I record myself eating food and upload it here.
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  1. Baryn Laboucan

    6:00 I could really use that as a beat not gonna lie.

  2. Pineapple Juice

    Soon I’m going to get rich and pay this man to eat my school


    Is that the t-shirt of Aincrad?

  4. iPlotiy

    Teeth left

  5. Arise _Septix

    He must do a crap load of exercise

  6. Ayush Raj

    egos,reminds me of, *ELEVEN* Netflix fans would know


    Bro trust me you are not human..

  8. Johnny Ghaus


  9. Daniels Channel

    I would hate that challenge

  10. Mary Ann Pintac

    Im craving some fries now

  11. Missy Lhei

    I love when morgan is just chilling

  12. michellino raiya

    Indonesia: bakwan

  13. Do Rian

    Chocolate and onions? That's a weird combo

  14. Ryuki Liong

    Matt: 2 box of sour patch In his mind: I'm gonna regret this His mind again: yep instant regret

  15. greencesar55

    “Comon, the dinosaurs ate this stuff...you can too” had me dying 😂. Straight up facts!

  16. Balal 3nazi


  17. Balal 3nazi

    Kdhodhidhhip10000000443214567890_ Jdkhxinxhuio ..dnknjxk Mxldhildhio ... Ldnljdj

  18. Balal 3nazi

    Kdkdgiodhip. sjk mm dhii 😐😮 Mzkksjkguo 13455789009865321777700ksho Nxldhildhiuo

  19. ベセルアーリー

    Antakaw haha

  20. Mohd Syawal

    You are actualy dead

  21. あやねこch


  22. Balal 3nazi


  23. Sepp maier


  24. Ayush Raj

    5:05 *wtf just clean up* *You just messed up bro* 🤣

  25. RIZ gaming

    wow it's crazy auto diarrhea

  26. Rafael Kent

    Matt should try heart attack grill 🤔

  27. Natasha Gill


  28. Siony Marco



    lol korean noodle are sweetier than spicy try noodles of my country n watch urself crying to death

  30. 69,000 Subscribers For My Dog

    *Who's watching this in Quarantine*

  31. Evan L

    Most fastest eater

  32. StoopidBish

    he inhaled it all

  33. Symon Tolentino

    team panot tho HHAHAHA

  34. Uncultured

    I still wonder where the rest of the pizza is

  35. amer asyraf

    Bela saka ka woi ? Tapi kalau ada saka mau sakit perut saka tu

  36. MR NooB

    Wild 9a7ba

  37. aye

    Matt: DONE Stains: WTF

  38. Ilmir

    Бездонный желудок...

  39. Crow-Brawl Stars


  40. Mawi Tei

    Bro lov u

  41. Yusuf Kaya


  42. Yusuf Kaya


  43. patricia sy

    Never forget that he did the mayonnaise challenge 🤣

  44. NRool

    Man, Matt's gonna have an insane pot-belly by the time he's 40

  45. AinSley c h e f

    This is every child that is drinking water after playing outside

  46. Kathleen Robinson

    He needs to buy a new toilet after this video xD


    Anjing 55 juta loh yang nonton

  48. Hasony Hasony


  49. shggy

    Is everyone just going to ignore the JoJo reference

  50. Lan Razlan

    spa dtg sni sbb tgk syedot? like skit malaysia hahaha

  51. Md. Habibullah

    How can i order?

  52. Hoge Torres

    you just lost your diamond play button

  53. Gazal Esmaiel Zade

    You are digusting!

  54. Random Chizz

    Why not do like 20 cupcakes instead 😐

  55. Jamil24 _

    Toilet: wHy Do I hEaR bOsS mUsIc Ffs stop stealing comments

  56. هاني رمزي



    Bruh this dude has a lot of money, but he can't even buy a phone stand for his phone

  58. Jocelyn lim

    When I look at it I feel sick!


    Who is watching this in2020 ?

  60. chill squad



    Man u brave😃

  62. Rimmon Rodwell Baraka

    What about the pepperoni

  63. DeliriumzzZ

    Those are some overcooked eggs.

  64. who am i? i am who?

    Tiktok : I'am joker Matt Stonie : hold my beer

  65. Dante Fernandez

    i feel his pain

  66. BlizzardNinja Gaming 1

    Peoples always make sounds when they are eating like they should close their mouth and eat

  67. beau rosario

    I think u smoke before u eat haha

  68. Berina Emy

    I wanna see the girl behind the camera

  69. beau rosario

    I think u smoke before u eat haha

  70. Yuine .

    You look like joker.

  71. Zechariah Sanders

    One question how do you eat all that food in every video of food that you eat and you're not fat you're skinny as heck

  72. Aldo_#

    Gowo boso jowo iso po gak?

  73. Madhusudhanan C


  74. Mattaldrien Albarracin

    If i ate that all im happy 😊

  75. 方晓怡

    Can you talk chinese?

  76. Rimmon Rodwell Baraka

    Today I will be eating the world

  77. shadowbeastvat 22

    Teeths: I don't feel so good

  78. AI zen

    Chicks be like: Im glad i survived..


    Toilet: Oh hell no

  80. 문한솔

    매트게이야 ㅋㅋㄱ

  81. WhoDey!

    Damn that looks good

  82. krisal giri

    Sai ho😂😂😰😰😰

  83. 혜승 김

    한국인 손

  84. Hanoun

    Bro when I bought one it took me 2 days cause I never ate something so spicy, and Matt is devouring it like it's nothing. Yes I know he was suffering a bit but he finished 15 in 10min, and i couldn't even eat two (Matt is a LEGEND)

  85. Void

    Lol why matt didn’t just dip the unflavored fries on the too much cheesecake lol

    1. VoidSir

      Speak English nigga

  86. Ivan Gongora

    Matt: I’m hungry His stomach: ah shit here we go again

  87. Lance Hobbs

    People have died in snow n not suffered that bad brain freeze

  88. ダレる


  89. Your Mate Owly

    Girls: Omg I can't eat that much I want to stay skinny Boys:

  90. shubham sheth

    FBI:"We've found Doraemon's Bottomless pocket, its in this guy's stomach"

  91. King Stars the first


  92. Sean Buchanan

    Matt: I’m hungry His pantry: oh no

  93. JasX23 Gaming 4

    You will have a heart attack soon so don’t thank me, THANK YOURSELF!

  94. JasX23 Gaming 4

    You will have a heart attack soon so don’t thank me, THANK YOURSELF!

  95. mutah mutahwaquil


  96. Sean Buchanan

    Oh my goodness this made me full

  97. Mahesh Mahesh

    He consume lots of protein but not gain weight?y?

  98. Sky

    *His toilet is gonna get it after this.*

  99. Jadolive - YASIN


  100. Crystalgunner147 _

    i really wonder why some competetive eaters dont get fat lmao