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  1. Chris Viola

    I like j-freds new hairstyle

  2. glichy

    j-fred said la crotch

  3. Stacy S

    I am a huge Star Wars fan and Jeff has failed me


    3:07 J-Fred did NOT flinch

  5. Galaxy

    Whats up Chris!

  6. niki123489

    Play soccer with T-Rexy costumes

  7. Terpstation

    Go call your momma and say you a loser 0:40

  8. Avery Kelly

    i wouldn't flinch for ay of them

  9. Richy Santoso

    Hey i think you shall play mafia with the yotuber😃😃

  10. George Morgan-Faulkner


  11. Theo Magalhaes Bubolz

    As an extreme claustrophobic, I was extremely nervous

  12. Riley Hartman

    Bryan was halirious

  13. Daniel Lec

    4:10 4:10 4:27 4:27 4:48 4:48 5:03 5:03 5:34 5:34 6:04 6:04 My 6 favorite moments lol 😂 😂

  14. Jernej Zidar


  15. muhd asif

    Thistle is my favourite video

  16. TheNOOBslime Gaming

    As a person that does martial arts im offended at the round house one. Also i think Joey wins

  17. Daniel Brendemuehl

    I remember watching the original video of this coming out and I also remember thinking there is no way that it will get 300k likes.

  18. Brian Mattera


  19. Kinder Gacha

    There are eggyokes on the floor

  20. WayWay 78

    I have to say I think bobs will loose

  21. Kinder Gacha

    Why is there a sword in the wall behind Bobby????? 0.31

  22. Saxon Post

    Joey was spawn camping Bobby.

  23. Elizabeth H.


  24. Amanda Earley

    Next time use custard

  25. Reilly Witham

    anyone else think J-Fred fell out of the tree at 8:36

  26. Jet Town

    This video is like a rainbow six siege

  27. Nicola Raylor

    S-ix C-cruel H-ours O-f O-ur L-ives H-Alf O-f M-y E-nergy W-asted O-n R-andom K-nowledge M-ental A-buse T-o H-umans

  28. Elsa Garcia

    Marvin's head are shiny

  29. Ayumi Garcia

    Poor Bobby 😂


    something i do just to get hurt

  31. APF Diamond

    I can’t even hit a golf ball off the ground if I’m even trying but sometimes I get lucky

  32. BeatZ

    Nice Video, Team Edge!

  33. Michelle Filpo

    Why did Matthias have to not be in all the other video

  34. Z-Boy and S-Girl

    This is how many time they hit below the belt *its how many like there are *

  35. Curtis B

    5:55 had me dead 💀 😂😂😂

  36. Z-Boy and S-Girl

    Good job Bryan at the beginning you died so did your mic 🎙

  37. Jimmy8

    Joey = I am never going get a girl. 2019= I am married

  38. A.K. Studios

    1:08 the answer is the outer part😜

  39. Billy Guy

    >(•~•)> ¤¤¤

  40. Ian Brown

    Did anyone else see that Rich was doing the moonwalk 9:19

  41. Dan Ament

    When J-Fred hit Gunner hahahahahahaha sorry Gunner!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Joel Sia

    R.I.P Bobby

  43. Johnny Perez Jr.

    2020 i got bored in quarantine so i watched their first video

  44. Creeper Kid

    palc wols

  45. Weird Poopsicle

    Hello Cris

  46. TheDarkMudkip2.0


  47. Michelle Dunaway

    0:58 R.I.P Jeffrey

  48. David Valdez

    I’m on iPad and I really want to JOIN but it costs money and I’m only 10 but I still love you guys 💕

  49. Erika Petersone

    My favourite game

  50. AdictionToGames

    Rocket league?

  51. Phoenix George

    That was really funny and cool to watch... ✌🏽😎 You guys should try a boming compation and see who can make it go higher and see who can do it better✌🏽

  52. TheDarkMudkip2.0

    Umm. Team Edge acts like they introduced me to the Dangie Bros whereas it's the opposite way round.

  53. William Horn

    Just this cup or 1 cup each?😂

  54. TheDarkMudkip2.0

    7:43 Question: Which TV show on netflix has girl named Eleven Answer: Stranger Things

  55. Ceylona Chapman

    I am a fishing fan just like bobby.

  56. Hanna Arany

    Can I have the legos? Please?

  57. TheDarkMudkip2.0

    JEFF WILL WIN!!! At last

  58. Brandon Boyce

    When bobbies team won Sam “yay” bobby “I won”

  59. andrew zhi ming

    That's why I don't like Kevin being the host. I do hate Kevin, his rule is so bad.

  60. Leo Leo

    Brayan was the best scurty

  61. TheDarkMudkip2.0

    3 dangie bros... They pick one. That one is my favourite. That is a 33.33* % chance (The * means recurring aka goes in forvever)

  62. Tales From The Grotto

    Anyone else binge watching mid Corona Lockdown?

  63. That FaZe Beast

    What was that noise that bryan was making he was laughing and making some sounds 5:21

  64. Dimitri Makruvich

    4:25 I think bryan is scout from tf2 No for real

  65. Ylai Casem


  66. kingdom hearts

    Do a nother video for this because it is amazing

  67. Skyler Chan

    You need to do more videos like this!!

  68. KS Chew

    poor bobby

  69. a z

    5:28 🤣🤣 Joey's reaction

  70. The Slime Boys

    Matthias wins everything challenge j Fred wins

  71. L D'Amico

    Rich deserves it he endured alot more than bryan and joey

  72. Sebastian Robinson-Cook


  73. Lucas Zaitsev

    4:05 he’s vibing die ngl 😳

  74. The Scout


  75. Strawberry chip Queen

    Bobby you all ready had a knife

  76. The Hightyh

    Jordan is like Joey 2.0

  77. Bella Youngerman

    Have you noticed that Matthias isn’t as funny anymore see in this video he is being funny but in dope or nope he is so serious

  78. Leo Skogseth 2

    90% of comments FBI OPEN UP!!! 5% BOOBY CURSED 5% these kind of comments

  79. Rylee Yost


  80. Bella Youngerman

    Did you know that Doritos were invented in DisneyLand the original bag is the orange yellow and brown one you can tell because the dorito lettering it the same exact lettering as the original DisneyLand sign

  81. Kelly Russouw


  82. Deadknight12

    Teeth check (if this becomes a tik tok viral than I call dibs for its fame)

  83. Duh Darren

    Bobby what was that oh god😂😂😂😂

  84. Deadknight12

    Joey: bottle Bryan: water flip Everyone: water flip? BOI U MEAN BOTTLE FLIP Some random guy: NEW TREND WE WILL GET A GLASS OF WATER AND FLIP THE WATER

  85. Toby Arato

    Has bobby ever yelled or screamed? I honestly can’t remember

  86. Toby Arato

    Bryan might have beat out Joey for the highest pitch scream

  87. Da Boss

    12:05 😂😂😂😂😂😢

  88. Tundra Wolfe

    Matthias: I legit just pooped from my mouth. Me: Please pause the video, take a screenshot, and zoom in on J-Fred. Thank you Bryan: (Packs his mouth with cheese) Me: *sTAn fROm AMeriCaN dAd!?*

  89. Jack Judge

    9:35 Bryan: I believe J-Fred is not J-fred

  90. Gabriel Serrano

    I love watching u guys in pain. I cry

  91. Cameron Ward

    When I did the poll I remember seeing Bobby sink in the intro so either Bryan or joey

  92. Salty JackRabbit

    Be happy that Bryan didn’t call in sick because the video wouldn’t be as funny 😆

  93. Mvb Guapo

    Bobby just tries to be funny😂

  94. Chěěřý Pıě

    If your watching this in 2020 Matt:sneezes Me: he'd got Corona

  95. Ethan Haisch

    Joey is super funny can make me laugh so easy

  96. Ryder Stepp


  97. Tachanka

    This Edotpr is incredible some of the music does make me go deaf

  98. Crazy Dp


  99. Blacken Spade

    8:47 Tho 😂 anyone 2020?

  100. Joseph Orr

    You guys need to start wearing cups in ALL of your vids!