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  1. Siriusly, GinnyChase

    she is so beautiful inside and out <3

  2. Its Me

    the way she approaches to aliyah! insane... u need help, girl!

  3. Ricardo Falcon

    This is after all the bachelor, of course he’s gonna be intimate with the other girls

  4. EY W

    I wonder where those shoes are now, maybe she gifted them?

  5. Cerita Usi

    Just for fun. with you vic...:)😁😁😁😁

  6. Cerita Usi

    Love Madison..protect yourself from man not really into you..

  7. TomFilmsDigital

    "but also, you're a lot of fun" that is sooo sweet :)

  8. 1yorknewable

    love Rachel and Bryan they my favorite couple

  9. Tia I

    .... the double standards Did we forget about Luke P? In regards to this situation .. the comments are different for Madison than for Luke. That’s all I’m saying..

  10. Npaw Grizzland


  11. J MT

    Dear "Mad"ison, Respect your wishes but this is not the place to look for your type of guy. Sunday church may be a good option. Religious people can easily lie too. Pilot Pete is honest and he is famous for windmill.

  12. Mac

    This dollar store Chris Harrison lol

  13. Kristen Nat

    I love that she’s not constantly fixing her hair. So many of these women are so vain, but she let her hair get tussled so she could snuggle. That’s real.

  14. Kenisha & Kim

    Everytime peters mom say bring her home I cringe for real tho

  15. Tammy W

    His mother sure does love him. I'm the same way, I have a 25 year old son and he's still my baby boy.

  16. James


  17. PurpleRose7777

    She's so culture-less. No manners. Crappy personality. What a catch. NOT!

  18. Shakira Bells

    quite for how many season of the batcheclor or batchellorete but this episode never watch the whole thing but i choose madison

  19. Disgraced Ape

    I’m not sure Jed’s “toodaloo” was a fitting goodbye for this night.

  20. Nicole Wilson

    “I can so see you and I at the end together” Can you be any more vague!???

  21. Nicole Wilson

    I love the way she explained herself. She’s such a beautiful person. But she deserves way better.

  22. judy truong

    @3:19 I would have just left right there and then. If he can see a future with the other two women other than me, then it tells me that I'm not the one in his heart, and he doesn't truly love me.

  23. Robert Loggia

    I’m sorry but Tim looks like a serial killer

    1. Mac

      Hes such a good looking dude huh?

  24. Donatela Matija

    Who else wants Maddie to be the next bachelorette and find a man that truly deserves her?

  25. Mongli Gandam

    I love u both. Alex was my fav one in d mansion... M so happy for u n for u both.... Goodluck

  26. Kimson89

    Ohhh the way he speaks to her is so manipulative. Blake screams toxicity.

  27. Trudy _ann Taylor

    He's gone 😂😂

  28. kyana lam

    Life changing decision right here

  29. Phuong Vo

    She deserves someone better than him , if he kwew he loves her why slept with someone else?? Madison for the next bachelorette 👍

  30. Olivia Maffucci

    “I’m not one to throw someone under the bus” *proceeds to throw him under the bus*

  31. Olivia Maffucci

    Honestly screw Becca for sending Jordan home after he poured his heart out to her and defended himself

  32. Connie Barnes

    Jordan is such a total looser. Who wants to hear that if things don't work out with Jenna, he will keep a place for her on the back burner. Who would put up with a guy that holds you in such a low esteem? She should have told him to go fly a kite.

  33. Olivia Maffucci

    He literally smiles when she gets upset, he even says he feels happy after telling her all those lies

  34. Ruby Bogonia

    Hold that ground girl. You are a virgin. Hold those standards high and proud

  35. olivia h

    wow she reminds me of someone i know

  36. Tom chelsea

    If He knew 100 percent who his pick was, he probably would not explore things in fantasy suits. Problem is, he didn’t know at this point so he decides to sleep. That is Peter’s fault

  37. Shelly Sermons

    I pray she finds the man that wouldn't make her compromise.

  38. SUMMER Naci

    If he wanted her, he would have naturally not do anything in the fantasy room 😬

  39. Lena Phillips

    I still feel like they belong together 😍💖

  40. monica

    Luke P is the Walmart version of Chad

  41. soly camargo

    Why would a person with a strong religious belief go looking for love in a show where all religious principles are broken? This does not make sense.

  42. Aubrey C

    He talks to her like she is 15

  43. Ester P

    Maddie went home to find a worthy man.. Enjoy her sloppy seconds though ✌

  44. Vincent Legaria

    He loves madison--beautiful and kind

    1. Anything Can Happen

      If he did he would've heard when she said him sleeping with other women would hurt her.

  45. Kristian Kabasares

    This train wreck of a show isn’t really about finding love anymore. It’s been dramatized, sexualized and no longer resembles the original 2003 concept. Watch the very first season and compare it to what the show has become today.

  46. hsmo54

    she has explained nothing in this clip........but i dont know

  47. L J

    He just needs to keep it real, He needs to raise his leg up and fart and just see her reaction to see if she loves him.

  48. Takell Woods

    Ngl like if she gets booted off the season I hope she is the Bachelorette

  49. noorah nn

    Calling Tiarra a “drama queen”!! Hun go watch Peter’s season...

  50. Kayla Clendennen

    if you slept with anyone here then I would go home.. that is a good reason and she did then he should go home.

  51. Jessica Kratzert

    everyone supports her, but when luke did it.... hmm

    1. PurpleRose7777

      True dat

  52. Laura Rios

    Why are you on this show?

  53. sam

    That girl at 3:25 is a mood

  54. Luc Bordage

    Still 4 left on March1st. Bach2020, Madison gone but could be back and HB is still in the mix.

  55. uknow silly

    I like show

  56. Donna foster

    I totally agree with Maddie when she said, who wants to accept a proposal of marriage 6 days after sleeping with two women. I wouldn’t want to do that. For the other two women to not care he may have slept with other people just days before a proposal, shows me that they are desperate, and would do anything to get a proposal.

  57. Madeline Tramantano


  58. Madeline Tramantano


  59. Madeline Tramantano


  60. Madeline Tramantano


  61. Madeline Tramantano


  62. Mllr hr

    Jordan is a real one and deserves better♥️, nobody like christian, I am glad he got kicked out😂

  63. Mllr hr

    Clay deserves better♥️

  64. Krystal Singh

    He basically said the same thing Madison said and he was receiving so much backlash for it. There is so much Hypocrisy 🤦‍♀️.

  65. DakotaEden

    Idk why they say she is sooo hot.

  66. chenelle Ramayah

    I think they deserve each other... both need alot of growing up to do. Maddie for bachelorette!!!!

  67. Native Chique

    This is so corny lol I just see games

  68. Justbrowsing4lunch

    John Paul Jones

  69. mylifeaslex3

    I think she should have been honest about her expectations from the get go. Why would she go on a reality TV show... she knew what the show is about. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ She was very respectful of her words and did not bash the other women which is amazing. I hope she can find the person she is looking for. But I think she set herself up for heartbreak.

  70. Jeff Reed

    Jed and pete soft af and Tyler being a boss lmao

  71. Jasmeen Dhaliwal

    He's cute but as soon as he speaks I feel like I need pepper spray just in case

  72. Brooklyn Webber

    This is the EXACT same thing that Luke told Hannah and y’all went off. But since a girl is the one saying it, it’s okay right?

    1. Stephen Uhlemann

      Seriously, I don't think the people here realize how hypocritical they sound.

    2. PurpleRose7777


  73. Edit Name

    Who is this woman in the dirty yellow bikini?

  74. YellowFlowerofTexas

    no people, she knew from the beggining, so she just wanted a prime tv spot

  75. Bella Loveeexo

    She deserves wayyy more than this. I have so much respect for her 😭❤️

  76. mahayla s

    he’s so toxic and he doesn’t even know it

  77. beeski

    Can we please go straight to the finale instead of airing the women tell all? And not give people like Tammy and Sydney the light of day? 🙄

  78. Alba González

    IT looks like Hanna Ann on The car. I dont know i think is The volume of The hair

  79. Emily Minard

    Theyre not dating anymore

    1. Amanda

      Emily Minard how long ago was this season?

    2. Perla Serrano

      @Emily Minard She is married, too.

    3. Emily Minard

      Mimis probably for views idk. But Tim is married to someone else now with kids

  80. YogiOabs Reborn

    Why didn’t the guys think like this on the Bachelorette.

  81. mileyza


  82. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    I don't care for this girl at all. She gives me bad vibes. Sorry if i offend anyone. Madison is the best for him.

  83. YogiOabs Reborn

    He deserves it.

  84. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    Lil Katy Perry

  85. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    Madison has values most girls on this show don't. I love her. She is the best. I hope she is the next BACHELORETTE. So PRETTY too.

  86. ne one_ _

    Cue the dramatic piano in the background as Madison expresses her feelings

  87. ne one_ _

    This is funny zombieland Madison is looking for love

  88. One Day You May

    You owe me a shirt. Wow what a loser

  89. Ester P

    I really think he low key just kept Victoria to this point so he could bang her even though he only sees Maddison as his wife, but now his plans got ruined.... Anyway, worst bachleor. I hope Maddison won't come back because she can find better...

  90. One Day You May

    All these goofs are just soft af. He ain’t that bad lmao

  91. One Day You May

    Oh jeez when she dodged his kiss I couldn’t even watch haha damnnn

  92. A Z

    Im throwing my morals away for tv lol

  93. One Day You May

    His face at 0:52 😂😂

  94. Kelly JF

    “I can 100% see you and I together at the end of this.” Did you 100% see that while you banged Victoria?

  95. Sandra E Straume

    Well you saved the best for less and I would be the one that's virgin but you should have said this from day one so you would know how to play the game it is a game The Bachelor

  96. Sandra E Straume

    What do you think Bachelor parties are right before weddings men are Hunters have always been Hunters through decades I don't know what kind of cave you came out of

  97. Corazón de melón

    He said that he already knew since week four who his final choice was going to be. So why did he sleep with the other women then? He reminds me of a high school kid that claims to "love" a girl yet he feels the need to be a player with the other girls at the same time... What an immature dweep! And then states that he LOVES THREE WOMEN at the same time! Ugh 😒

  98. Kaitlandia

    He is gonna end up with Hannah Ann... it’s a fact. They always pick the worst ones

  99. Pamela Hutzell

    This is the WORST season of the Bachelor EVER! Terrible casting. Immature drama setups and will cost them if they repeat this next season.

  100. janey rekats

    Loved these two.. i hope they are still together xxx