In case you're new to my videos, I get thrown into a lot of unbelievable situations, I travel a lot and I'm in the entertainment industry so crazy stories are gonna come as a result.

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  1. danny phenton

    if only Swoozie were my dad... I wish i could have played any game and train to enter its competitive league when I was younger.

  2. H.H. foxaddict

    Might be one of your best uploads ever

  3. Bowser jr. and Mario from Mario

    Moms:GET OF THE GAME Fornite players going to the battle:one player wins and gets money

  4. ItsReuben!

    We never had nap time

  5. Avery the Cuban-American

    Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game at the moment, love the soundtrack. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are great as well, Matt is a legend

  6. Mohammed Miyajan


  7. Davis Checks

    sWooZie’s art is always different

  8. hey how are ya


  9. Notorious1210

    Knowing Swoozie... she ended up at a taco bell waiting on him.

  10. Alphonse Jallow


  11. Worldwide Paranormal

    Don’t like the new animation

  12. Callme J


  13. MegaPonyTron93

    I know the feeling, my dude. It's hard to trust people you wanna date nowadays. No worries, though. We'll find the right women eventually

  14. Jacob Morales

    Cool animation 😀

  15. Luke Jarrett

    That’s me when everyone in my class gets student of the month

  16. Deadstorm 64

    When you get a dog and he poops on your floor immediately 3:17

  17. Mai The Bunny

    Bruh it's expensive to live in LA but the drama there is so fucking good.

  18. Jenny Vo

    lowkey wanted swoozie to steal their mercedes

  19. TTVGrandma_ Rutus

    Y is this man not at 50 mil subscribers

  20. Ghost Snowl

    U funny dawg

  21. Mr Bitty

    Tyler pulls out the nine tomorrow damn

  22. michelle perez

    I love the animation!

  23. Agent Grim

    These are the video games that Swoozie Referenced in his video 0:14 & 4:16 Donkey Kong 0:20 Splatoon (Or Smash bros) 0:22-0:29 Smash 64, N64 Pikachu Version, Ultra 64, Ultra Racer Mini, N64 red controller, N64 blue controller, N64 yellow controller, CRT TV with the animal crossing symbol/logo, GoldenEye on the Tv (I think), Nintendo Labo 0:38 Fortnite 0:46 Halo, The legend of Zelda, PRESS START, Xbox One X, & a Nintendo Switch 0:47 Animal Crossing, a map (I don’t know what game it’s from tho), orange robot (don’t know what game it’s from again), A wanted poster for John Marston (Red Dead Redemption), A mushroom (Super Mario Bros), And Kirby 1:16 League of Legends & Dota 2 1:42-1:46 Minecraft 2:00 Bowser poster, Link poster, Spyro poster, Sackboy poster, Sonic poster, Doritos, & Mortal Kombat 2:22 Gameboy watch, Xbox headset, & Xbox controller 2:25-2:27 Bambi 2 (not a video game tho) 2:47-2:58 Overwatch & two Nintendo Switches 3:13 Fortnite, all of the Links down air moves (Smash bros), Kirbys up B (Smash bros), Kirbys neutral air? (Smash bros), Peach Up B (smash bros), Link (legend of Zelda), Read dead Redemption 2?, Isabelle hairstyle? (Animal crossing), Parappa the Rapper This took so long to make ;-;

  24. Jose Arredondo

    I love the knew way you start to draw your animations it gives them a little more of a Realistic look

  25. cjoutright

    Unless we strategising, my mic is MUTED! All the time

  26. Shaquor Wallace

    Fuck is a kowesha

  27. Liffy Playz

    I love this video😭

  28. T-REX Harris

    Can't wait for when he doesn't shave his beard and it ends up looking like Drake's.

  29. dini mutti

    Joooooooo sWooZie bin watching ur vids 4 the last 3 years never once have u let me down wit a bad vid thx man

  30. Bahethoven

    MY GUY....when are you gonne settle down have a wife and kids. bro ive been watching you forever like bro i think of you as a brother so when am i....gonna be an uncle..just sayin

  31. Tito Garza

    2:45 same

  32. aiden fiterstein

    I would be this kid rn pls swoozie adopt me 😂😂

  33. Treetrunks TV


  34. DBD the ModestTree86

    "Back in my day we didn't have social distancing! We played split-screen every Friday night!"

  35. Adam Holland - Adz

    Great video Adande! Love the smoooth animation. Your voices are always so funny!

  36. Jncknight

    Yo swooz are you training kids for the new John wick

  37. Carlitta Howie

    The animation is soooo goood😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and the voice over omg 😂😭😭💀💀💀

  38. aiden fiterstein

    2:15 so relatable

  39. Zumae Wilkins

    I just straight up do not want to be approached period, not even for directions from the same gender. However, if you are going to approach, you betta come correct. I don't want to hear no hey ma, shorty, none of that nonsense. It's excuse/pardon me Miss or nothing at all.

  40. Danyrr

    New animations ??

  41. Alisia Wilson


  42. Landez

    I cheated on a diet if that counts...

  43. Kraker Heya

    That rap part with Jay-z can be a Disney villain hit.

  44. Carolyn Chen

    These animations give me life

  45. Not Sambo

    I put this on before sleeping and I woke up to this random guy free styling “Stick all this cash up my ass / I’m shitting cash / I got TP... on the side / I pull it down / wipe my.. cash ass / yeah it’s green / wipe it green” I’m scared

  46. Petrache Marian

    This is my new favourite video on IRsel !!! Keep doing your best Swoozie . Love from Romania


    I want your watch

  48. Nathaniel McMurray

    Soo good 😂

  49. Seb Gabart

    Man I miss the old animation even though I have nothing against this one it's good 👍

  50. Chill Wil

    I... *LOVED* this video

  51. Deyza

    Random runs off and gets killed: WOW mY TeAmMaTeS aRe TrAsH😐

  52. Loren McClain

    Dude you are the dude. Girl reached out, you need to ball up and set day/time/place. She ghost you, then she go to you. She reach again set place to your place no exceptions bro! #tonyrobbins #couchcoreywayne #threepercentmale

  53. typical macario11

    From ear to ear

  54. Comedy Fits

    Pleas keep the animation like this

  55. Curshburger

    This animation is *SO GOOD*

  56. Mr. Bitches

    He's a genius for having his wife doing streams. She gonna get paid from the simps.

  57. Lucas_Foreal

    Swoozie always getting ghosted

  58. Kraker Heya

    Be friends of whoever you like, man, it's your freedom ✨

  59. Tina Spencer

    Yeesss im been waiting fir this for sooo long finally fully colored. Animation


    Not fan of this new animation buts its still good

  61. Willttran

    Okay but like where you get your watch from?

  62. Apexx132

    Animation on point 👌🏽🔥

  63. Kraker Heya

    Hope the universal didn't took the dying part on the Game of Thrones ride seriously (・_・;)

  64. Jesus Garcia

    Love this Animation

  65. SeaSalt

    Holy heck I just realized I’m part of the 2015 gang what was I even doing then I was a preteen and my parent just let me eat up your content like that- not complaining tho bc I still love your stuff lol

  66. Ace Hardy


  67. Tuba Edwards

    I hope the person watching this right now become a millionaire one day

  68. Kraker Heya

    Damn, the animation is more adorable than I ever 🤣 Did you seriously turned your wife into a streamer?

  69. F And

    Wow, you gained alot of weight

  70. Seventh-Sage

    Back in my day... uh... *what was I saying?*

  71. SPEKZ

    Take her to Macy’s? My guy we in quarantine 😂😂😂

  72. cheddar cheese

    The animator went off on this video

  73. Jaded and Empty

    IDK I'm still annoyed by gamers who ignore the fact that anything other than FPS exists and also falls under the "gaming" category.

  74. GeeksMilanymous

    That dude that runs of on his own in a shooter is my best friend. Every time we on Gears, he goes rogue like, "I'm down, come save me." 😂

  75. Zack Gillard

    Princess Helayna?

  76. Khalil Worthy

    Swoozie posting three times this month is a blessing that the future generation will never have

  77. Mine-G

    Swoozie is the dad I always wanted ! **Just imagine the possibility's**

  78. Toy Funtime

    Swoozie mah boy I know we quarantined but you look like Kanye and shaq mixed with Kevin hart 6 years from now I love you though you funny

  79. Watermelon Bruh


  80. Leala Charles

    I’m gonna name my first daughter “Cornpreisha” now

  81. Lay Mations

    I’m stuck in quarantine and Swoozies vids are keeping me sane right now (greatest entertainment around)

  82. Audra Nicole

    Love the new animation style

  83. Alicelf360

    Watched this video right after playing an overwatch competitive match with no coms ( I lost the game )

  84. Baddawg 313

    I can't wait to see the new swoozie, in 2021 when the economy collapsed and Donald Jr started that war.

  85. Killa_Flames

    0:13 Halo 3 and Minecraft

  86. John Gupta-She


  87. Kristen Chatel

    like it matches his head size

  88. Aceman

    2:50 bruh that's exactly how it be.

  89. NaTeesha85

    Oh my God your watch

  90. corneulious Anime master

    I how this man be a art inspiration for an entire generation

  91. coby briyen

    You never seen a person on a bike than a Boy comes in and say that

  92. coby briyen

    Nobody eats right next to the Mike anymore

  93. G4 • 10 years ago

    "where them donos @ where them bits @"


    Keep the fucking chin hAir

  95. BRTC

    Animators snapped

  96. G4 • 10 years ago

    0:56 *cornbresha*

  97. G4 • 10 years ago

    I tried playing with you on xbox you did not add me back *im lost*

  98. •Dino Cat•

    How you gonna let a 5 year old draw your last video and then come out with this 😭🤣

  99. Aniston Bond

    How many times swoozie

  100. Dan Moreta

    She's a fine looking asian girl