24kGoldn Reacts To "VALENTINO" Fan Videos

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    24kGoldn Reacts To "VALENTINO" Fan Videos
    24kGoldn stopped by to watch fan videos to his song, "Valentino," and for some reason there is LOTS OF FOAM.
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    1. LordRee


    2. United We Stand

      This guy is pure cringe

    3. Natalie Manzur

      he’s so cute istg ;((((

    4. wishing

      he has like the hand gesture similar of a kpop group would at the beginning of the video

    5. Nobody.

      Wow barely any comments 💀

    6. Calen

      no Aviva? 😞

    7. irene c

      yess!I also cant believe so little comments

    8. irene c

      OMG Yass i love your music!

    9. Wawa Bear

      Only 8 comments 9 with this one but I thought they’d play aviva

    10. Skye Fernandez lora

      I thought there would be more comments though

    11. Kayla Bierei

      I wanna be his friend

    12. P o t a t o

      i thought there would already be like 1.55K comments but there's only 5 comments (6 with this one)

    13. Christine Wathen


    14. Chloe Naidu


    15. ZXY _official

      1st comment

    16. T-H-I-A


    17. Bubblegum_ Kitty7

      Tell him I said hi xD