Asher Angel | 5 Second Songs

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    Asher Angel | 5 Second Songs
    Asher Angel stopped by to play 5 Second Songs, singing "Love Lies," "Yummy" and his new single, "Chills," now out on all platforms!
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    1. Rocco The Pup

      He is off the film SHAZAM I thought he was it's nick bean but a younger version at first.

    2. XxSamlovescookies :3

      Ur so good at singing When I sing I sound like a dying radio 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    3. Yalguun Batbaatar

      It's the Shazam?

      1. Tricia Fradrick


    4. Kk Around

      He's so cringe

      1. Tricia Fradrick

        His audience is so young. Like all his fans hahaha But yeah i personally don't think he's cringey imo

      2. t a s y o t

        don't watch then

    5. Melissa Papa

      Hello!! Excuse me, please which is the name of this song? : " " Thank you very much!!!😄

    6. Adelaida Vazquez

      He sing to my favorite song

    7. LaLa _ lish0

      A ILove you asher Angel

    8. Ezequiel Enriquez

      Mi nombre es Keyla Enriquez 😍😘 soy de ARGENTINA

    9. Papa Gaspard

      A love you Asher Angel 😘😍😻🥰🤩

    10. Kleine Watch


      1. Ezequiel Enriquez

        Hello . Argentina

    11. Jillian Kalema

      He said Asher angel wow that kid sounds ugly and weird hehehe 😂 it’s about himself

      1. Ie va

        @Jillian Kalema nah he didn't

      2. Jillian Kalema

        Actually he did I say he was ugly

      3. Ie va

        @Jillian Kalema no he said "wonder who that kid is, weirdo '' he never called himself ugly

      4. Jillian Kalema

        No Asher said that about himself

      5. Amirah Khatun

        Thats being mean

    12. Genard Blair


    13. Sudenaz Karakuş

      this video is amazing!!!😍

    14. Alba Echeverria


    15. sassycorns xoxo

      Ashannie ❤️💖❤️💕💕💕

    16. PokerPoker UwU

      21th UvU

    17. Kayla Bierei

      I love his new song, Chills! So good

    18. Karokul Er best

      Love you so much

    19. Farida Ahmed

      First ❤️🥰

    20. Mayline Auge

      Je suis la première c’est le best

      1. ItS CoRonA tiMe


    21. Jack Bird


    22. Holly And horses