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  1. Claudia Moser

    He was left with empty shelves. And he hasn't had time to fill them in 3 1/2 years. He was busy with playing golf.

  2. Dolores Anderson


  3. rncgsu

    If Fox could fire Trish Regan how about Pierro.

  4. Waheed Bahadory

    You called invisible enemy but it’s not if you Americans think like human, this is Mother Nature punishment to the all world. If you put your self in a cell of judgement “ what is the big thing you did for the Nature ? I’m only bad things you did like the rest of the world by killing and destroying humanity, now let the nature heals let the stupid people to know they are wake against Mother Nature,

  5. Playground Justice

    Checks and balances in the government are NOT attacks. Often they provide useful insight. Quit killing us.

  6. John Malley

    Oh my God she is a judge and she defends Trump she must come from the very bones of hell, she's got no soul no heart and no respect for the American people. we here. In Great Britain, Say a prayer for you Americans, Who have died with the coronavirus, having a leader, and judges that support him, The world knows they have blood on their hands and we are with you, God save America, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. hednersgame911

    I never understand the disrespect of these "reporters". Fine, you don't like Trump, but you will respect the office. No time for hacks

  8. Robert Dehard

    The joke is the mask are made using Canadian wood pulp and not used a certain fiber and that comes from a tree that can only be found in canada so 3m needs the trees so if you stop the flow to canada , canada may stop the pulp fiber to usa and then 3m has no masks period

  9. Rose Malone

    Seems like they fail to mention how they got exposed.

  10. Witold Radomski

    I think Harris needs to eat some more food

  11. Scott Boler

    I wonder where the Breaking Point Is For ((( We The People ))) just Push a little Harder . !

  12. Hxrri

    Pelosi & Hillary go to Jail Today ... and Cuomo go after ... 😂😂😂

  13. ana Anna

    This is really the best the Democrats had. I wonder if someone is somehow making $ off of this situation. Just too weird. He needs help.

  14. Elusive Truth

    When will the investigations into these traitors start? Hmmm, perhaps they have???

  15. CaneFu

    On hydroxychloroquine.... as of March 23 the benefits versus harms of treatment with Hydroxychloroquine are unclear. There are mixed results as of April 3rd as to the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. With some studies showing either little to no improvement over the control groups, while others showed it speeds recovery.

  16. TruthB Known

    Why the Hell aren’t WE looking into Nancy’s responses? She has hold up money so desperately needed to put her own agendas into the Stimulus. She needs to be investigated and now!

  17. Duyen Tran

    They are receiving a high salary from tax payers and they have to think about something to do for trading the money. Because they don't want to cooperate with President Trump so the unique way to legalize the money they received is to do anything against President Trump. Thanks to the idea that a great businessman who is winning rivalries will be very strong in acting against opponents to defend himself. Pray for our President healthy to help our nation during this tough time.

  18. Trey-Heru

    Stay away from them white girls and this won’t be happening 💯

  19. David Valin

    Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself, she is a a thief of american tax payers money, in her non actions for the American People while being paid a tax payers salary doing nothing for the money, stealing Americans hard earned money doing nothing but trying to brainwash people. This is a dysfunctional human being, a waste of hard working tax payers money. The only thing she has brought to the USA in the last 4 years is harmful investigations that have confused the people that voted her in. She has betrayed not only all the American People but the People that have voted for her in the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party will forever now be known as the Obstructionist and Investigation Party. She Opens her mouth about the best President the USA has ever had, but keeps it closed when the young congress people try to take the USA Socialist Communist. She keeps her mouth closed when Billions of Tax Payer Dollars are literally vaporized... Search this Chalkboard on DNC... 5nUZekJ3pfM Nancy Pelosi was trying to remove a Sitting President in a Fake Impeachment Hoax while China was Hiding 2 million cases of COVID 19, and over 32,000 real number deaths. Search rQRvDBgwb20 "Pictures that China doesn't want you to see" This Information that Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and Adam Schiff should have been focused on could have Saved many Elderly Americans if Pelosi would have been really doing the work of the People? Right? Our Congress and Intelligence agencies really let down the American People this time, because they were focused only on Removing a Sitting president of the USA? Yes, Really? this Actually Really Happened here in the USA. Search: rQRvDBgwb20 Thank You WION News India, You are doing a great job of being journalists, which the Main Stream Media, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, NY Times, CNN and others should be doing, but are not. We the American People are Grateful to Journalists at WION in India. When will Adam Schiff be investigated for his roll in the Fake Impeachment Attack on the President of the United States of America, while a Biological Virus was being spread to the American People?

  20. Clinton Nebraska

    Cool your jets Nancy that's an order, don't give TrumpTards license to treat a Democrat president the same way if one should retake the White House, 🗣 KNOCK IT OFF !

  21. Bruan Hardrada

    The wet market is in reality a fish market that is located about 300 yards ftom the Wuhan center for viruse research. Google map it and you can see it to, if the commies haven't censored it yet, if they have you can see it in the archives.

  22. greg greenlee

    I am stupid, however, get a world map and draw a line around the world on the 30th parallel



  24. Trixie

    make all the trumpers sign a waiver they/or their family can't sue... administer them the chloroquine ... and don't treat them for the brutal medication side effects...because they are manly like trump and can take it

  25. Art Bass

    Always backwards. Hannity and Fox news have failed the American people. They created the present day fear, loathing, xenophobia and hatred in your country. Directly inspired, promoted and sustained by Hannity & Fox news. You did a great job of making America the most unhappy country on the face of the earth.

  26. Ronald McFarland

    I thought hydroxychloroquine had been approved for use by doctors, why is it still not being used? Besides with the right to try executive order, anyone who has the virus should be allowed to use the drug. What the hell is going on?

  27. The Patriarchy

    Birx and Fauci are on Gates Foundation board. They are pushing for vaccine. They are enemies of the people!


    MadCow is very angry she will never be a man and too old to look like a boy

  29. RSK

    Democrats = Communists

  30. Jay Ramsay

    Those Demon Dogs or going too be very sad and in Chains ..... This crap can not continue . (Dog Emps )

  31. poikilos test

    Such a numskull. She deserves a total confinement in the jungle or the Wuhan animal market.

  32. vmdw dunn

    doses nancy know her nephews has been speaking well of the President could he be tired of Aunt Nancy???

  33. Cathleen Mcdonald


  34. Allen MacCannell

    Wait. Where was it reported that Andrew Cuomo banned Hydroxy Chloroquine? I thought the carnage in NYC was being lessened by HCQ.

  35. Gods Vibes

    Collins you and your republicans are dangerous to all of us, this so called President is a Shame to the whole World and History will record this and we the American People will never forgive and will never let you forget the Lives lost by your hands.

  36. Rose13074

    Can't there be an investigation into Pelosi and Schiff? How they are thwarting the business of congress at every turn.

  37. TheWingmakers

    The Covid was to delay arresting the eletist???

  38. Dojocho

    Typical West Point Freemason.

  39. Dark Paw Paranormal

    5,000 homeless in LA? I thought it was like 50,000 The 2018 count was 52,765

  40. Rocket Man

    This situation is not helped by fake news acting like taking a prescribed medication like hydroxychloroquine is the same as drinking fish tank cleaner. A doctor on the Ben Shapiro show just said that the survival rate on a ventilator is AT BEST 50%. If that’s true, and if a doctor believes that this medication would possibly avoid being on a ventilator, then comrade Cuomo should stay out of it and leave the decision to the patient.

  41. Lucy L

    I completely agree with President Trump!! Trump for 2020

  42. Rylum89 9

    String the ceo up in front of a firing squad. Government, has no right to do so, so we the people should take it upon ourselves.

  43. Doom Smythe


  44. Gloria Jean


  45. vvvelcro channel

    Dr. Cuomo?

  46. Shark B007

    Is there anyway to get rid of these 2 once and for all? Wasting your money and our time once again.

  47. Cesar Cesar Chavez

    Fox fools! Hopefully the virus will rip through them.

  48. Raul Dominguez

    How can we stop the Trump virus now?

  49. Bounvong Manisap

    Mr president thank you and good Dams jobs for all your hard work you do to fight these Coronavirus! God bless America !

  50. entitled 2 opinion

    The swamp is filling. They're coming out of the woodwork, snakes raising their heads.

  51. Lisa Dolan

    Americans can and should fill these positions. Looking for an education? Here one is. You can do it!

  52. That Dude On YouTube

    There is so much going on... lol its exhausting

  53. Ricky Lowry

    Amen sister, that's what I've always said about the man. He's a businessman, and not a politician that's why we're in the mess we're in now politicians . Smh Roll on trump train roll on. 👍🏻

  54. TJ

    Democratic response to the virus. Pelosi " Impeach 19 "

  55. ricardo Mirabal

    If anybody has anything against this Navy offers did the right thing , They made his only concern to look bad to the nation and that's why they took them down he did the right thing concern for his crew without no doubt his responsibility and is action is Justified he's not going to lose his job just for anything else he was protecting his cruel because the Navy did not take action quick enough like our president is doing now and been doing to our nation again Injustice is done Coronavirus it's spreading and yet we cannot get a mask for everyone out in the street in the nation,

  56. American Infidel

    What's there to look at Nancy? The Trump administration's response to COVID-19 was handled like a Couple looking for a Cheap deal on Jewlery. Trump went to "Jared" for cheap knock off of to a "Real" Response to COVID -19 that someone with more experience would have done much more effectively.

  57. Sennie White

    Republican House Congressman serving on the House Judiciary Committee, Collins brings Rational and Grounding Constitutional Tenants to these Contentious times😀

  58. Hijynx87

    Look up 5g and the coronavirus map! Combine them and they are exactly the same.

  59. Raul Dominguez

    The Trump Virus will take more lives than all people who had died on combat.

  60. clif risner

    They should charge Polosi with killing covid 19 patients. For two months now I've followed OAN and fox. Hydroxy chloroquine is the real deal yet? DEMS SUCK. TRUMP 2020 🙋‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏁 God bless

  61. Lahom Bombay

    Ride my bicycle is of Queen if you listen the disc

  62. Michael Piazza

    Covid19 is a cover for 5G radiation poisoning...period...

  63. David Pauley

    Honor the dead with retribution against our enemies

  64. Thomas Jensen

    There the court jesters

  65. Pete Edwards


  66. Sue Sally

    Maybe we need to be looking into her response, oh that’s right all she wanted was impeachment, the president that is all that they all cared about everyone of those Democrats !

  67. Rob Ceriani

    I can't possibly imagine a better leader through this, than Donald Trump. Always a message a truth and hope and action! God bless Donald Trump

  68. Brian Dawson

    This is not political, but deeep state/elitists are making it political. Lets do an investigation into this. Hold them responsible. Pelosi, gates, rothchilds etcc.....

  69. KATE N


  70. Andy X

    COVFEFE-45 is no match for COVID-19

  71. Gold Raker

    Oh no!

  72. Leo Martinez

    Scripture tells us that whenever God wanted to punish Ancient Israel, he gave them a bad king. So, if God made Trump president, he must be really, really mad at us! Apparently, God wants nothing less than our total destruction.

  73. Mugisha Chance

    I remember this chloroquine, when I was about 17years old I was talking it for malaria, it's really strong medicine 🥺 you see the grave before you get better.

  74. BloodMoon

    Pelosi, and her unprincipled mind believes everyone thinks as she does!

  75. Andy X

    Trump was planning on running for reelection on "the great economy". oops So what's he going to run on now? Uniting the country? Building a wall that Mexico will pay for? Repeal Obamacare and replacing it with a better plan for everyone? Rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure? Trump is toast.

  76. jack fenn

    LISTERENE is the best way to prepare yourself to visit older at risk people, but what you exhale is still dangerous! If your system is acidic, then you can carry the virus, and never know it! The telephone is the way to visit your older at risk family members. Being Alkaline is okay, but it does not guarantee safety.

  77. luvnlight

    Love our President!!! Best President in the history of this country!!!! God Bless President Trump!!!

  78. jerry hunter

    The dems are fixing windmills and plan parent hood we need those abortions in the coronavirus days thanks dems good job wow nut jobs it’s simply clear we need president trump

  79. Pierre Juan

    The media are doctors too. In a journalism degree, you are required to take 1 medical course and your a doctor. Why spend 8 years in medical school, get a journalism degree instead. Two for one.

  80. Dorothy Middaugh

    These effing democrats should be helping this country find extra supplies, donate money to the small businesses in their area, help unemployed people. Call hospitals to see what they need. I'm sure they are so overwhelmed. You have nothing to do but go after Trump in this critical time in our country?? You people are pathetic. Please vote these idiots out this Nov!!!

  81. Jw Stewart

    So say whatever you want to you're basically just a bunch of crooks a bunch of liars and somebody don't believe in the Constitution somebody slept this government like Democrats if you're not going to be a Democrat don't act like you're one answer. DMS basically the way I'm going to level it out it be nice to be able to get along so you could create your own business because people are going to let you create your business are going to be so busy call himself business that you ain't never going to have a business because they're going to collect that information and go ahead and do it for you for you ever get a chance to do anything as simple as that JW Stewart thank you very much

  82. Larry Mc Neely

    Trump is the Leader we need ??? This when he denied the Trump Virus for weeks ??? This as he told the State Governors they are on their own ???? This as he claims No Responsibility ?? This after he removed the Pandemic Team from the White House ??? Should I go on ??? Wake Up what we needed is a Leader someone who acts Presidential without praise.

  83. Brian Kimball

    My body. My choice. We shouldn't even be debating this. Where are the Courts?!?

  84. Victor blauser she says its real! Fake news!

  85. U ra KnobGobbler

    Yes not the state

  86. Phil Alexandre

    America is at war and we are F*cked with trump as our leader.

  87. Walter Kiel

    Pelosi and Schiff are Chi-Com Operatives who should have been thrown in jail decades ago... If we had a functional FBI and Justice Dept. none of this nonsense would have been tolerated... *Drain the Swamp !!*

  88. donnyboy

    This virus is just one of many clues that tells me the communist party of China needs to go. Anyone who continues to buy " Made In China " is a communist sympathizer, and a traitor to their own countryman, family and friends. Had we not turning a blind eye to China supplying Kim Jung Un with nuclear weapons , all those jets carrying the virus would have been diminished. China deliberately allowed the virus to spread out of country, to disguise there own responsibility. ...! Just like they did with Kim Jung Un..! Just like they are doing in south america..!

  89. Owor Benard

    All those who spread misinformation should be accountable and commit suicide

  90. Liam G

    She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

  91. Jw Stewart

    I don't really don't know what makes America believe it's got this far on his own without stealing anybody's ideas at all because after all that's what they've been doing that's what to do all the time and do it over the networks have you say anything about it or do anything about it then they call you a crazy case it say you need to go to Broadlands like it did you you know how it feels mr. President mr. Donald Trump so all I'm saying is law of the Network's is collected there's no way you can say you've accomplished anything because somebody accomplished something but you didn't that's all I'm saying when information is finally saying there's already done before you ever did it like the movie they put out the build to missile to go to go to go to outer space it was already done before they ever build the thing the super the Super Rocket they built to go to space you know where the where the the two stars is going to hit Earth or the cause Sudden Impact what's it called its a movie say it was already accomplished before they ever did it so how it how can they say that they was the ones that invented it how can I say what they're the ones that done it that's all I'm saying there copycat in somebody else's work they're claiming they did something but they didn't do it as simple as that that's the way I look at you look at it however you want but that's been me there's no way they able to give me credit and doing it because it's already been done JW Stewart thank you very much

  92. Apada

    Yeah, a war he is running from AGAIN. Refusing agreements because they won't name the virus Wuhan virus? That's a leader? Lying about our emergency stockpiles? Dumping it on states to go around our government in order to get ventilators from China? Allowing bidding wars instead of using his "wartime power" to have our companies make them? Oh yeah, we don't have the supplies, materials, and industries to make them ourselves - our companies are in China so they have all the supplies. What happened to bringing those companies and industries we have abroad, back home? He is hiding behind governors, dumping the responsibility on them and pulling the same cut-and-run he did during the other war he was asked to participate in. He's an incompetent coward and you're sick in the head.

  93. jermain tam

    Judge, china is not the only one. soros is responsible ALSO.

  94. Dick Wilson

    Everything the Republicans do is politics.Nothing is done for the people of the country.

  95. James Lasso

    He looks like he just woke up after a hard night of drinking

  96. Saleem Marzuq

    This is the favor Trump was asking for on the lawn of the White House from China.. Corona virus.. A movie called Terrarium " on NETFLIX" made 2 years ago said it was man made and tweaked to increase the mortality rate to 90%. Then it actually comes true?? Trump the chump is a whole sell out!! Period!!

  97. Saron Chan

    Thank you very much Judge Jeanine you saying right ma'am thank you very much and God bless you with president Trump you say the truth iam thinking the same you too , I love it you say that the truth,🙏