Building a skinny “snake tongue” bridge for mountain bikes

Seth's Bike Hacks

Seth's Bike Hacks

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    Today, we revisit "Snake Pit" trail, and make an alternate "intermediate" line. The main difference is, our intermediate line does not contain a gap jump. Brian and Alexander join me in this one! Check out their channels below
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    That drill winch
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    1. Matt Rubino

      You should continue the trail after the driveway jump

    2. tew tadle

      The noise, the gas, and the spark plugs are all part of the fun

    3. edgars lipsts


    4. Sam Wheeler

      How long are the planks on the skinny?

    5. Garrett's Apple and N U T Crumble

      Im not a mountain biker or even cyclist by any stretch of the definition. Though, this channel and a few similar channels got me hyped, so I picked up a neat little electric for cruising my city!

    6. Meneer de Bas

      Can I find the map of the whole trail somewhere online?

    7. Adam Cebulski

      You should extend the trail after the drive way gap

    8. Brucey

      He decided a left turn was too dodgy so he makes a right turn

    9. catguru10

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> shoulda used a snatch block

    10. bohdilama

      You guys and your left turns everywhere. This would be a nightmare for me.

    11. Gary Nelson

      I told u so

    12. Camden Schou

      I wish I could go there and ride on all the trails

    13. threeballbanger

      and my trails in my hometown, we had a tree ride with no planks and then someone put a metal mesh screen on it to help with traction because it was mossy and slick.

    14. Matt Lane

      I would absolutely love to see snakepit turn into a maze of skinny's.

    15. Ben Suzuki

      Those thin ones scare me

    16. RIOT ZENZY

      I’m new. Is burm peak public? Probably not.

      1. joe orriss

        RIOT ZENZY no it’s private but who know it may be public one day

    17. MrBossGaming

      Seth is like the mtb version of trey jones

    18. Aiden

      You should make a drop like the one at your old house

    19. Miles Shields

      i love watching these vids

    20. Christina Zuccaro

      you should make a berm peak fail vid

    21. SuicidelG

      Isn't the point of a skinny to be skinny and challenging? You're making it wider seems to defeat the purpose

    22. GAMER Style

      Seth how OLD are youuu???

    23. Jbeast 701


    24. Uriel Valles

      Are yall made of steel?

    25. Rajan Reddy

      Hi people that are reading the comments. I’m kinda new to mountain biking. Which video do you suggest I watch?

      1. Luke 922

        Rajan Reddy I would suggest watching the video on Berm Peak Express where Seth upgrades his neighbors mountain bike. He goes over how good that diamondback is for a beginner at a good price. He also goes over some basic and more advanced upgrades in that video.

    26. Raymond Kochanski

      take the top peice and cut it so it fits perfectly in your garage then put it bark side out against a wall so its like a tree

    27. Frank Myers

      It would probibly be more safe if the alternate side was straight instead of to the side.

    28. Cpt Roku

      Is berm peak all around your house

      1. Cpt Roku

        I’m relatively new to your videos

    29. Charley The Chocolate Lab

      Can you make a jump line

    30. Sean Hunt

      it looks so cool wish I could ride it

    31. Tremaine Quinn

      What another amazing video no surprise there. Great Video keeps it up.

    32. Sp3EdStR

      Not sure if it’s possible but a ramp to airgap jump would be pretty darn cool to see

    33. max

      stay biking until your deth becouse if you stop wen your 80 you will gegred it

    34. FrankThe FlyingFrog

      Get the saw ported

    35. Isaac Williams

      How about a step up

    36. That Humorous Elf 22

      Make a dangerous double, a long one so that if you case it you fall into a creek or pile or rocks or something.

    37. Cason Juergens

      His titles seem like a 9 year old wrote them lol

    38. Iron City Rob

      Check out a snatch block... will help tremendously with your winching.

    39. Jeffrey Pillow

      Been watching your channel a while but not sure I've ever commented. Love the content. I BMX so while not MTB, I've been having a blast in the woods riding with my two young kids. Might have to get an MTB in the next year since, as you know, BMX just can't handle some of nature's features.

    40. WJC Mtb

      I built a log ride similar to this on my channel, please check it out

    41. Мирный Воин

      Great job Seth! I would recommend you to do lighting and more accurate line signs on the trail so many people can come and ride it. I mean 10 buks, 3 hours per person. That would pay off and if there would be too many people, you can do way more trails

    42. Nicholas Rauch

      We've gotta get you a Harbor Freight come along.

    43. Pete DiCapua

      chain saw!!!!!!

    44. Iain Law

      I wish I had the space

    45. mx360

      The sketchy build FOLLOWED by the easy option. Now that a first.

    46. Barty Krajewski

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> use a snatch block next time

    47. Chris Taco

      That heavy metal music when the gas chain saw came out, had me 😂

      1. Z3ro Clipz

        Chris Taco me too lol

    48. Faux

      Hey seth i stihl think the gas chainsaw is better manoivorable😉

    49. Jessie Hampton

      You might think about getting a block and tackle pulley to increase the winches pulling power. So you guys don't have to man handle the wood so much.

    50. rea1ity

      why am i watching this i- what has quarantine done to me

    51. ratelslangen

      Why am i even watching this I dont mountainbike.

    52. monke

      what gear ratio do you recommend

    53. silver

      I don’t even ride mountain bikes but i’m slowly becoming addicted to your videos again

    54. Terry Davis

      love how you are using alot of natural lumber and trees in the build, looks great, keep it up

    55. Shelby Frizzelle

      you should cut wood and fill in the gap:D

    56. TJ Hundhausen

      what state is this in?

    57. Gaming Ninja271

      Hey Seth I would love to see a wooden wall ride

    58. Sillyzombie666

      i wish you pulled out all of those dumped logs...could make a good bone fire lol

    59. eioshen boboi

      When moving the log, I recommend you to smarter everyday video about pulley.. It fascinating and maybe it will change your mind

    60. Noam Pitlik

      I find it so bizarre, or as many would say these day, ironic, that people build raised, wooden structures for biking hills. I know they throw you in prison for touching soil these days but....

    61. bcvbb hyui

      Now that you’ve come over from the dark side with that big Stihl you can add a MS250 to your collection for lighter and more precise clean up work 👏

      1. eioshen boboi

        what do you think about some one like me learning to mtb on a 99 dollar walmart special i figure learn on the shit bike so your better when u get to a fancy one

    62. Meep Lol

      Try making a whole beginner trail or a trial that’s not too technical

    63. Nick Gravkin

      " Riders with risk tolerance." Mountain biker don't give a Crap

    64. Hanafi Hustlaah

      I wish this video goes on n on n on!

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Poison ivy would spice these trails up to "first we feast" levels.

    65. afutla qian

      These videos are the only things hanging me over in lockdown

    66. CJ expr

      You should do something after the driveway gap

    67. Itz Actionz

      Hey Seth! I’m 11 and am starting to take an interest into mountain biking! My friend rides bikes on some of his back yard trails. I have some woods behind my house and some tools! It’s slightly downhill and there is a creek in the middle. I’m thinking I could either do just a bridge or go risky and put in a skinny. We have a big dirt pile too so I could make a some jumps and berms and I want it to be my summer project. My point being, you are really inspired me to get into Mountain biking and i love your content

      1. afutla qian

        You need to build a side by side racing trail, that would be epic.

    68. Meredith Armbrust

      SETH: make a flow trail and put in some rollers.

    69. lolhehehe Youtube

      Make them bigger dumb

    70. SVM02

      The transition at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> is smooth af, holyshit

    71. dhermoni

      Dude, you are one tenacious builder, I bet so many people say I want to do what Seth does but 98 percent would stop there. It looks like you are doing quite well fulfilling your ideas and living your dream. Your channel is both fun to watch and a great place to learn about trail building, using your environment and getting ideas. I'm sure "keep it up" is obvious but keep it up, I'm waiting for the next episode on: ta ta ta... Berm peak, the place you want to spend your time during lock down, and probably during normal time as well. 🤘

    72. Snow Yo

      Maybe it's called a "Magic Carpet"? I've seen it at Ray's before; it's like a moving platform you ride on, hit the brakes, then glide to the other side. Hook it up to a pulley, and it resets itself! You'll should do one of those!!!

      1. dolimi jotoo

        You need to make a trail with features after the jump before the driveway across the driveway could make a tecnical or jump trail

    73. Liam Rice

      Can I come ride here

      1. dolimi jotoo

        You and Matt Jones need to meet up after all this is over. You to ride his back yard trails, and him to make a visit to Berm Peak!


      The trail looks badass! Great job man!

      1. bowen voowy

        Trail to carry on the road gap would be cool

    75. Lucas Swaddling

      Non-pro tip: If you use a snatch block with your winch you'd get twice the torque when moving large items like a dead tree

      1. bowen voowy

        id love to see you take on a rock work ramp, or some other rock feature.

    76. Berdine Geldenhuys

      A pump somewhere then shark tale


      what do you think about some one like me learning to mtb on a 99 dollar walmart special i figure learn on the shit bike so your better when u get to a fancy one

    78. Carl Hedemalm

      my dad got a stihl chainsaw and its awesome

    79. bowen voowy

      Poison ivy would spice these trails up to "first we feast" levels.

    80. Enrique Segarra

      Beautiful place man! Love what your doing to the place. Wish I could be your neighbor! 🤣