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  1. Jeniset Gonzalez

    “The one in the middle and right are not girls” 😭😭💀💀 omg I laughed so loud my neighbors came and said shut that cow up

  2. California LoveLife4Ever

    You need to make a t v show or do stand up comedy ,wow your a gorgeous man,thank you your very funny ,

  3. Sofhia's Playlist

    wearing the same hoodie as you rn!!🥰

  4. Bri F

    I’m eating hot Cheetos while watching this

  5. delmi moran

    A little perra moment 🙏🏼

  6. TSM_Mythical 174

    This dude said he was going to go more for the food Lol😂

  7. Samantha R

    OMG baby LOUIE

  8. wendy alvarez

    I ate ruffles with chamoy😜

  9. Naomi & Ali

    He said he was going to finish the hole thing 😅

  10. Itzel Morales

    Im eating mango con chile lemon y sal.!!!!!!!!!!i love your vidoes so muchhh.<3

  11. Michelle Lopez

    Yo aquí casual lavando trastes 😂

  12. gaby cortez

    omg where did you get this from!? i need it now

  13. Erica Juarez Lopez

    You should find a home close to Monterey. I could see you living there😊

  14. Jackelin Martinez-Ruiz

    maria was all sad in her recent youtube videos & tell me why i feel like it was laura or victor

  15. Miriam Hernandez

    Ya as me callo la moyera

  16. Big Jess

    BET bramty gonna spill the tea first to get the views ! ✅

  17. Anahi Martinez

    Ya se me antojó 😋 Y también me dio chorro 😂

  18. Maria Ya

    Yooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it

  19. Galilea Mendoza

    louie should make a vlog of him going to mexico😭!

  20. Lesley Gutierrez

    i wonder who that particular person is

  21. Lexy Soto

    I waited so long to watch this just so I could eat with you 😭

  22. Jackie Martinez

    I’m on fucking strike bitch. I need you to restock on your sweaters 😐

  23. Isela Pardo

    It's probably candy's problematic ass LOL

  24. Jessica Gamez-Rangel

    A little chisme moment with literally the baddest perra in the world ♥️‼️

    1. Jessica Gamez-Rangel

      Te quiero Louie 🥰😈

  25. Kitty cute paws:3

    Why is this in my recommended I mean I watch you but this is scary

  26. Vivi Garcia

    rancio does not mean that lmao!!

  27. Alessandra Rose

    18:19 omg yasss gurly

  28. Estela Garcia


  29. Gladys Cantu

    I’m not eating anything but i want what u have 😍😍😍😍

  30. alexa s

    Me meo de la risa hahaha. Omg I can’t stop laughing

  31. alexa s


  32. Alexis Cortez

    aroz y frijoles & tortilla chips lmaooo

  33. wtf imgone


  34. wtf imgone

    i was eating noodles :)

  35. alexa s

    Hahaha I fucken love you

  36. Maria Machuca

    Like si louis is the best estupidas love you louis

  37. scott springstead

    Wtf the fuck? Next.

  38. Deisy Barrera

    sadly, i am barely watching it rnnn,and i’m at school so i only ate cookies :(((, not a full on mexican chincherro

  39. Julio Hernandez

    The cortina arrugada is me 💜💜💜💜💜🖤

  40. Trag3dyInV3nus

    It’s annoying how you call your viewers estupidas. It’s doesn’t sounds nice at all just shows off how trashy you are. Such a shame that you have to act like this to get viewers I get excited when I see Mi gente getting paid but you’re just at another level

  41. Rebecca Duerey

    You're the only real one and I wish no one had went. Now there's drama drama smh love yoouuu

  42. Bianca Moreno

    Hi Louie, I'm from Salinas (: p.s I'm eating pretzels with cream cheese while watching this !!!

  43. Rozay Camberos

    I’m on lunch at work, eating chips con salsa y guacamole. Y ensalada de pollo 😋 Wishing I had antojitos like u😈

  44. Dayana Ponce

    Noooo. You’re supposed to drain ALL the water. If not the sauce doesn’t grab onto the noodles !

  45. Rose bud

    My mouth 👄 is watering 😋🤪🤪🤪🤪

  46. Madeline Carper

    Hell no Louie you should have implied that YOU WERE NOT GOING TO LEAVE ANYTHING. I know this has been awhile ago but whenever this happens, you can report the restaurant at customer service and usually the waiters get fired or a precaution and you could have reported this as hate.

  47. and I oop sksskksksksks

    Mexican ice cream

  48. Keyla Velasco

    Louis' life l love your videos so much because they're so funny and yeah 😇😜😜😜😜

  49. Blanca Alvarado

    Me as a dumbass dejando que me chinguen🤣

  50. Stephanie Lord

    13:50 a fucking cough drop bc im sick asf.

  51. jasmine ibarra


  52. Emily Matloob

    curry lol

  53. Rosario Silva

    James charles but mexican

  54. Brittany Barrios

    I’m here for the food 🤪

  55. James Murphree

    Whos broke?? wx.cm/ptp/854744

  56. laura carolina moreno

    🙄😒😒 que pendejada

  57. It’s your daddy 90

    Me over here eating hot Cheetos

  58. eduardo42897


  59. jenifer lopez

    And this guy I’m talking to don’t even wanna drive an hour 😩 sigh imma have to cute his cute ass off

  60. Sandy Castro

    I'm eating a Maruchan!!!! Love you so fucking much!!!

  61. Mary Gonzalez

    Me seeing Louie eat 😩🤤🍎🥭

  62. Melissa Salinas

    I’m eating churches 🍗🍗🍗😜😜🤣🤣😍

  63. Yolanda Mora

    Meee saying Largaaateeeee!!! 😂😂😂

  64. Bryan Menchaca

    Want to make some bank? ref.inboxdollar.co/Bryanmenchaca58

  65. Eve M

    19:20 el chisme🤪🤪

  66. Yaritza Nino

    Pizza 🍕

  67. Noemi Celedon

    *Louie- This isn’t to start beef* Everyone in the comments starts the beef 😂

    1. Julieta Castillo


  68. Bianca’s Expressions

    Is it victor?👀

  69. Briana Orozco

    Drinking a fruit smoothie

  70. Elmer Guevara

    The person by the door was Freddy the one in ur dreams

  71. Carolina Kim

    I'm eating some Chinese egg soup with sriracha 🌶🔥🤣 I wish I was eating what you're eating instead 😭😭

  72. lin

    13:50 cereal 🥺🥺🥺

  73. The BV Family

    New subscriber! The 💙 Love You Already

  74. Vanessa Avalos

    Your so mature Louie! I respect that! ❤️ but I wish you would say who this person is! Expose themmmmmmm

  75. eme

    Eating the new flamin hot cheetos popcorn and you sir need to try them. Super good and you sir are awesome. Te queremos 🖤 your so funny AF


    Since he said get ur food I was eating maruchan 🤤😋

  77. Brianda Gonzalez


  78. Mommy’s Got 3

    The chisme hasn’t started yet and there’s already an ad 😆

  79. rogelio sanchez

    1:90 meeee when I'm eating😂

  80. Alejandra Rosales Monico

    Benny & Alo missin in the group pics, hhhmmmmmm 🤔 let me find outttt 😜

  81. Kay love

    Beautiful ❤️ couple

  82. Cutie_girl 55

    3:00 am Louie: ↙↔↗↖↖↕↪↪↪↪↙↙↙↔↔↩↗↗↗↗ AMA ME DUELE!!!! Mama louie: AY ANDAS COMEEE COMME BATROOM:↖↖↕↕↕↕↗↗↗↗↗↗↩↩↩↩↩↩↩🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙↖↖↖↖↕↕↕↕↕↕↗↕↗🤡 LOUIE: TeNgO cHoRrOoo also him *SOLO PARA MIS STUPIDASSSS😞🤙🤙🤙💞

  83. Dominique c:

    a little late but does anyone know what that little box with the heart is called or where you can get it from??

  84. Jesus Bermudez

    I would hate to be around this nigga bruh

  85. hipno3

    This is the perfect example of the "annoying" type of gay guy.

    1. Crystal Suarez

      hipno3 ew delete urself plz u r so ugly

  86. Kay love

    literally fuckin awesome The best IRselr ever 😀😀😀Houston Texas love..u..always... I love that you're real honest and straightforward l also love your personality and everything about you when I watch your videos... I can't stop watching them I can watch you all day 😁💯💯💯😘😘😘💜💜💜💜😍😍😍

  87. Jessica Garcia

    Where did you get all your antojitos from? Like dude I’m dying. 😋😭

  88. Yohel Martinez

    You and James Charles are a good couple

  89. stephanie herrera

    what i wanna know is , what does my bitch louie have do with the beef between maria y candy ? 🥴

  90. Alfredo orellana

    Waiting for him to say “Comeeeee on Heartburn” “Comeeeee on Indigestion” 😂

  91. Maritza Garza

    Change is always good I loved your advice I just lost a friend and I can so relate with you

  92. Milo Hays

    Did anyone else just liveeeeee for the crunch sounds at 13:44

  93. Alfredo orellana

    Dammmm, you could have ironed the backdrop lol

  94. Joselyne Monreal

    I was eating some mole while watching this

  95. Chelle A. Bejarano

    I love you Louie!! You’re a realist 🙌❤️😘

  96. sheyla M.

    Dude if it is Maria then I’m not surprised because you can tell she’s toxic and a little bitch cause just the way she is and her vibe is just not good

  97. Isabella Gonzalez

    START PREACHING LOUIE that was a great video

  98. Isabella Gonzalez


  99. Antonia Perez

    3:28 is me w my mans chile😂😂😝

  100. Ma Ma

    And beau was trying to get it in with Daisy in Miami, so everything was salty A F !