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  1. Mclovin 2018

    Sweating like a stuck pig.

  2. mk3ferret

    Your are told you should wear a mask, slap ANYTHING over your dirty mouth hole... If your employer cant or wont supply ppe, mite be a good idea to once again COBBLE something together! Cant get shit paper mask, why bother I had zero issue acquiring a 99.97% respirator How dumb are you people WATCH YOUR MOVIES they been prepping your ass for this exact situation for YEARS

  3. Xize


  4. Kimberly Byrne

    Question from satan? So, the church only open if people should kill more babies????? china's dogs fake news still china's dogs fake news. Dumb heads!

  5. Lithia Kaviris

    Finally, someone who is not hypnotized by the media.

  6. Fray Jay

    What is this corny ass bullshit

  7. Phil Montejano

    Read, "Animal Farm" It all makes sense

  8. El MO

    Liar, this kapitain want to save's life's in peace time. Foto thanks you fired him. The wants hoe sud be fired are the one's at the top, ho makes harubel disisen.

  9. Wado Waleli

    Plan? What do you mean, plan? That's a nasty question. Who are you? Oh, CNN. You're from the liberal media and as usual just causing problems. Fake news! I've got great ratings on Facebook, and you're asking me about a plan?

  10. Rash Rash

    Which nation you want to conquer & destroy Next??

  11. Shawna Weesner

    And yet tRump’s approval rating stands at 47.7%, and his goons and supporters are on track to get him re-elected.

  12. Steve Lolz

    "One word" cash offerings, hard to get those when you are live streaming

  13. Hoogly Bart

    Trump will go down in history as many things. Incompetent, lying huckster and general all-round arsehole being a few, but his true legacy will be the incalculable damage done to America's position in the world. America is not viewed politically as mover and shaker anymore thanks to Trump and the feckless Republicans. The G7 is pulling it's hair out dealing with this toddler. It will be the G6 soon

  14. Rccr Dawgs

    Who eats a ton of food with a 103 temp? I curl up in bed with shivers!

  15. Lryia Starshine

    Well said, articulate and easy to understand. It would be amazing if we could get answers to these questions.


    A life for a life

  17. Sandyman45

    230 lb ooooooh You're so big Chris

  18. BrantheBroken

    This president is an object lesson to America. A lesson on just how powerful a POTUS can be if he or she: a) Wants to be b) Has enough support in Congress but more important, the voting public they're afraid of. c) is a sociopath Lesson learned? We'll see.

  19. Roger Lindsay


  20. ICU 2

    He studied under Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker.

  21. Pamela George

    💙🇺🇸💙REMEMBER THE PANDEMIC!!!! And the lack of taking the bull by the horns on Election Day!!💙🇺🇸💙VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!!!!💙🇺🇸💙

  22. Ritchy Charley

    I thought they New York Mayor said he got thousand of ventilartors in a warehouse he's still asking for more and not useing the ones he got

  23. Chris Johnson

    tRump will continue to disregard the facts. He needs to be held accountable.

  24. Alcozar

    Just say, you are a Trump man an make it simple. We know the military is going down the trump road.

  25. Skeptic by nature

    If you happen to be a trumptard, and you realized that your "president" is a racist and you still support this dimwit, you can go ahead and suck a big Mexican chorizo!!! Bunch of imbeciles POS!

  26. Tessie O'Shea

    Jake looks tired. Hope that he is okay. And he is correct. There really is no viable plan, just a hodge podge plan that benefits those who kids the old fools feet.

  27. Ahmet AddV1CE Gürkan


  28. Bob Lowney

    its not about self promotion? Oh and I am on CNN now, which I would not be if I were streaming instead,

  29. Bob Smith

    Trump's plan is better than Mayor Diblozo plan. " Go out on the town! Go to the theater! New York is prepared!"

  30. Gabriel Juarez

    That's a nasty, snarky question Jake Had you ever seen a donkey in a horse racing? that's the plan. We need to follow all the rules of the CDC.

  31. JP

    I am starting to think Trump's plan is not to do anything to stop the virus to spread and then, force people to get it and let those who survive pick up the pieces of the country that is going to be left behind. He is a total anti-christ or at least, a demos spawn for the looks and careless attitude.

  32. Norman G Lussier

    dont beg idiot trump for anything it makes him feel good

  33. Taco fan

    Democrats: blame trump! China: thank you cnn here’s your check as promised.

  34. John Doe

    factcheck: every word on #cnn is #fakenews

  35. Fred Betesh

    Haven’t heard from this nazi post corona...

  36. Paul Perez

    And yes ladies and gentlemen, CNN's Don Lemon doesn't like ANYONE who disagrees with him or who criticizes him.

  37. Sam

    Covid19, the bitch, is uncovering all our mistakes, defaults, weaknesses, disorders and mismanagement.

  38. Blehkelekwet

    This administration is hunding down honest and competent people for more than 3 years now.

  39. President of the Virgin Islands

    Trump emptied the shelves and sent 18 tons of ppe to China in February and them blames Obama, What a Dick.

  40. tom smith


  41. joshua coontz

    This is pure propaganda. Having a make believe one sided conversation with a studio camera is an ill attempt at perpetuating CNN's anti Trump/anti American message. Period!

  42. W King

    The ONE AND ONLY REASON "the crew is being taken care of", is because Capt. Crozier took the steps necessary to bring attention to the issue, after his request through normal channels was denied. The Trump Administration avoids the truth like its the [coronovirus].

  43. Martin Judge

    Trump make America great again,he has turned america into a third world country supported by brain dead idiots who cant see he only served the money men that put him the white house

  44. james burne

    Donald Trump we intelligent people love you!

  45. Sandyman45

    This guy is such a pisser

  46. George Diaz

    There’s a chain of command for a reason, if your not military you will never understand in how much danger he put him and his men in.

  47. VP Perf

    It’s Obama’s fault because Trump and republicans who demonized Obama for being incompetent and hating America only had 3+ years to fix these issues, including 2 years of full republican control... which they used to gut the people in charge of preventing and PREDICTing a pandemic that has destroyed our economy and is killing thousands!

  48. Ejb954

    Typical CNN Anti Trump propaganda

  49. sidney osborne

    Mark, don't cross trump, you'd be gone on Twitter...why would you reveal Nuclear power and weapons are on this ship...

  50. Leo R

    Fix the panning. This is a national news network

  51. SpiderFang

    I understand that this douche is a money grubbing asshole but the bigger question is who are the zombies that pays him to tell them a fairytale story.

  52. Slick Tha Rugger

    Trump Is Trash🗑

  53. Zdenka Cole

    Oh Yeah - GOD IS IN CONTROL... NOT!!! Why is this Pastor allowed to do this?!? He should be in jail by now.

  54. Brennan Kline

    So Trump had him fired because they couldnt trust him for trying to save his sailors? Crozier was making him look “weak” by exposing his lack of fucking balls

  55. The Bruce Channel

    What is the racial aspect of this story?

  56. Bobby Nelson

    It National Piss in a Democrat Face day. !!

  57. Titus Funk

    To me, the word "however" has never sounded so fatal.

  58. Ahmet AddV1CE Gürkan


  59. Adam Combs

    I see both sides. Said situation. Lord help us.

  60. Mericanmuskles 420

    Black people: white privilege protects white people! This video: MHM and u said

  61. Ahmet AddV1CE Gürkan


  62. justme2222dj

    Why america so slow?

  63. Brandon Christopher

    Does anyone need more proof that religion is stupid lol

  64. tauseef ahmed

    Fucking Stupid Guy Wannabe Hero In Audience.

  65. jessica bailey

    He wrote a letter. Good for him. Maybe all those in charge, those in a position of leadership need to start writing [email protected]#$ing letters, so that nothing that they intend to say can be misconstrued or deconstructed to fit someone else's agenda. A letter will serve to prove his thoughts and own words, rather than a telephone call that others could then say never happened, was worded differently, or debate his intentions.

  66. JRR31984

    As you all help and or appease don's supporters (NOW).

  67. Sean Shrestha

    It's painful to see that America is losing its soft power around the world since Trump entered the White House.

  68. Daten Schutz

    Coordination? In Bangkok (!) the US stole, sorry "confiscated" the US 200,000 in China produced and payed masks for the Berlin police. So, don't tell me about the "role". America is only stealing in this time. And mostly from so called allies. Ask Iraqis about their oil...

  69. Steve Barbro

    Any body chosen by Trump is already 180 degrees wrong. How cold-blooded!

  70. Da_Most_Shady

    Good. Let them wipe each other out. The less religious people the better this planet will be.

  71. Jim Scott

    It's fascinating to hear a man who believes in fairy tales claim to "believe the science."

  72. Ricky Hernandez


  73. Centrist Philosopher

    Strange Obama would have given advice given that Brown got into office first.

  74. Mark Bailey

    We the people of this country need to take the country out of Trump hand, to hell with impeachment he should not be able to be the commander and chief

  75. Mark Miller

    China can not ever be trusted ! They are playing the long game to run and control the entire world

  76. Linda Negrone

    I hope TRUMP herd you. If not TRUMP then the other powers need to over ride him. Lets put a serious plan for Americans not popularity and lining pockets. Carma is a mean witch... She will come for you...

  77. james burne

    Thank God for Donald Trump!

  78. LeeAnne Doumont

    She can be loosed enough to confirm sex. This is her husband after all, not some random

  79. anna manning

    "Wherever I am God is" there's a quote to think of today. I wonder if this Minister isn't War Pro collection plate than pro-life

  80. Magdalis Almodovar

    This an idiot that can't do anything but play the blaming game .so why if the shelves were empty, couldn't he fill them he had three years. 45 has convinced himself that his own lies are real. All he's done is drain the treasury, play golf,visit foreign countries, BS and in his best lie to this country over and over again. Hes Incompetent, unfit, untrustworthy and unpresidential. We can't fix stupid but you can vote him out in November. A real leader is needed that would put the people first no matter what, lives do matters, unfortunately not for this evil 45.

  81. S955US84

    Why wouldn't Chris Cuomo opt to use the Hydroxychloroquine + Z-Pak (azithromycin). + Zinc combination that has been effective for virtually everyone who has used it?

  82. Jasvir Parmar

    Caption is a Hero. Washington sucks

  83. Byron Allen

    The USA has the lowest death rate in the world which is the parameter I use to see how we are managing the crisis. Second: We have learned so much that we will be able to open business and be careful to distance, wash and isolate cases. Plus, drugs, anti-bodies, and a vaccine will be developed. One thing we have learned in the past 3 years is never to partake in Globalism. It lets other threaten you with embargoes , blockage of supplies and other items not beneficial to the US. Globalism is a terrible idea and Fareed is back pushing it. He just doesn't get it and would recommend policies to damage the USA and cost us jobs. Having been damaged severely by globalism, we are not making that mistake again.

  84. Deeanna Coy

    I wouldn't believe him if he said his hair was on fire and he said MY HAIR IS ON FIRE.

  85. Will Douglas

    Being gay is 100% a choice

  86. Jakobi_G

    He actually looks a little thinner in the face.

  87. Albert Hoogendoorn

    Jake I have bad news ,there was not a plan . He did not have a plan ,only to seek triumph in the western world how smart he is. Well we found out ,he is a danger to his own people . He destroyed the country. He thinks at the money he is losing and he do not care if a lots of people died. . Well Mr trump I can tell you the whole world including CHINA AND RUSSIA and don,t forget your little rocket man are feeling sorry for you ,the way you act and represent the free western world. You would help China and other countries with product to protect your health workers and quess what ,you are not able to pull up your own pants. Sad. very sad for America and their people.

  88. Bruce Collis

    His only plan is to seek re election so he can continue gas lighting the American public with loads and loads of bullshit on a daily basis. Then he can continue stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. I feel that he is at least a social path. Just look at how depressed and angry he gets every time he has to do something nice to the middle class and poor. He just doesn't have that same sparkle in his eye as when he's awarding and profiting on the rich. Notice how he is never wrong? Narcissists never apologize because they are never wrong. I feel he is mentally impaired to be President and so do all competent psychologists from what I have heard.

  89. Martin Bouvier

    Fill the place up and lock the doors!

  90. Ed L

    Trump administration to silence anyone that makes him look bad.

  91. eyeh8 ignants


  92. Jason Fisher

    A perfect storm that our emergency personnel are caught in.......No good sir that we are all caught in, thanks to the great efforts of our orange colored POTUS.........

  93. Eskay1206

    maybe....if you tell him how great he is, and beg, his ego will let him help, Fuck that, DO YOUR JOB

  94. james hill

    I bet there's more to this captain's removal than a letter. I wanna know how many IG complaints he had while he was on the Roosevelt or how his command climate surveys look.

  95. Jeff B

    I think people are overlooking a problem that I see all the time. I think some (many?) people don't know what the word "asymptomatic" means. Lots of times people see or hear words they don't know, so they ignore what they hear and move on, maybe because they're too embarrassed to ask. In these times we have to pay attention. Be careful assuming people know what you're talking about.

  96. Ladosha Wright

    How can it be "sad" to have a computer 🥴 talking about ungrateful

  97. V W WILSON

    he doesn't have a plan and you know it, he conned his way into this job and now he's exposed, he's in over his head, he been conning the people but he can't con the virus or he'll pay the ultimate price.

  98. Artemas Ward

    Mr Esper, if there is a hell, you will go there.

  99. David tinch

    Any government official who speaks out against this administration will be fired. It's a patern a blind man could see!

  100. kathy aronson

    Does he have a plan if not then shut up and get out of the way and let the adults take over.