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    your spanish is getting better :)

  2. Sixers in 6

    2:12 Anthony please update with “Released due to a global pandemic in 2020” thanks

  3. Daniel Evans

    Doug just has no sense of subtlety

  4. Eduardo Elizondo

    I couldn’t agree less with your Robyn review, sounds like you just skimmed it

  5. coosee :v

    you can tell it's bad when it has cover art like that

  6. Iron

    Anyone else watched the video of the Björk Stalker offing himself?

  7. Christopher Blackwell

    I didn't enjoy this album as much I'd hoped. Overall a decent album, but not for me.

  8. NoFapKing

    You guys just like to see people fail, you don't want to see anyone win because you've never won a single thing in your life.

  9. El Periódico Nintendero

    Fuck off

  10. Saul Pantoja

    Review peach pit

  11. veom4

    Scorpion or “Sings Better Than Drake”

  12. Bob. battle


  13. J. Ascension

    Whitethony Blancotano

  14. James Finch

    Melon is doing a disservice every day by not giving this a re-review.

  15. NotAlwaySnacks

    saw 1k dislikes, immediately scrolled to the comments. was not disappointed by the amount of butthurt.

  16. Rachel Dayne

    Duuuuude. I mean seriously? I'd like to see you put an album out.

  17. Dylan Roth

    Changedthony mindtano

  18. Pj Drake

    Ok but did you really not like Attack & Release???

  19. Vigil_main _

    Anthony, just singing white is right repeatedly throughout the whole video isn't a review

  20. Raymond Soto

    Cândia era muy bien examin de la albun.Pero cuando dijiste que"Los latinos son menos que animales y desgracio a la Raza humana.Esta música lo demonstra" Te pasaste hermano.

  21. Alexander Lin

    Weezer is like the Sonic the Hedgehog of the music world

  22. Luca Stubbings

    You should review the new pearl jam album!!!

    1. Andre Machado

      Pearl Jam is not a real band anymore lol

  23. Zaph

    When a guy looking like melon calls you a boomer you know you’re fucked

  24. elliot campbell

    Man you are so fucking wrong jesus

  25. Logik Inc

    You've gone too far melon man. You've gone mad with power. This album was so amazing. Every track was a absolute banger. I usually respect your opinions with stuff even when you give low ratings to my favorite artist Eminem I usually respect it but this. Giving a not good to what I thought was a 7 at minimum. This is what I must consider a "bad review"

  26. Christopher Collins

    The problem with this album is the bars and lyrics don't really connect to each other. Just a bunch of non sequiturs and one liners. The content is repetitive as hell and some songs sound alike. But honestly I just listened to it and enjoyed the album for the most part. 7/10

  27. Jose Aguilar

    180 hehehe

  28. J. Lee

    This album like foreshadowing 2020?

  29. Fernando Lange

    Now, Now's second Album ''Threads''

  30. Guilherme Castelo

    definitely disagree with you, this album was good, not his best work but definitely good + your review was kinda disrespectful, u can have your opinion but u dont gotta keep it saying over and over again and the majorities of things you've said on this review is clearly not true

  31. Ravenclaw

    4:09 ok melon that was a bit cringe

  32. Flying O

    Alotta young "Lyrical Miracle" rappers suffer from either Dry Rap Syndrome or Dry Beat Syndrome. They always have some technical ability, but lack the needed polish to be taken seriously. Or they just have the worse ears for beats and mainly choose the most stale boom bap / trap beat combos that tries to be both and just ends up just being nothing but a mind-numbingly drab coat hanger for their bars. And Joyner seems to have both these problems.

    1. Andre Machado

      That's such a weird way to say "I don't like his beats"

  33. Ira

    Wait, I like where is the love... but you don't like it... but I respect your opinion...

  34. Alvvay s

    Oh cool, he works with woman beater!

  35. Wil Anderson

    Who else liked Company a lot....Its a hit or miss but I really like it

  36. wade wilson

    I have no idea how you can be "underwhelmed" by a solo Benny album

  37. bomplibated


  38. Caleb Tyler Shepherd

    Wow! Average? I just am having a hard time believing anyone could say that about anything related to her music. I listen to so many genres it’s ridiculous. I’m a songwriter myself. All I can say is that girls voice may sound similar to some other people per say, but they can’t hit the highs she can. They damn sure can’t write like her, or probably even play an instrument. Julien is one hell of a guitarist, and pianist as well. I think you need to spend some more time with this album. Shadowboxing to me is one of the highlights of this record. From a lyrical standpoint you’d be hard pressed to find a better more well crafted song that hits you emotionally like those lyrics. I’m not tearing your critical skills down or anything here, it’s just this album although at times may be simplistic, that doesn’t make it in any way average. The average music of today no offense, but it sucks! Julian to me is one of the very few artists who I would still refer to as an actual artist. Get to know that album from a personal perspective by living through so many of those things, and it will never leave you. Her lyrics terrify me how they relate to my own demons. There’s more under the surface here, and more than meets the eye! Just saying that’s my two cents. Not anyone will really care probably, or take the time to read this. At least you dip into multiple genres, and I do agree with many of your other reviews. Just not this time. Hey that’s why we all have opinions. It’s just I could give you a million reasons why this album is so meaningful.

  39. Mathew Bouse

    2:14 "the song is smoky, it's deep purple" nigga what? deep purple?

  40. alexander leo

    Not gonna lie I didn’t really understand how the 2 minute speech about why you actually admire the values of the Soviet Union had any relevance too the review, please try to stay on topic more Anthony.

  41. Carlos Castillo Fernandez

    his reviews on every kanye album is a fail lol.

  42. MuzeXC

    "NOT GOOD" but makes 13 minute video comeon melon

  43. Atlas

    As a 28 year old guy I feel validated liking this album.

  44. Jay Grawn

    Where does this guy buy his shirts? Elmer Fud fashions? Geez guy, wear a decent shirt.

  45. José González

    Love Again is very Confessions on the dance floor

  46. nalim lattarai

    Leave a lot des

  47. Conspire

    Black Dice was absolute fire

  48. Weaver Beats

    how mans born with fingers coming out his face

  49. mesjr94

    I fucking despise this album cover my goodness

  50. Flint Sharp

    One day you gone respect this guy Joyner. but for now, Thats it, Im unsubscribing.

  51. J. Ascension

    Gaythony IhateJoynerLucastano

  52. Gilgamesh

    I want to root for a fellow Worcester boy in hiphop but goddamn does he disappoint.

  53. Tuttle 3

    This dude doesn't know good music

  54. Artie Rupinen

    I have never have been more interested in an Album since 2009.

  55. Gabriel

    One of the few pop artists I like


    Disagree with this but it is your opinion so it’s cool

  57. suga’s gummy smile

    guys it’s 100 gecs not 1000 gecs...

  58. Juan Farias

    Bro not all music is that deep like some Kendrick or logic, some people make music just to have a good time too. you have to respect that he still made his own style and the songs are a vibe and they get you turnt at parties.

    1. Spidor Man

      you're calling logic deep? lol

  59. la flame

    The answer is Chris Brown

  60. Pyxidus

    it seems like Joyner prioritizes flow and sounds that are heard from the surface if you listen with your brain shut off entirely. honestly it’s not all the bad if you don’t actually listen too closely to what is being said or done. I really liked his stuff a lot when I had little understanding of music but as I sorta matured his music is just meh for me

  61. Conspire

    I'm not even kidding my head is tired asf from bobbing my head nonstop to this album

  62. Martha Tedla

    It's one of those albums that is bad in comparison to its predecessors, but on its own is quite enjoyable

  63. NotAlwaySnacks

    wtf Fantano is bald?

  64. yehhew

    joyner got them mf n o s e f i n g e r s

  65. Almondboi

    How you gonna cap on my boy NF like that 😩

  66. Kasper Wheaties

    how many channels do this fool got??

    1. Bauti L

      He's omnipresent

  67. Kevin Lopez

    Melon “im not racist” fantano

  68. sam watts

    Funny how he ranked stankonia as his number 1 outkast album in the Best to Worst video, but then said it was for mainstreams in this video

  69. Kana Beats

    "drake crossed with lil b if lil b had no charisma" SHEESH lol

  70. Apex Predator

    Bro you keep saying rhythm i dont think you have rhythm or either we listening to two different things

  71. MTB TX

    It makes Blink-182s new album sound good lol

  72. Guilherme Castelo

    lmao imagine thinking hellboy is trash

  73. jammymasternerd

    Do a review of Fuzzybrain by Dayglow

  74. Deus Mars

    At first logic and Joyner seems like they have potential but after listening to 5 songs or so you realise they are just average making you appreciate Artists like Eminem Kendrick and Tech n9ne who are still relevant after decades

  75. Zach ary

    Really good review but I think with mortal man he's not asking if his fans will still be loyal to him to me "when shit hits the fan is you still a fan" meant "when thing's get hard, do you still work hard". I think that's what Kendrick meant because he says "I freed you from being a slave to your mind" and after an album that that shows overcoming adversity he wants to make sure you actually apply when things get hard and you don't just listen to the message once and forget about it.

  76. rzeka

    Lol I never thought I'd hear him talk about Neil Breen

  77. croncky chetto

    1 answer to all your problems with this record Billy not really

  78. Ryan of Alkerath

    Is that an iPhone 3 in 2018

  79. Horace Gentleman

    Oh please you bald bitch your opinions are trash.

  80. Joe Ezekiel

    Solid 8/10

  81. LigerChrist

    “My pants they so tight don’t know if they for her or him 😩🥰💁‍♀️” - Lil Uzi Vert on Lotus Melons least favorite track - Lotus. Hmmm seems a little homophobic to me fantano

  82. senna

    you’re starting to make me question my music taste Melon

  83. PlayMaker p

    I don’t think we was listening to the same record cause it was AMAZING. To each their own doeee

  84. Johr YT

    Lil pump got the same score... let that sink in.

  85. Nuance Is Good

    Socka Souffle.

  86. killerch33z

    Idk how you like Blame It on Your love but not Warm

  87. Alejandro Reeves

    Fuck off

  88. jack traynor

    This doesn’t have to do much with the album, but Joyner Lucas has texted me multiple times over the course of a year, thinking I’m some guy named Isaiah. I haven’t had the courage to tell him he’s texting the wrong person. I find it kinda funny tbh

    1. Khepera El

      @jack traynor it's his text list for business bro. It's for selling his merch and other products.

    2. Andre Machado

      Please tell this is true and prove... this is the greatest thing ive ever heard

    3. Deadshr00m

      @jack traynor yo, send him a link to this

    4. jack traynor

      Yes, he just sends me links to his store and IRsel channel. He also wished me a merry Christmas. Or rather he was wishing Isaiah one

    5. Deadshr00m

      you serious?

  89. Zeark

    You didn’t have to call him a retard Melon :(

  90. SuperFast Jellyfish

    The album made me nauseous, everyone hyped it up so much.

  91. Ezra Stern

    Yo Fantano do u just not review country

    1. Nick Thorn

      @Ezra Stern look up theneedledrop country

    2. Andre Machado

      He hates white people

    3. Ezra Stern


    4. Nick Thorn

      He's done some country reviews

  92. Lyle moser

    Wait what

  93. First Name

    2:36 we all heard that Anthony

  94. MrFlipperInvader792

    You do know kid rock loves country music right 13:53 funny the voice crack right as he said high school

  95. Djmarkyboo


  96. Peevin

    really, anthony? "i love you honeybeard?" "Chateur lobby 3?" dude, you've got to proofread your descriptions.

  97. APC106

    I Can’t Understand Giving The Album a *Not Good* because Joyner has *ADHD*

  98. Raze Lighter

    Superheroes is my most fav song in this album🤤🤤

  99. SushiJaguar

    To be fair, Leaving Neverland is a garbage sequence of pithy nonsense strung together by two people changing their twenty-year-sustained assertions (under oath) in order to get some money and infamy.

  100. Luca ツ

    i already had my own opinion but ok we boutta change