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  1. Natcho Verduzco

    My name is Jessica

  2. Ed

    PG version??? Please do an R version

  3. Aubreigh Broockerd

    omg i had no fricken idea yall were from MISSOURI AHHHHHHH

  4. Angelica Ortega

    Mommy never buys them🥺💕

  5. Benjamin Toscano


  6. Giselle Del Rio

    Yes you should do a twin challenge with another set of twins

  7. tashajsbrown11

    Roni says: I want barbq sauce with my starburst! Then Veronica says : well I want you to know that I love you

  8. Abby •aesthetics•

    Sam: may I just get a whopper Worker:???? Can u repeat that Sam: A Whopper Worker: one more time please Sam: -tones her voice a little bit- A Whopper Worker: ok ma’am don’t give me that sass

  9. Lylle Morente

    Guys i live in the Philippines

  10. Tracy Rosales

    Dude can we appreciate the person who did captions though...when it went whisper it said whisper :| and on m I l l I o n when y’all spelled they actually spelled it out

  11. katie palmquist

    i ship them (roni aron) (nessa alex)

  12. Liliany Loya

    Love you

  13. Ebraheem Al Juboori

    vannasa a guy named daniel go to his channel called daniel

  14. Jailyn Gamer

    Vanessa Daniel from the spy ninjan like you to vanessa

  15. Katie Heard

    Ok but how does roni get her ponytail so snatched?!?

  16. Nirali Patel

    Brooklyn and Bailey!!

  17. La nena 2007

    13:49 what flavor is this? They say. It’s a candle, it’s smell not taste

  18. Jessica Appolon

    What are my feet rated

  19. Jessica Appolon

    Thrift store and forever 21 are good

  20. Jessica Appolon

    Why is kian there

  21. Josie Rondeau

    i think that Rebecca will win GO REBECCA!

  22. Hannah Thornell

    I can only listen to their high pitch frequency of a voice for 5 minutes max.

  23. Ivy Vatnsdal

    Hi I love watching your videos ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💞💕💗💖💘❣️

  24. Ressica Gajmer Kami

    Were almost the same height or the same idk

  25. Leslie Umana

    Haha 😆 my face unlocks your phone but Roni’s holding an iPhone seven

  26. KKs’ Corner!!

    You guys are sooo good at singing !!!!

  27. Charlene Womack

    I PLAY The WII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤨🤨😠

  28. Cora Peck

    Do the Twin Telepathy with the Dolan Twins

  29. Jaymee Ordonez-Capili

    I love the intro

  30. ima_ stranger

    14:53 don't mind me, I'm just busy replaying this and lmao cause it seems funny

  31. Kayla Cruz

    hi roni and nessa love u guys

  32. Gabby Rose

    i kind of like AA rock 😂

  33. Jaylee Agnew

    0:02 come on you know that you love that face

  34. Ethan Allen

    Are you the the bad cop

  35. Addie Chiu

    I still play Wii 😳

  36. Chasity Kuhn

    I love your videos so much Like if you do too

  37. Kristi Mcquillan

    Hi 👋

    1. Kristi Mcquillan

      I love you Kiera you are the best people

  38. Lea Vlogz

    anyone notice at 7:08 when aaron said “this looks really good!” the waiter said “it’s not”

  39. Alina Darjee

    If I could meet you I would promise I would tell you guys apart I'm not gonna love live but I can't because my parents are not gonna lie but when I go when I get older I'm gonna see you guys and I'm gonna tell you guys apart cause yeah Sometimes veronica always wearing but not always but not ours but not a lot a time so I can tell you guys apart

  40. Hilary Chan

    I like Ronnie’s better

  41. Alina Darjee

    Yes 👍I will Thomas I I will not lie I can tell you guys apart

  42. Carolina P

    I'm loving the cute little editing details that ou guys are adding!

  43. Zoey Perez

    No one: Absolutely no one: Roni and nessa: PU!!!

  44. Aisha Dolley


  45. Hi Sister #JamesCharles

    At least the bear keeps u safe

  46. Christa Faber

    These are more like my family members rather than my friends

  47. Ursula Pisarski

    I always play the wii

  48. Dorina Olah

    you guys just sceam too much

  49. Deep hug

    Nessa’s enthusiasm “o my god!!” makes me laugh so much 😂

  50. Aubrey Bergamini

    yay Nessa

  51. Omg it’s Jazzy

    God* let me see...hmmmm which youtuber would go good with Roni and nessa! *gasp* ALEX+NESSA AND RONI+AARON

  52. Aliyah Patten

    Vanessa sounds like Rosanna...

  53. Harraj Kaur

    I actually thought that the advertisement was like something else but instead it was your advertisement

  54. Izzy Land

    please do more of coffee talk!

  55. Haley Connor

    Get started

  56. LuLu H

    I watched this after school and it made my day so much better ❤️ thank you

  57. Smear

    next time you guys do the weird food combos try SPRITE AND MILK i thought it was nasty til my friend convinced me, not terrible

    1. Deep hug

      I still play Wii

  58. Kearsley rizz Martinez

    omg how can you do that I love twins

  59. Stacia Balog

    You should try Nutella and rice 🍚 I haven’t try’d it but...

  60. Olivia Pacheco

    Roni is putting the jalapeños in and Nessa is like “all the cookies floated to the top

  61. Tess and Sofia Equestrian

    60 % is passing

  62. Lexi Marie

    I cringed whenever you put so much butter on your bread

  63. Jessica Ib

    plz collab with the Dolan twins

  64. אלעד שיטנברג

    On the next videos they're gonna be like " Hey guys we're Vernossica!"

  65. Habxx 04

    Do it with the Dolan twins

  66. Lansi kiss

    I wish u girls subsribed me because my dream is u girls subcribed me

  67. Grizzly Bear

    Do it with Brooklyn and Bailey

  68. Natasha Tarry

    rybka twins

  69. David Mitchell

    Wow I got the answer to who's older and how many minutes apart

  70. Sara Niculai

    Friend me pls and Starsara346

  71. Zen Hussain

    I love your videos 😍

  72. Caoímhe Bond

    You can see you license plate at the start of the video

  73. miracle smith

    5:00 i play it still

  74. Elsy Bells

    Veronica clearly lost

  75. laney Dirkman

    I love you guys

  76. MKfun Adventures

    Wait whoo is the owl

  77. Jamesybobss games

    Spy ninja Daniel has a crush on Vanessa

  78. Sara Hanna

    why are you not watching the video?

  79. Nkoyo utin


  80. Rawan Elkshek

    Ly guys can you do another one pls

  81. Jeremy Plymale

    OMG omg omg I did not know they were from MO I live there!!

  82. Mark Chavez

    Pugs not drugs people.

  83. Mark Chavez

    Oreo is the best

  84. Katie Johnson


  85. echo echo

    Hi Nessa,Daniel from CWC has a lil crushieeee on u!!!

  86. Cookie nutty s’mores Does gotcha!

    I agree Vanessa is really funny but don’t worry Veronica you’re really funny too and remember you’re beautiful just the way you are!!!

  87. AdoptiveShoe

    Everyone knows that Mario kart Wii is the best Nintendo game ever

  88. Elle Fryer

    “ I’m going to be looking for a mermaid and catching” 😂😂

  89. Elle Fryer

    10:43 and 16:04 ur welcome

  90. Lexie H

    Seeing y'all smile instantly made me happier

  91. Althea Jade Bueno

    I love Vanessa

  92. leimana nuuanu

    You guys should do different vehicles next time lol

  93. Amaris D.

    I loooove this video! Iv'e watched like 20 times already! So cute!

  94. sofía Petko