Attending a Pyramid Scheme seminar



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    1. Mohamad Ismail

      Cool man

    2. RhashidMontana

      #Forex #Whyarentyoutradingyet

    3. Ser Davos Seaworth

      "You don't get rich by going to college" "You get getting rich". Hypeman (Clapping) : "tHaT MaKEs sO mUCh sEnSE"

    4. Arena Wift

      I believe that I am going home

    5. Dont Talk To Me

      So where can i buy this program?

    6. O.G. Rumi


    7. Kenneth Jackson

      He finally went to see what Deondre was talkin bout 2 years ago

    8. 69SalterStreet

      I get invited to too many of these. 😭

    9. Ashley Hughes

      Man lbg never fails to make me laugh!!!

    10. Curtis Harvey

      "I have 6 Teslas...I have a house in every country " straight cap I tell ya

    11. MARINES Nov 10th 1775

      Long Beach is talking reality he is a millionaire

    12. Tru Carter

      That step 3 though

    13. Matt Rivera

      Eat, Sleep, Rich!!

    14. Charr2910

      See how I made 10,000 dollars in one day following this method. Buy my book and see how. Book: *$10,000*

    15. Zeren

      Just popped in to give you that millionth view.

    16. Innocent Jiyane

      I'm all for Step No.3, like I'm bout to buy his program for $7000!

    17. Young Priest


    18. Daily Moments

      The dislikes is the leader of the pyramid scheme🤣😂😂

    19. iSPYredEYE

      I'm buying his program RIGHT TF NOW!!! Rich rich richy rich Roddy Rich. Me rich next. Plot twist: Rich

    20. S.F Nouri

      I love this why is this so true

    21. Michael Watson

      Literally next video all the adds were of pyramid schemes....... Dude youtube commercial generator needs to learn satire.. 😆 thinking im interested in pyramid schemes.

    22. jmsolano0516

      Bruh they be on instagram repeating the SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN

    23. chewymoviereviews

      I am a M I L L I O N A I R E

    24. joshua Leonard


    25. KONATE Yssouf

      You the best 🔥🤣🤣🤣

    26. Slender

      Them seminars be bs talmbout “come to our free seminar and we’ll teach you...”. Then they spend the entire hour or 2 talking about themselves and being very unspecified and vague to then up sell you on the shit you thought you were going to get today

    27. Slender

      “I used to be just like you sitting in that seat there”

    28. Frethixツ

      Damn that nigga be flexin wit his money and cars and his house on *EVERY* *SINGLE* *COUNTRY*

    29. Norma Stanley

      BS -- sure fella ! How many years did you do in prison?

    30. CHENGIS

      YOU GET RICH..... by buying our Amazon affiliate training program

    31. Jimmy Martinez


    32. Basiic Verdigo

      That makes so much SENSE!! 😂

    33. Simamkele Nongwe

      Yes they be like that

    34. Godfather9814

      This is so accurate that people who start pyramid schemes know what to say FROM Griffy’s videos!

    35. FelineFokus

      Lmao *#Amway* *FinancialFreedom* I swear it be just like that. You be looking around trying 2 find somebody 2 connect wit looking just as puzzled as you but nope every single body in the room be fully engaged and desperately buying into the bs 😂😂

    36. akjk boss

      daquan Wiltshire and him should do video together like it would be so fucking funny

    37. akjk boss

      Logan Paul be like:

    38. ChrisYoungGunn

      Step 1: get money Step 2: repeat step 1

    39. Shawtra Mosely

      LOL I bet this is Jake Paul's new program!

    40. GSMillion

      Step 3 translation: by any means necessary

    41. John Brown

      How do I sign up for this class??

    42. ellow maboiii

      This reminds me of the wolf of Wall Street 😂😂🤣

    43. Icey4x

      "eat, sleep, rich" I'm done lmaoo

    44. Easter Hatcher

      That makes so much sense!!!!

    45. Metal Cooler

      Bruh im dying Take my sub and notification

    46. Soulz

      Did he mention that he was a millionaire?

    47. CrimsonSkorpio

      Step three: ........................... Step four!

    48. Asa Sayles

      Why am I getting notifications for this again?

    49. Kat-Gacha :3

      I'll do it for him... *I'm going home... I'm going... Home*

    50. Insanity inc.

      Which one 🔘Caleb city Or 🔘Long Beach Like if beach comment for Caleb

      1. Insanity inc.

        @Chojii TV agreed because his vids r longer

      2. Chojii TV

        Insanity inc. caleb

    51. Senan Kpekpede

      TedTalk in crisis

    52. Unskillful Artist

      This man whipped out the HyperX Cloud Stinger lmaoooo

    53. Christopher Vassell

      Friend: “This speech gets me pumped every time!” Other member: “Heck yeah brother!”

    54. Oforkansi Stanley

      Step 3

    55. BeTheChange Tara

      THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    56. Hey It's Me

      Ha Ha Ha...

    57. sukhjit singh reehal

      when he said ,” I’m a millionaire.” I *_did not_* felt that.

    58. ONEH3X

      yo step 3 changed my life man

    59. BS Detector

      Buy Bitcoin

    60. Puppet Master

      I am a millionaire