There

    This is low key a bop

  50. Cringey Cracker

    1:06 what you looking at there Ryan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  51. diego gonzalez torres


  52. Isabella Wood

    They had me until 0:49. The first part with the trumpet and piano was soooo good and then they completely abandoned that and went to the electronic sound. I wish I could get a whole song with the piano and trumpet lol

  53. Sy Wick

    I’m going to the Calgary tour I’m so happy

  54. Patrick Drahman

    I absolutely love these videos and this band

  55. Student Sebastian Li

    Did anyone else hear (instead of "used to keep it cool") "You sticky bafoon"?

  56. guadalupe hernandez

    im gonna have an ear worm for a while 😬

  57. WinnipegOnline

    As a Wynter myself I can vouch for it being a badass name 👍🏼 I am literally the best named person I have ever met 😂

  58. littlerainyash

    where is the girl with the blue phone now? known as the one who caught them on camera and they’re a great band! an iconic band! that’s iconic within its self

  59. Carson Kleiber

    Why does the best from Bang! Sound like it would be the Russian National Anthem

  60. vip 7711

    Please follow me on tiktok @vip7711

  61. Nathan Lopez

    David dobrik

  62. Puppy girl

    Me: What would you like to be for Halloween? The people in the video: Yes

  63. Marcus

    "That would be a spoiler for the next album" *wHAT*

  64. magpies

    When all the comments are from a year ago

  65. LauraTheBookWorm

    oof they ded

  66. Lisa Calegari

    I mean I’m here coz they played this song at a science team competition I went to 4 years ago so lol anyone here from the Illinois state science Olympiad competition of 2017 😂?

  67. Korgi. playz

    Why did this make me wanna cry? And then cry?


    That moment when the beta drops harder than hiroshima and nagasaki

  69. Redick Crabb

    You should make a overture of Neotheater

  70. MidgetPusher Richardson


  71. double cheese dip

    holy crap!!! AJR is sooo good!!!!! i want everyone in my school to listen to them!!! WHY ARE THEY SO UNDERRATED?! WTF??!!

  72. itsMido2

    I am amazed that they didn't use half naked women in the video!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  73. Devon Scott

    You guys have come so far 😭😭😭



  75. Luke Neumayer

    My freind just told me about ajr and i already love them

  76. Miere Mitchell

    Played this song 396 times

  77. Christopher Payette-Thimm

    this better not be the next fun and we all know what happened to them

  78. dusk to midnight

    anyone catch the eraserhead reference

  79. Sue Reyzlik

    I love you 💕😘❤️

  80. KingRango

    Btw the guy from 4years ago in New York subway is still the voice of the trains

  81. T - Cam

    (1:38) Ryan: "This synth, this bell, these spoons" Me: Lmao I just can't😂

  82. Coca Cocaine

    GTA characters be like:


    What type of good?

  84. Dadrique Hamilton

    Guys i have bad news,tik tok has this song now Can't you guys sue them???

  85. Wetrape Shac Em

    This song sing about we think about this band... Shit

  86. Nikita Muntean

    my ears perked up when he said "next album"





  88. Rose Family

    way up way up we go i gess

  89. Jess Compton

    Love it!😍😋😂

  90. Chanandler Bong

    I feel so pressured its like he’s looking at me I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU PLS STOP

  91. Isaac Gordon

    Has anyone else noticed that the notes that Ryan plays on the keys first, don't match up with the right key? Or just me...

  92. kinkko kawaii

    Esto es ARTE

  93. Erika Timms


  94. lazy red mushorm bro's

    If you ( ajr ) ever read these

  95. Ok boomer

    Bruh, there’s only TWO tickets left....?

  96. Nathan Reynolds

    that is amazing


    i just started listening to them and i have listened to every song they wrote im not famous weak drama karma bang 100 bad days netflix trip sober up burn the house down let the games begin no grass today come hang out im ready turning out three thirty pretender overturn the entertainment bud like you role mode;s good part beats wow im not crazy etc.....................


    Music vid?

  99. Julian Rolheiser

    I remember hearing it like 3 times in 2015 and not being able to hear it again until now

  100. Dominic de Martigny

    Guys stop freaking out. When he said next album, he meant neotheater. All these videos were posted before neotheater had released