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    Today, Mythical Chef Josh creates the fancified version of the KFC Famous Bowl with the help of Mike Pasley, the Mythical Art Director. Check it out on this episode of Fancy Fast Food! FY #008
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    1. Eathan Sampson

      “Like Tikashi 69” 😂😂😂

    2. Peyton Harden

      Netflix: are you still watching. Someone’s daughter: 14:37

    3. d23freak91

      Am I the only one sad that Josh hasn't seen Raiders?

    4. Radioactive Falcon Entertainment

      Everyone should have a Josh in their life.

    5. Akuma Velinov

      How the heck does it only cost $6.62?? Its like almost 5 dollars for the bowl alone here ;-;

    6. Rev Beau

      3$ for a bowl, He calls it cheap, I call it unreasonably expensive

    7. junkjouster

      I miss the hanky now!

    8. Roboboit


    9. Adri Davis

      Everything Josh does makes me die of Laughter. I cannot sometimes 😂😂😂

    10. Dracon Uchiha

      So, I got an ad with Gordon Ramsay before watching this, and I was wondering, what do you think he'd think about this?

    11. Celeste Greene

      “I think it was on vine first” incredible

    12. Jeneric Bjacobsen

      They tried SO HARD with the updog joke. Mad respect.

    13. Johnathan McConnell

      7:50 no but i have used it on birds????

    14. •w• :3

      Josh is gay?(:v)

    15. NagleBagle

      I want at least 5 more videos with that chef. Hahah.

    16. Shane Burdick

      I finally learned what deglazing is. Lol

    17. Gigi Roelant

      I love how Josh interacts with big shot culinary people. They always seem so down to be silly with him. It takes away from the elitist stereotype. And it is fun to watch.

    18. Johnny Mars

      I'm proud of you Josh for pronouncing Appalachia correctly.

    19. Jadden

      Popeyes is better

    20. vee Stayshigh

      David Spade?!

    21. crab rangoonz

      truly shocked that the fancy chef has never had peanut butter and jelly before. maybe it's a socioeconomic thing?

    22. Eli Morales

      Keep them coming! Josh is a genius!

    23. Ta aD


    24. Padfoot Montgomery

      Please make the perfect pizza recipe from the ninja turtles , just cheese pizza tho nothing fancy ! Just perfect droop and and over all cartoon pizza look ! I dare you

    25. StayGold702

      The bird was cut before that dude was cutting it

    26. Sariah Coffin

      For the first minute or so I thought it was David Spade showing them how to make delicious mashed potatoes. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't.

    27. Rachel Pinto

      finkle and einhorn reference 🙌 I knew I loved you guys lol 😂

    28. Javier Rodriguez

      6 minutes even, that chef just pisseded one you losereses

    29. Justin Likewise

      A complete 360 would put you right where you were at the start.. wow. The guy with the glasses is obviously the dumb stoner. Looking at him just makes me want to punch him.

    30. Lauran Stump

      I would love to see balut featured as a food fear.

    31. Marty Mcmichael jr

      Bro is that guy David spade😂

    32. 1234 5678

      A whole 360 so you are the exact same. Yes I know but I still had to say it.

    33. Abby Olson

      Most endearing mythical video I have ever seen. Best of luck to the duo that goes on a double date with these guys, but also totally jealous!

    34. Ryan Pippin

      This Mythical Kitchen episode is brought to you by Milwaukee MX Fuel

    35. PB PSSDN

      I dont know why, but i feel like this whole episode is a reference to gamegrumps

    36. Henabee’s NYC

      More mike.

    37. AJ D

      Is it just me or does Chef Fraser look like David Spade in disguise??

    38. Caleb Newton

      That's demolishan man

    39. Candace Abler

      This on hit my funny bone in a way that none of the other episodes of this have before.

    40. Torie Moore

      He felt his hand down the front of his apron 👀

    41. Danjimaru

      at 6:47 you say Gruyère de Comté is french cheese? I beg your pardon, Gruyère is Swiss cheese, it's named after the town which is located in Switzerland.

    42. TNTspaz

      Kfc and taco bell are really cheap everywhere. I think I'm always surprised by the price when I eat there. The food at kfc is actually great with taco bell kind of being up in the air if its gonna be good or not.

    43. Joanne Jennings

      Holy grouse! What the happy hell happened here today!?! I dunno; but I liked it!🏇

    44. N D

      I need to see Babish cook with Josh just see all that sexual tension. It's like that pottery scene from Ghost, but with food and with two men that may or may not want to see each other naked, for science.

    45. Trimko

      Josh is such a cute nerd ♡

    46. Tasty Paste

      mike is my new favourite guest

    47. Will Rannikko

      What’s “Updog”?

    48. Jimmy Jive

      Chef Neal looks like a chubby David Spade!

    49. Anna Villaneda

      DEAR MIKE, thank you for getting me to look up "choppin' broccoli" sincerely, me

    50. Glass Dragon

      Chef jargon is fun.

    51. Dasha Darrkness


    52. Muhammad Smith

      the "apple ashen" mountains

    53. Dani Henegan

      Kony 2012 famous? Kind of a weird comparison 🙄🤨

    54. Sneaky1210 •

      The episode with the most mess so far and yet no plug for the Mythical Kitchen Towel

    55. Gourab Deb

      Joy Maa Kali

    56. Evadooker

      mike is great!

    57. Erin Brown

      this is the chaos i live for

    58. Dr House

      Did they speak simlish during that bro hug????? What was that.......

    59. Chad Lew

      welp, that is definitely not Dan Souza

    60. Willy Wampa

      Better bromance than Rhett and Link