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  1. Thanos

    Eat ur makeup it taste good I bet I mean it looks like it taste good

  2. Jessica Normandin

    SISTER SHLONG oh nooo lmaoooo

  3. Addison Pollitt

    “My poor pp”

  4. Nadja Doering

    Omg are you girl you act like 1

  5. Kirsten Worsham

    When James said “ and I can’t wait for many more years together” I was like whyyyyyy 😢

  6. Norma Lopez

    Aka jealous

  7. Norma Lopez

    Im so jelly

  8. Sitara

    James Charles: Kachup Me the Aussie: tamato sauce

  9. Stan Tziomakis

    She looks so good and you also chrlie

  10. Queen Deelover

    Why Austin do yuh suh???😢🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. nachoz

    james yuo should step it up and go to a fancy dinner in your next chalanges results

  12. Roselynn Ival-Oliphant

    When he said your kidding I laughed because that went perfectly from when he was trying on make up

  13. roxie winchell

    Anybody else meet both of them at Disney

  14. Ellie

    Oml im cringing be you'r self haterS are "rude" if you dont got anything nice to say dont say it at all i love you'r makeup and everything you do! <3 (Edit: oml when you talked slow i was going to DIE I was like GO FASTER xD)

  15. Alexis Arellano

    We all love James but I'm pretty sure we all know what tiktok is love you

  16. Ariana M

    I’m here from tictoc

  17. Monkey Boi

    Clicked on this video by accident and why do i kinda watch this fully

  18. Anamarie Cameron


  19. GAME Master641


  20. Christina Harwood

    more cooking vids!!!!

  21. Marygrace Rottinger

    u look lik a pice of cheez

  22. SimplyMora

    It’s scary how much James looks like both of his parents lol

  23. Somi Reyes-Miranda

    Well we help but some people need to be nice

  24. Ethan TheAwesomeGamer

    Hi sisters+

  25. Lorena Hernandez-Jurado

    Addison looks a little like Lexi and reminds me a lot about they both laugh a lot

  26. Denazia Porter

    Am I the only one that thinks makeup makes her look more like Dixie

  27. Smilja Jovanovic

    She is sooooo beautiful,

  28. Elizabeth Pack

    Absolutely Gorgeous 😍🥰😘. Her makeup is by far my favorite ever. Wow 🤩

  29. Sassy Sadie Beth

    shane’s face a 0:02

  30. Fake Gamer Girl

    It was when your brother picked your makeup products and forgot the bronzer

  31. Faria Sing's

    Its so wrong to post comments that hurt someones feelings...EDIT:its ok james we are with u

    1. Julianna Corona

      U right

  32. Annaleise Wadsworth

    i love canes! im from kentucky and ate it a ton!

  33. Elizabeth Pack

    Absolutely stunning 😍🥰😘

  34. Shania Motilal

    i love the transitions at the end 😍Addison is so gorgeous

  35. Being Sarah Jean

    I come watch this when I want to cry from the sound of pure beauty 🥰🥺

  36. Queen Bee

    You guys sound so good

  37. Lauren Ver Meer

    god i’m rewatching this video for the 5th time me if literally my favorite thing ever!!!

  38. Lucy anne Kane

    Can u please do one with avani in the future or kouvr

  39. Henry Mancha

    this a.c man got Donald Trump eyebrows

  40. Javina Tiwari

    Sorry But This Video Has 30k Dislikes Too..

  41. Abby Dutcherson

    It is actually just there opinion so its not embarrassing

  42. Jaeda Gourdouros

    James Charles Is THE BEST!

  43. Sweet Nylah

    i miss this

  44. Sophia Marin

    Hey sister james!!!! I'm drinking a pinkity drinkity while watching this

  45. claire cook

    " i was sure that we had pringle cut fries"- James 2020 "there right here"

  46. Whitney Welch

    James you're the best singer

  47. Rhonalee Powell

    Pls ask her to follow me that would mean a lot my name is nialeeforlife10🤩

  48. Savannah Perez

    She literally looks like Laura lee on the thumbnail

  49. Aubree Landon

    B for your Beautiful and blending because you are beautiful

  50. claire cook

    "how do you open this?" James-2020

  51. You do You boo

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha all of the haters would be like (it’s needed you look like a horse I’m trying to help you. Love you sister ). Hahahahahaha I love you 🦦

  52. Sofie Nimpoeno

    I bet you people write hate comments just to have him sing them

    1. Julianna Corona

      Yep it's just so sad

  53. Alessandra delossantos

    Grayson:it hurts when I put it on my eyeball James:don't push too hard Grayson:like on my actual eyeball James:what? Lol😂😂😂😂

  54. Hannah Mae Villanueva

    Omo the legend

  55. Simren Kaur

    And love u James

  56. Randa Al Hajj

    After watching james videos: Me all the time saying:Don't be shy puts some more puts some more 😂😂 The best ever😂

  57. Simren Kaur

    And he is wasting his makeup on y’all

  58. a l l y g a c h a

    James chales im a big fan And i freaked out on your hi sisters

  59. Shrek

    I like to watch your failure

  60. Official Angelein Roberto

    Avani should be the next 💫

  61. SALIM Said

    Real I thought he is a girl from the thamnale

  62. Mia Gonzales

    Omg James same time takes me all of Charlie’s followers (like if they were years)to learn a dance

  63. Valeria Chavez

    I want him to do Billie Eilish but she doesn't wear makeup so that sucks

  64. Brooks Folio

    Everyone on tik tok: *does dance videos, lip syncing, and memes Kevin Hart: is this how I do a tik tahk

  65. Juan Rios

    James Charles you're funny LMAO🥳

  66. Grace Graves

    Did anyone notice the transphobia?

  67. Emmanuel Ogunfuyi

    James: imma do lil huddy next Lil huddy: not a chance

  68. gatita uwu


  69. Jordan Rivers

    2 Corinthians 4: 4. God of this world: IMAGE. God of All: I Am.

  70. Umpy's Videoss

    Austin really looks so serious and focused😂

  71. Alyssa Bradford

    No one: Literally no one: James:My poor p.p.

  72. I'm Mikayla

    Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Sugar Cookie, Sugar, Charlie, Cooper, Creamy, Creamer, Milk, Donald, Snow, Snowball

  73. Simren Kaur

    Y’all hating on him for no reason he does vids for all y’all and he does not have to wast his time on haters

  74. Angel Mamposo

    If I were you I would have sued them along as time ago, and I honestly don't know why you haven't done that yet.

  75. Sandra Pagliaro

    James: *doing renagade* Charli: *doing renagade with her fingers glued* Also James: STOPPPPPPPPPPPP

  76. jason bentley

    Y does James actually think he is a girl

  77. VikingFury SI

    4:08 Which one is James Charles?

  78. Megan Lanyon

    can you and jeff just date please

  79. CORA potato16

    Ok so I remember when everyone was giving hate to James. Now that Im actually watching his full vids I realize hes so genuine and kind and sweet. Also Louisiana representttttt!!!

  80. Jelly Belly

    My pet peev is when I step in water with socks on

  81. Sunflower Seeds

    James Charles really said no to in self isolation

  82. sportdutch

    James is a girl?


    Such an amazing blogger!! ❤️❤️❤️ I really love your vlogs....

  84. Abigail Broussard

    help the dolan twins.

  85. Ladejah HOGG

    I think James Charles should call his haters

  86. Bashir Ahamad

    I actually love how James found a friend that is actually not using him

  87. Rihanna Play’s

    Wait you use to are still living in ct

  88. Jace MrNorman

    You Charli haters out there if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it

  89. Fabiana Guerra

    4:00 necesito cortarlas por que estan un poco largas JAMES CHARLES: necesito cortarlas por que estan un poco MUY largas JAJAJA

  90. ImANoobGamer0912

    Dang I did not know James Charles was better than Gordon Ramsay...

  91. Melanie Fannn

    april 2020 anyone??

  92. Veronica Steiner

    Is it bad that I watch JAMES on 1.25 speed

  93. Taleigha Vinson


  94. Princess Lyn Noche

    watching during quarantine🙋🏻‍♀️

  95. Merita Faatea

    you look beautiful then my family

  96. Brylee Night

    whos here in 2020

  97. Renorrey Morato


  98. MeRReLL mAy

    So freaking beautiful. Like....for reall. :)

  99. Люсиа Петросян

    I think the next one will be Avani