The Bramfam

The Bramfam

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    1. Mary Anthony

      Wow comments

    2. Duhstyrose Channel

      Did she say Lake Wales:0

    3. Angelica Castillo

      Why is there still a comment section

    4. xioimara morales

      Felicidades Mimi por tu casa, tu hija y tu hierno estan poniendo las cosas bonitas para tu dream house. Dios te bendiga 🤗😘💚💙

    5. Belynda Martinez

      I love Mimi's fashion sense💗✨

    6. Corpus 150

      I love Mimi she the best

    7. Maria Martinez

      Luis looks like a modern pablo Escobar when you're showing your house at the end lmao 🤣

    8. Malu R

      In the beginning of the video you looked so much like Penelope like I could see your face in hers

    9. BonJourLaurennn

      "I'm very proud of you, how'd you learn?" my heart

    10. The Unicorn

      Yo luis looks like hitler 😂 ly guys ❤

    11. Mirian Silva


    12. Exlyn Roblox

      ayyy the comments are hear i love you p and bramty and Lewis and just saying u guys are the most iconic couple love you guys

    13. Sheruthless 4

      Tears of joy 😘👑

    14. Lesly Montenegro

      I LOVE MIMI 😂❤️

    15. •izzy• •ham•

      Why is mimi soooo gorgeous 😻😻

    16. Angie Kaur

      Why r u rude to Luis

    17. Erica Sanders

      Your familia is everything!!! you guys are fun, caring, wild, funny, loving, smart, real af! Wish you guys so many more blessings!!!!!!

    18. Alondra Zamarripa

      I love your moms vibe 😫😫

    19. Cindy M.

      Your mom's a hoot! She seems like she's alot of fun... The wig?...girl bye!

    20. Yadi Morales

      Omg I knew your mom looked familiar. I’m from Naples too. What an amazing thing you are doing for your mom.

    21. Yesenia Sandoval

      your mom is so funny. I Love you Bramfam Sarahi sandoval

    22. Regina Ramirez


    23. Regina Ramirez


      1. Regina Ramirez

        Babe you're in the music right kami is sleeping but she won't woke up

    24. laura cortez

      Luis with mustache looks like he could be Pablo Escobar nephew lol

    25. laura cortez

      Luis with mustache looks like he could be Pablo Escobar nephew lol

    26. laura cortez

      Luis with mustache looks like he could be Pablo Escobar nephew lol

    27. NaksPizza

      Ugh Mimi is a blessing. She's so honest, friendly, understanding, funny, supportive and so many more beautiful qualities that no 20 min video can sum up. Take care of her Bramfam!

    28. Jennifer Consuegra

      💗💗 love this video

    29. Estela Rodriguez

      Now you guys have to tell us your secrect! I want to buy my mom a house too.

    30. liliana

      i love mimi 🥺

    31. Pina

      Taking all the candies and pens 🤣

    32. Stacy Fields

      Her taking all the candy is my mom and myself! Lol

    33. cher buck

      Hair looks adorable

    34. Elizabeth E


    35. Vanessaaa aa

      God bless you 🙏🏼 your family is so beautiful

    36. Kayyy 310

      Love how Louis is sooooo sure of himself & damn sure his wife won’t be talking to anyone else. When dude makes conversation to Brampty.. he right away says he knows he has nothing to worry about, awesome that he’s not trippin ... THATS A REAL MAN 👑... to Brampty : never stop loving your man, always keep the jokes, and ALWAYS make him feel like he’s YOUR KING❤️

    37. areyouondrugs?!

      bramty is such a mood “idk my vibe... i’m hungry”

    38. Maria A

      The daughter and mom look very Arab . They do not look white european Spanish or even native Americans mestizo

    39. Kourtney Tacan

      Hi..My mom is my neighbor right next door lol

    40. Nadine Roman

      Bram fam you are amazing for doing this for Mimi she does so much for your fam by helping out with your children and also being so supportive with everything you all do ❤️

    41. Veronica Sanchez

      I would start with replacing the fire alarm battery🤦 Can't wait to see the completion of your new home... Congratulations!!

    42. Andrea Boyd

      Ok I heard bramty was an awful person rude to workers n waiters and anyone she comes in contact with!!! Sorry if that's not true bramty just EVERYONE says acts better than EVERYONE ELSE

    43. Daianna Belmontes


    44. Joann Valenzuela

      When y’all were taking the candy and stuff lol

    45. Cosvi Mendoza


    46. kath

      Wait I’m new so I’m confused they post videos in a different house is it bc they’re living at their old house meanwhile the remodel the new one?

    47. M M

      So happy for your mom!

    48. Beauty Infullbeastmode

      I'm so happy for your mom.. May she be blessed with so many memories in her new home. 🕊 ✝ God bless you all!!

    49. Amaya The Kitten Lady

      Omg bramty looks better then the kardashions

    50. Tiffanyy Peña

      “That means tonight we’re making the baby?”😭😭

    51. Jada Garcia

      My coments are working

    52. kaylee s-ward

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1002">16:42</a> wow she she really thought of that too much

    53. Lindsey Pi’ilani Bates

      Mom goals 😬

    54. Bessie bestie

      Hey guys it's a bram new day have a great day

    55. Alissa Bova

      Ur natural hair is so pretty

    56. Maryam Haque

      i wish i can do that for my mom one day. love you guys!!

    57. Anna Noade

      12345678910 12345678910 12345678910 12345678910 12345678910 12345678910 12345678910 12345678910 12345678910 12345678910

    58. adriana vera

      Them taking everything and putting it in their bags is ME!!!

    59. alisha mahmood

      The most genuine IRsel family vloggers I’ve seen, don’t change

    60. Leslie Ruiz

      Lmao not that I like little kids or anything 😂😂😂

    61. Hailey Romero

      "I'm like pokemon... evolving" - bramty

    62. Ali’s Vlogs

      bramty looks so cute during the whole vlog

    63. Yvonne Gonzalez

      Penelope and balcome have the same head shape

    64. iram

      “ daddy yankee go away “ LMAOO

    65. To Fake To Be My Friend

      Your mom she so funny

    66. Samantha Conde

      What do you use for your waist training?😱😱

    67. Ashley World

      I have the rainbow pen to

    68. ameera

      okay but bramtys hair😍😍 oh woah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a> and her eyes😍😍 m’aaa is it just me or does luis look like luigi with his moustache😂😭

    69. ashley delafuente

      not to be mean but is that the moon stone from the vampire diaries in mimis neck😂

    70. Naomi Plata

      I want to see a makeover for Mimi’s house.😃🤠✌🏻😃🙃

    71. Mitzel RD

      Levy trying to steal the phone from Balcóm has me cracking up 🤣🤣🤣💕

    72. Gacha Xoxo

      Love u guyssss!



    74. Sky

      I love Mimi lmao she’s so funny and serious and emotional at the same time

    75. Jacqueline Del Angel

      You look so beautiful with your hair up 😍bramtyyy 😍❣️

    76. Boss Lady

      Kid friendly~

    77. jess bias

      Did not no you was married to Mario 😂😂😂😂 so where is this Luigi then 🤣😂 and

    78. Elena Way

      She deserves it great mom

    79. Lilliana Garcia

      Luis looks old with a mustache no mustache té miras youngerrr

    80. EgLy512 ml

      She’s such a good mom ngl I cried