24kGoldn Plays What's In My Phone

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    24kGoldn Plays What's In My Phone
    24kGoldn stops by Flighthouse to show us the scandalous things in his browser. Watch for behind the scenes footage of the "Valentino" music video and to hear all of Goldn's wild business ideas.
    If you steal them, he will find you.
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    1. Стефан Скробански

      His laugh

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    3. Farisha Adriana

      Love him❤️❤️

    4. Isaac laMere

      Hello flight house I love your vids I wish I could meet you one day

    5. immu -

      6th comment

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    7. TikTokTunes

      he's highkey wholesome I wanna be friends with im

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    9. Kate Maynard

      3rd comment! Also, yall should make your videos longer

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