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  1. Kayla Dastrup

    My eyes changed from blue to green at about age 8, so it does happen. Hair is still blond, though.

  2. Karim Perez

    Asta yo me ago ese parkur y tengo 9

  3. Bryce McKenzie

    Sans is Ness confirmed

  4. Ari. B

    I'm currently playing through hollow knight as we speak and can I just say how freaked I was when "the forgotten crossroads" became "the infected crossroads"

  5. Avez

    They don't deliver in Europe ? I live in Belgium and wanted to try the earpods but oh well :(

  6. jamie neal

    what if arthur isn't david, but instead he's another kid/sibling of another kid who got murdered for the duck season ritual and he had ties with david and his mother because maybe their parents worked on fantasy land together before everything that happened. *but hey, that's just a theory, a game theory*

  7. FUNtaztik !!!!

    They didnt get in

  8. Galaxy_playz 1

    I love nugget

  9. Zenflower54


  10. chillwitme1974

    7:13: "a game people want to forgot" me: EXQUEEZE ME? I WANNA PLAY THAT GAME NOT FORGET IT!

  11. electro swings

    Hot wings

  12. MrNuke Man

    But matpat what if the materials are cheaper

  13. Mikey Bretz

    Couldn’t the radiation from the void maybe change the hair and the eye color

  14. Mario and Luigi plush Super show

    I'm starting to dislike the way the fnaf lore going

  15. Gay Islamic Communist

    13:59 My Linux sense is tingling

  16. I eat children yum

    I thought that it was a reference to the cold war (blue being America with capitalism, and the USSR with communism)

  17. Ellie Grace

    these games are so similar lore based. Ballora in FNAF SL and Allora. B in Boneworks. *B A l l o r a*

  18. Carmella Ryan

    Okay so Arthur is a actually Kira Yoshikage and he's just trying to live a quiet life regular and normal game: exists Game Theory: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!!!

  19. Matt Allason

    What about the 30 years? Given the time frame, that must be referencing an event that pre-dates Duck Season by about 20 years...something we haven't seen yet

  20. Farmerious G


  21. Salt Fam

    It's just a video game though

  22. fairyhaven13

    This is exactly what I commented on in the last theory video; I mean, that's literally what I said, was the whole Terminator route to the dog's existence, so I guess I was thinking on the same wavelength as Matpat?

  23. Adam Lawton

    16 more like 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  24. Tyrese Dabo

    Yay soviet party

  25. Marcus Transbøl

    me: trying to study brain: 18:23

  26. Meghan GoldenInfinity

    MattPat used Kingdom Hearts music! That makes me happy☺️

  27. Alexa Smith

    my biggest question... who is steve and alex? where did they come from?

  28. Runako Arrafif


  29. Neil Peterson

    "1 minute and 11 mark" Me: **Looks at time** Clock: 1:11 Me: 😨

  30. Slavnog Memus


  31. Thomas Fulenwider

    Actually, I thought that Arthur Ford was David's dad. Guess not.

    1. Thomas Fulenwider

      I hope MatPat still reads this tough.

  32. Daniel González

    Honestly that Dog scares the CRAP out of me.

  33. Sans the skeleton


  34. Luigi gooigi Boi

    I failed

  35. Darkus Cyril

    I actually see one other potential thing, @10:15 I think Author Ford might actually be the hunter in the Duck Season game. Which would explain why in some endings, the Dog waves at you, because the Dog recognizes you and is taunting you as if to say: 'Sorry, you failed again.'

  36. Isaiah Long

    What about king bill?

  37. Tikoblocks

    This was disproven

  38. Daylight YT

    Why do you thing Matt says “hey but that’s just a theory”

  39. DrearY tomb

    this is sad

  40. Graham Anderson

    Hair and eye colour would work cause i actually had blonde hair and blue eyes until i was 8ish then it slowly changed and now im 19 with brown hair and brown eyes

  41. Batman


  42. bofooit gojo

    Mat: "I don`t just think that Arthur is David but also the dog" Me: That`s what I said!!

  43. lilstardust 863

    What if sans and papyrus are gasters children?....

  44. World Jokes

    Forget about politics and the virus = watch a funny animal video = relax =)irsel.info/video/fylm-hay/qGywoZ2p17aGkpU.html

  45. Chrisdaprogamer :3

    Since dark revival is not a prequel or sequel it's the second story ITS BIG BRAIN TIME

  46. Matthew Rodriguez

    Plus he was on the run so he dyes his hair to seem like someone else?

  47. Tristan Bulman

    This theory is CRAZY!!!!!

    1. bofooit gojo

      D O G W O O F

  48. Cxnnamon Mxlk

    No one is talking about how deep his voice is-

  49. CrudeHumor

    I see you with the Coheed reference

  50. beast9011

    To be fair yoda is over 700 yrs old. Lol I likes duh Vader

  51. Kerem Yılmaztürk

    5:25 Da Best Family Ever :D

  52. Joseph Evans

    If your playing grifball or CTF than there is no battery

  53. Daniel Alfa

    13:31 A fungus is not a plant

  54. marissa jones

    OK!!! this has been bothering me.... Don't the Spring Locks HAVE to be in suit mode in order to FAIL!!! SO SOMEONE had to be in the suit in order for it to FAIL!!!! MATPAT RE LOOK THIS DETAIL!!!!!!!!

  55. YoUtRaShKiD WTF

    Its so funny how I'm a Muslim and understand all of this

  56. Mahpizzarolls

    Ahah ah Happy birthday George Harrison❤️☮️🤘🏼

  57. Jeff the Cat King

    Anyone watching this in 2020

  58. Daniel Alfa

    20w09a: **exists** Zombiefied piglins: I'll end this pigman's whole career

  59. Norfolk Mapping

    Okay what has Brandon done.

  60. Chrissie Thomas


  61. David Urtecho

    :0 I die? I die by a dog ;-;

  62. End Level

    and there are STILL episodes to cover

  63. Vojta Musil

    do you make another petscop theory

  64. Logan Potgieter

    The intro it bothers me

  65. Стрелок по коленям

    Гей поставит лайк) ( translation: If you are straight you will like)

  66. 綾子

    i-- i wanna play epic of stew

  67. - Roadninja

    Hot wings to the max

  68. X-Ter

    Now that the Netherite is here, which single ingot can be crafted using 4 Gold Ingots & 4 Netherite Scraps, the strength of Steve/Alex is way higher than previously, if we're not counting Enchanted Golden Apples.

  69. Logan Potgieter

    Hello powder kegs from assassin’s creed make sense

  70. Xtreme LynxSnipez


  71. The Ultimate

    i think the crying childs name is cris

  72. Brandon M

    Hey Matpat. Wouldn't the eye/hair color of the Clones then accurately reflect his original colors? But then again a "digital scanned" clone of Arthurs currently looks could get around that.... but it's a stretch.

  73. Buster04

    Am I just blind or is the richest videogame character video that would air before 2020 still not here?

  74. BoneHawk1

    Glitchtrap exited the Void. It has surpassed the BONEWORKS and entered into the real world. Good Job.

  75. Ashbro Gaming YT

    Wait if Pokemon trainers start on April first then maybe it’s all just a April fools prank and it’s all a dream for the trainers.

  76. J F

    6:15 The baseball doesn't have dog prints - those usually have claw marks too. Those are cat prints. Maybe not relevant or important, but maybe the void kitty has some connection to the baseball and their family? I just find it unlikely that the devs would get the print wrong if they're using it for some kind of plot significance. I think that the connection between the baseball and his father is clear enough from the signatures and his involvement in the sport. Adding paw prints MAY distinguish it from being from another team, but I feel more likely that it's meant to tie something else together.

  77. KenTime

    Don’t understand why people can’t just enjoy the game for what it is

  78. Sfoofy

    Trippy if the dog was his son

  79. n o b o d y k n o w ' s w h o i a m . . .

    i think, pyro is a Machine...

  80. Sans the skeleton


  81. Matxha tea owl

    14:07 remember the end of the 'Poppy theory?' Just something to think about

  82. NsN_WhiteWolf

    Well you did say that the void is above time and space so what if the dog from duck season is Arthur ford

  83. Ans Ahmed


  84. Rob Purton


  85. Jaxon Perkins

    “Sans is Ness” -MatPat, this video, 2020

  86. loki darklight

    ..... umm about the eye color..... mine literally changes almost daily. So much so I have been debating taking a picture of one of my eyes the same time of day every day for a year and clipping it together in a video

  87. TwoReel Productions

    I've always thought this of E. Gadd. It actually makes me like the character more. Lol

  88. Keith Macy

    Now we just need to connect it to the Tommy Westfall universe.

    1. Keith Macy

      Update: "Batman" is said to exist within the TWU. If this is talking about the campy 1960's series, then Scooby Doo exists in it as well. This comes from when Scoob and the gang meet Batman & Robin in "The New Scooby Doo Movies" and since Scooby Doo crosses over with other Hanna-Barbera characters in "Scooby Doo's All-Star Laffalympics," they could all be connected as well. Also, if "Batman" is canon to the DC comics multiverse, then the Marvel and Amalgam multiverses are connected to it as well. Throw in Marvel vs. Capcom and we can connect them to Tatsuko vs. Capcom as well. Going back to Hanna-Barbera, the O.K. K.O. Cartoon Nexus could be connected as well if we can find at least one character in the background from HB.

  89. Entertainer

    I didn’t even know the rusted iron ring existed until this video

  90. GNR_Creeper

    4 minutes in and we haven’t started yet

  91. Taran MVP

    I honestly don't see appearance being a big problem cause people can literally go from male to female

  92. Blank Zero

    Iron saga 2:14

  93. yummy dorrito

    D O G W O O F

  94. Doomblade

    I have a theory. The stress level zero's metaverse is going to be the new fnaf.

  95. Susan Urban

    F*** you

  96. Kacper Inio

    Good thing that i am a supremer not a milenial

  97. Domagoj Praljak


  98. Theo Cobb

    I have a theory: The kid from duck season is the kazoo kid

  99. AlEcyler

    Has no one else noted that Arthur Ford is clearly a pseudonym inspired by HHGG?

  100. Chonk Racoon

    i love the subtitles for the intro