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  1. Holly cool fun Channel

    I loved it second season

  2. Paul Rushton

    Uranus has a ring duh

  3. Addison Minder

    I have asma too o had a asma attack and when you have a asma attack you can't breath at all

  4. Mike Wheeler

    Didn’t notice Taylor’s accent until after the musturd😂

  5. Vrinda Gorripati

    They’re not dating smh

  6. Hailee Montez

    Bro that dude Brandon tho

  7. Aubrielle S. Torres

    Joey has a type because that girl looks so much like ally 😂

  8. Sirona Wilson

    U forgot the stokes Twins Alan And Alex!!!

  9. Kylee Morgan

    Yeah Gabi, Niki could “have killed you” 🙄🙄🙄

  10. Sofia Yoogurl

    Idc abt niki tbh 🤣🤣

  11. Rob Leighton Reyes

    pesos is from philippines and mexico

  12. Jude D'silva

    Ben,Lexi Hensler and Lexi Rivera's video was better

  13. Annie Smith


  14. Victoria Tolai

    4:54 gabi AND niki seems relaxed with collin and then nate is just chilling in his pink clothing ahaha

  15. Layaan Ahmed

    I LOVE YIU ALL🥰😍🖤❤

  16. I’m cool Hehe

    Yeah ok Dennis can be mad but not THAT mad like that’s uhhh crazy and also gabi and Nikki paid for the house ,also they don’t have a room he’s freaking crazy

  17. Fernanda Lopez

    Tage is on the show all american

  18. Lauren Amanda

    omg the twins are such sore losers

  19. Ava Monagas

    where’s rio?


    Did anyone else notice at 26:04 when they said 'mean', they both raised their eyebrows😍

  21. Basanti Jain


  22. marki Daniel

    did he just tell her that 13:06

  23. Poppy Hudson

    I rly want Timothy to win but I think Christian will🥺🥺

  24. marki Daniel

    gosh Courtney needs to choose . shes messing up a lot of things

  25. Lucy Heppell


  26. jessica Darling

    Why did Sarah have to come back? I hate her!

  27. Samantha Hernandez

    Me: Nobody: Rosa: You're fricken lying. Let me se

  28. Tanaka Kayden Chinyoka

    I love your loyalty Brent, you have such a good group of friends

  29. Ame-lele-pons

    Gabi did the whole quivering lip thinggg

  30. Reese's Pieces Vlogs

    Im not up to there on chicken girls

  31. Talia Lopez

    it made me mad wen Gabi was getting in niki’s business. Like Niki is an adult and she can talk to whoever she wants and date whoever she whats

  32. Gobusamang Ngwaga

    Wait what happened to brent and Eva

  33. Razwa

    Ariana??? So similiar . Who? Oh i know. Smile Squad 😊😊. Is that right ?

  34. Caoilfhinn’s Pets

    Kenny starts a lot of the drama then says he has a headache from it💀

  35. Ame-lele-pons

    Ngl......kenny is my least favorite.

  36. Vivian R

    i like seeing how they act without a script

  37. Ivy Joy Rosario

    No one: Indiana :LEt mE eXpLaiN

  38. Roblox lover

    sOciAl dIstInInG we are never gonna get this corona virus over with are you stupid.

  39. Jessenia E


  40. sarah bolboul

    bryce said cinderella not snow white

  41. Your welcome vsco girls

    5:04 i hate tati *BeEpPp* lmao 😂 yes larray get it! 😂 5:48 (If that’s his name sorry)Izza:Throws thing at larray Larray:what was that for -.- 8:12 Larray:*slaps phone* gEt OfF yOuR pHoNe Izza(again i don’t remember his name sorry!): *bish you almost killed my child* Lol

  42. Shripal Shah

    Nessa won she looks amazing ... love u both

  43. Shripal Shah

    Nessa won

  44. Jaslyn's Vlogs

    Oᴍɢ ʀʏᴀɴ ᴘʀᴜɴᴛʏ ᴡʏᴅ??

  45. Euna Lopez


  46. MLGCeaser

    Waste of height...😂😂😂

  47. Heidi Does Art

    When I was 10 I stole a tiny lolly from a lolly shop that was like 30c and I felt really guilty for so long

  48. keila •

    Ok but like why cant he just get over it damn

  49. Rose Stewart

    I’m like Lexi I hate bugs :/

  50. JS Gamers

    Vanessa is expert in selecting flavors

  51. Miah Sheldon

    Kenny is so sassy 💁‍♀️

  52. Jenny Matias

    DDDUUUUDDDEEEE !!!!!!!! larrays team was better !!!!

  53. Boho Crescent

    I hate it when they talk about people behind there back. I bet they wouldn’t like someone talking behind there back.

  54. Attiqa Shafique

    Y'all did anyone notice Chris's face at when Rich said the girl cheated on him instead. He looked so mad. Awwwww These guys are just awesome and I love them 💖💖 😍 😍 😍 😍

  55. Blanca Ramirez

    Sarah reminds me of Sharpey from highschool musical

  56. Mira Jweihan

    Why do I ship?

  57. زهرا يوسفي

    Lexis and Ben

  58. Kelsea Garcon

    I think I'm in love with Brent...=-O

  59. It’s me Samantha

    I really hoped for Nezza to pick Dustin😩🥺

  60. im a fan page for everyone

    I loved them in the show Jane the virgin

  61. s i m p l y . . . k a y

    I'm not tryin to come after "tarzan", but if I saw him out in public, id honestly offer him a hair grooming business card.

  62. DevilishhTearsx x

    “Issa was survivor is fleas, cold drinks, dirt, water- 😭😭😂😂😭”

  63. Jaysla Longstreet

    Kenny just ruins the mood in the epesode or all of the seasons and episodes

  64. Music with Lyrics

    Kenny- sometimes you just don’t thinkk

  65. rainbowbright114

    When he said Why Don’t We I starting freaking out

  66. Luis Perez


  67. Music with Lyrics

    I love how Kenny always has his glammed up Chocker looking sassy

  68. Kyu H

    you should come to Australia

  69. shelsey pine

    is it just me or did the dama give attitude when she said " but I like the blue". the party is honey themed , I never seen bees make blue honey.

  70. Morgan Adams

    Kenny is full of sh*t

  71. Marthea Ryann Laciste

    I liked Devin the most she was so chill and the perfect match for Andrew 😍

  72. Madelyn Kyle

    i'm 17. i'm 100% white, but for some reason i'm here at 1:51 am. i'm watching yt and i happened to click on it, out of billions of videos, and in this exact moment i'm fascinated by their culture

  73. Dani’s Dollies

    Everyone avoiding eye contact with Niki while she’s pouring her heart out... broke my heart....

  74. Roblox_gamerYT

    Wait a damn minute sweetwater tennessee? oh hell na

  75. Sara Subhana

    I wish ally and joey had a lie detector test together

  76. Sara Subhana

    I wish ally and joey had a lie detector test together

  77. Cody Geewin

    Bet they tagged some NJ hotties they met at the prom... At an after late night meet up back at the hotel...

  78. Anestansya Gorgees

    I ship them

  79. reyna s

    Love is not painful. Love is painful when you love the wrong person

  80. It’s Tiffy

    Ryan prunty

  81. Azyiah Bowman

    I love Andre I whis he was my boyfriend

  82. Vivian R

    ally isn’t that bad it’s her friends that are filling her brain with this shiz

  83. Unicorn 1121cat

    Nessa: high-fiving all the boys Me:well that’s how you corona

  84. Nemi #

    It is 6 colors in the rainbow Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple

  85. manasvi makkar

    ben nd lexiss duhhh

  86. Maria Pimentel

    So is it just me or does Camilas choreographer looks like Ana karens choreographer?

  87. Maddie Moreland

    "TAYLOR my eyebrow" " this is gonna rip my eyebrow off!!" Now in March he has slit his eyebrows 6 times in each and is still going 😂😂😂

  88. Francisco Morales

    Lol even though people thought that was it for james he straight up got back up with tik tok like for real

  89. indp. iv

    the hopeful romantics were amazing until creepy connor started grinding and i almost vomited

  90. Kaitlyn Chamberlain

    Wait, did niki dye her hair black? I liked the orange but the black looks pretty good

  91. Music with Lyrics

    I don’t care if these are scripted or not they are so addicting

  92. cathalina1314


  93. indp. iv

    cmon vince and ryan have to win i havent watched this episode yet btw

  94. Alisa Lovee

    Literally Courtney is the most annoying one on this show

  95. Veronica Christ

    Love dog more than bf 😂😂

  96. J Cas

    she didn’t forget that girl knew colin would see it and she wants them to like break up or fight td so annoying

  97. Dee McGarrity

    I am Irish

  98. Brooke Stout

    Veronica at the end you look like marypopins