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  1. Apple Gamer

    It does not matter if you are handsome or young or powerful BTW I am heading my way for becoming a successful IRsel please support me

  2. Melisa Rocha

    Me encanta!! Viva latinoamérica ♥️

  3. Saad Ahmad

    I showed this to Modi ji Acche din abhi bhi nhi ae

  4. Linda Chengeta

    Netflix loves tall, skinny white boys but I’m here for it😂

  5. Vinayak Verma

    Amazon prime is providing quality content in less money netflix is done

  6. Chianelle Herzen Ocampo

    Another sad ending of a zombie movie.

  7. CharadesOfChagrin

    Rip Grant

  8. Rap Citii

    Nobody: Her: I’m not black.

  9. Gingercat 59

    What's everyone's problem with the video?

    1. Maximus Minimus

      Google the goop lab.

  10. chocpen

    How is this a feminist statement excuse me. Rich people are delusional

  11. Azercell Azercell

    LA GALIBE ILLALLAH! ALLAH qurquladiginiz oyunları başınıza yixsin insAllah.

  12. Dandinha lopis Gacha


  13. Itz Asi

    I am obsessed with this trailer. This is my 460th time watching it

  14. kfowler511

    Poor babies! WAAH I was ripped off by a bank because I wasn't watching my credit. To bad losers, next time keep track of your credit and you won't get raped.

  15. JungleFeversome

    I can’t wait! I hope Netflix Australia plays it. We miss out on so many good things here!

  16. lneibbles

    Feels like a Disney Channel movie. Can't wait

  17. pooja.misb4haviour On ig


  18. Express Trailer

    Netflix promoting stupid things that are dangerous for our kids !!

  19. Michael Lomax

    Take this video down!

  20. Rajat Choudhury

    Pause at 2:32 . You'll be blessed

  21. Antonio Prasoto

    Yesss finally

  22. saba todua


  23. BD BOSS

    No joel kimneaman so just gonna skip s2

  24. Howna Aguilar

    Born and raised in East Los Angeles. The East side of the river is what we say as it sits East from Down town and the old rivers. The West of the river is Echo Park and silver Lake but none of that looks like the West of the river we once knew about, and slowly sadly now seeing it get to us here on the East side. It's like a sickness that starts flowing through out your neighborhoods. This here touched home and honestly made me tear up every so often. Gentrification is real and pushes moms and pops shops out, little local businesses, and old families out. Thank you for getting together and showing the world how it is in the neighborhoods

  25. Joakim Westlund

    Disgusting Netflix.

  26. Cassandre Souvenance

    I am here for Liz


    🔥🔥🔥 0:53 🔥💃 👇💓

  28. pontiacmade.jay

    Jasmine is very silly but wise

  29. Lisa Noche


  30. Jen n

    Stop putting up her show for streaming and promoting her. Gross

  31. anony mous

    I thought it was Cole Sprouse in the thumbnail

  32. Black Cat

    What does Gwyneth eat? Are we talking about food? Lmao

  33. Анастасия Власова

    Every time Syd talks I have a feeling that it's literally Chloe Price from LiS: Before the Storm... Insane

  34. ani t


  35. akmol chowdhury

    Denver what are you doing here?!

  36. Ucrazian

    Nope. NoPe. NOpe. NoPE. nOpE. NOPE! Please go away!

  37. Brooklyn Brohat

    God I hate this woman.

  38. nero augustes

    Name a more iconic duo. -Netflix shows -Blackwashing European history and art.

  39. Roro

    Is this Dylan and cole lost brother ?

  40. Maheen Saiyara

    Legit thought it was Dylan Sprouse in the thumbnail.

  41. Luca Lajkó

    1:21 So cuteeee

  42. Sforza1987

    >Letter for the Kang. >Get's stolen instead by protagonist. >Kangdom is lost in first ep. Sheeeeeeeeiiiit!!!!

  43. PHONE ✅

    Netflix publishing Goop Lab as scientific information is wrong and abhorrent. The Goop Lab is Pseudoscience. To be publishing it as anything but is irresponsible and dangerous.

  44. Layla Gutterson

    Ugh... how is spending hundreds of $ on stupid shit based off of fake science, a ‘feminist statement’? She’s not a scientist people.

  45. Audawarduz Ehwazswerda

    This is disrespectful and racist erasure of the original, White, Teutonic characters and people in the Dutch story. Stop replacing White people with non-Europeans!

  46. Spencer Stones

    GOD! I'm so watching this!

  47. jimin is my husband not yours

    We say no to scams

  48. Serhiy Bauer

    She got him gooped

  49. Jane Rentz

    If it wasn't for terminator

  50. Anna Smith

    This looks so predictable

  51. Aleida Díaz

    I'm so excited to see Wyatt and Sophia in a netflix series ❤

  52. Rebelleablecatmeow Louise

    I love this song already

  53. Anika Przybilla

    Why is he black though? Why is there a girl? This has nothing to do with the book?! I'm not pleased! At all! This is an insult to all the fans of the book and movie!

  54. Rebelleablecatmeow Louise

    Not today Satan

  55. mayaart0

    2:42 I am only now realising this is brockhampton

  56. Bartuś uwu


  57. V K


  58. The Necromancer

    I clicked thinking he was one of the Sprouse brothers

  59. Antwain Bell

    Beautiful Queens

  60. Arbeit Bear

    Why does netflix have to appropriate Dutch culture and story telling by making the main character black? We're so sick of the browning down of white culture.

  61. Velocita

    I don't have a good feeling about this.

  62. Evan Luc

    It's funny

  63. Evan Luc


  64. Sara Perillo

    We want season 2!!!🥰🥰

  65. Isaías Gabriel Huichaqueo

    Damien Chazelle? I'm in!

  66. Regi Molana

    Stream bts ON mv

  67. ritamargherita

    I have no words for how much I'm digging this! Netflix keeps nailing it! So excited for this to come out!

  68. Kira Akira

    😟💔 The name of this trailer

  69. Jana Mohamed

    0:08 I died when they turned around at the same time the chemistry is crazy

  70. Nigersaurus taqueti


  71. Van Halpert

    I haven’t watched the documentary but just by the trailer, it made me cry

    1. Bradly Roberts

      I'm on episode 2 right now and the photos they show are............It's crazy how someone could do such a thing to a child.

  72. Redd Jton

    nice cartoons

  73. Valentin Marcellin

    I'm hyped. It looks cool.

  74. Binky Miniature Yorkie

    These girls are mostly insane. Jessica and Gianina , you two ladies need more therapy than anything . I pity these men sooo much . Loose canon , inconsistent and weak is all I see

  75. Alejandro Moreno S.

    I give it a 7.5/10. I'm not quite getting why a bunch of online reviews are slamming this movie. I found it entertaining, admittedly I was a little bit lost a couple of times but I'm not one of these people that freaks out just because something doesn't make sense TO ME in a movie. Maybe I had the unfair advantage of remembering the Iran Contra scandal, and the atrocities in El Salvador, and Reagan's dirty war there, all while Ortega and the Sandinistas were fighting a civil war next door in Nicaragua. I'm 53 so, maybe someone who didn't live through it won't enjoy or understand the movie as well. Regardless, Anne Hathaway is great in this, whether you grok the storyline or not. And since to me she's one of the most beautiful actresses I've ever seen, I can stare happily at her for hours. Her great acting in this flick is icing on the cake.

  76. misheel altanerdene

    Who hated listening to that principal?

  77. John Dawson

    Basically eddie the eagle with go karts instead of ski jumps

  78. Raaj Kapoor Singh

    so cool vid 😅

  79. Muaaz Akbar

    Waiting for Will

  80. kemi7689

    People thinking, they sound British need a hearing aids, they are Australians, they sound Australians, the terrain of go karting doesn't look Europe in anyway let alone UK. The lady that play the mum and coach well known aussie actors..

  81. jbn675478

    i've already read some of the stuff about this special and it looks good, gonna check it out tonight

  82. El Vino

    Malay is the best

  83. FightingIrish 858

    I've never cried so much, in my life. I still can't wrap my head around the neglect, of this bright, young man. RIP Gabriel, I hope you're in a better place.

  84. Fluffy Panda

    totally-not-a-spinoff. well thanks gmm i guess.

  85. D- Sean

    Netflix was in the boardroom like, "why dont we show a trailer of a guy walking to what appears to be a club, so that ppl would be excited to watch it" well Netflix you were wrong. Not interested

  86. Reviewer

    I liked this TV show a lot. Watch my Review of this TV Show by clicking my photo

  87. Daniel Kelly

    I hate this actor so much. Ugh. One of my favorite shows now ruined by this douche bag.

  88. 이정뇽

    생각보다 많이 노잼 ㅠㅠ

  89. Kalyan kumar

    One of the Netflixs best ... I really hope Netflix move in direction away from the book... The source material is awful n the ending sucks

  90. Officer Flat Foot

    Ed, Edd and _____

  91. wonderjh

    And no one in his family did nothing and everyone is blaming social workers.

  92. Sarah Cline

    I am watching this right now in my opinion I think the mother should have gotten death as well, to know this poor kid endured so much. With how Pearl talked in prison there is no WAY she had a mental disability. The mother and the boyfriend should have both gotten death, beating the couple until they die from the wounds. I feel sorry for the family left behind I cannot imagine how terrible Elizabeth must have felt then and even still feel such regret Elizabeth didn't go to take Gabe.

  93. Macy Bruynooghe

    Why include Riverdale tho

  94. Macy Bruynooghe

    Knowing none of these are on Netflix in Belgium makes it very, very sad

  95. N.W.A.

    Just because you speak Spanish doesn't mean you're not black. The reason why Latina don't look like you is because Latina is a euphemism for white person who speaks Spanish.

    1. N.W.A.

      ​@Horacio Poggi No, it doesn't depend. The reality is you're either black or latina. There's no in between. If there was, she wouldn't be the only one at castings for Latinas. She's living in a fantasy world where she's made herself a "latina by technicality." No one considers a black person a latina. Latina means white with a spanish culture. You and her considering her a latina would be like considering a guy a woman simply because he identifies as one and being suprised that you're the only "woman like you" at a casting calling for women.

    2. Horacio Poggi

      Well, it depends. There are plenty of latinas that look like her in my country, almost an entire city full them.The thing about latinos is that they are mostly mixed-race, they can look widely different from each other.

  96. silvers sly


  97. Raaj Kapoor Singh

    nicely 😃

  98. Reem Alzubaidy

    I always tell my staff tell me the truth I’ll do the lying .... 🤣🤣