Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered - Official Trailer

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

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    Relive the exhilarating classic in stunning remastered quality.
    Play alongside Soap, Shepherd, Ghost and other familiar faces once again as you fight back against Vladimir Makarov, the Inner Circle, and other unforeseen foes.
    Download and play now on PS4, or pre-purchase on other platforms today to play April 30th and get instant access to the free UDT Classic Ghost Bundle in Modern Warfare*.
    *Game required, sold/downloaded separately.
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    1. tompoojeff sparta

      can i get a link where i can download it?????

    2. Sahil Prakash

      Actually it is the classic ghost from mw2 is perfect but new ghost mw 2019 is so season 2

    3. The EmeraldDiamondCity

      Can you guys please make Modern Warfare 3 remastered?

    4. Jesus Martinez

      the flag of mexico is missing Game

    5. Sammy Williams

      Iw I collected all the intel on this but did not get the achievement

    6. Jzam

      is this the continuation of the modern warfare reboot? or just the original one, it confuses me so much

    7. Beanz

      Bruh its been a month and K havent seen this

    8. Carlos Random

      I'll be waiting for MW3 Remastered =D

    9. Vishwanath Hundekar

      how much is the campaign's length?

    10. Zoren Girasol

      Remastered your first game plsssss

    11. ShAdOwWoLf Plays|VR

      General sheperd: 'Lets get to work' Me: Hmm i wonder how? My brain: VIRUS ALERT DONT GO

    12. Kai Nguyen

      Give us multiplayer at MW3 remastered please. I rather buy $60 for that product than these lame COD recent years.

    13. Bob Bro

      Anyone here curious to see if Yuri will come behind us in "No Russian"?

    14. UK HJC

      I bought it but I feel bored with no multiplayer

      1. Mlgxd21 Ibarra

        UK HJC yeah I agree with you i didn’t buy the remastered but I did buy the og and played the multiplayer it was my first time playing it and I had so much fun i had way more fun than mw2019 until I got sign out :(

    15. Paweno

      I hope spec ops will come out

    16. Nurdin*

      I only need blackops 1 and 2 remastered and get exclusive skins from it in warzone plz infinity and tryrach 😂😂

    17. Art Brawl


    18. Eammortal

      release it on steam add multiplayer and spec ops

    19. Ruthvik Battula

      They did amazing remastering the first 2 modern warfare games. Now I’m waiting for MW3

    20. General Sherped

      I'm rather looking forward to this..

    21. Evan Cancel

      They’re saving this epic multiplayer to the modern warfare follow up. And it’ll be well worth the wait.

    22. 8.bit_ gun

      A beautiful game remastered to perfection...

      1. Straight Edge Punk

        Well not really there’s no multiplayer. Cod4 remastered was ACTUALLY a remaster unlike mw2🤣

    23. ĐuCành

      Just finished the game yesterday, and I can't stop crying when Shepd*ck betrayed Roach and Ghost like in the past :(

      1. thebiscutinyour tea

        Bruh same

    24. Jonathan_407

      “Remember. No public gatherings.”

    25. Jayme Vasquez


    26. Josiah Jeffries

      Hows everyone going

    27. Джозеф Боумен

      Best COD trailer

    28. Влад хоррор

      Why this game is not in ps stor in the Russian, Make it in the ps store of Russia

    29. Ken E

      Is there a possibility of US Army OCP pattern uniforms getting added to the game?

    30. DavE4

      I can't believe they're not remastering multiplayer. Getting called the n word by several different guys while some 12 year old squeaker screams in his mic as you smoke dudes from across the map with the pre-nerf akimbo model 1887's is an essential part of the MW2 experience. The death threats and "my dad works for microsoft" post game hate messages are absolutely necessary. We want the raw experience, not some dumbed down baby-proofed con job!

    31. Nathan Larkin

      It still hurts that World at War was skipped over for remastering.

      1. Hoang Vo

        This is infinitywards idea tho?

    32. minvenkrystian12

      Frontlines are history

    33. Richárd Petneházi

      Where is Call of Duty 2 Remastered???

    34. Ryan Mulhern



      Where is this spec ops where is multiplayer call of duty !!!! 🤬🤬🤬😡😡

    36. SPi

      Fix the game. We can't play it. It crashes. We want our money back.

    37. Minecraft ServerS

      Графон это конечно хорошо. Но зачем союзников ещё тупее сделали? Они просто пропускают к тебе противников без боя. Они могут просто стоять и смотреть как тебя расстреливает целая толпа и орать "ДАЙ ОЧЕРЕДЬ ПО ПЕРЕКРЁСТКУ"

    38. Unknown User

      When you thought this is April Fools. You are wrong

    39. Cineco Productions

      cant wait to play 🤩

    40. 2 Shades

      Too bad they got rid of the soundtrack in the game

    41. MAZINGER Z

      I need some RTX power.

    42. M4DM4N789

      Would LOVE multiplayer in this as well...just saying.

    43. RollingMan5366

      I miss overlord

    44. Николай Ливер

      Call of duty Modern warfare 2 Remastered Multiplayer online Special Ops

    45. Николай Ливер

      Call of duty Modern warfare 2 Remastered Multiplayer online

    46. Catnip Boi

      cool, but why no eminem?

    47. hamburger

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> Aimbot Confirmed.

    48. Juan Deag

      Am I blind or does this really look nearly identical to the original but with better shaders?

    49. Panda Jarcor

      It's a modern take on an old game, so you know people are gonna hate it for the most insignificant reason.

    50. BustinLooseRacing714

      You shoot the Ghost. Squash the Roach. Drop the Soap. You pay the Price

      1. Cinnamon Bear

        U scared the ghost, squashed the roach,dropped the soap now u must pay the price

    51. Алла Белозерова

      Интеренсая тема

    52. Reed Alex

      We want modern warfare 2 remastered multiplayer

      1. Maddness Elite

        It's not gonna happen

    53. Shakti Melwani

      Does the remastered game have the spec ops mode where in you could play co-op missions ?

      1. alfred j

        Sadly not.

    54. Aftermath 2070

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a> is the MW3 intro music so I'm guessing there will be MW3 remastered. Let's hope so. :)

    55. Kilabrad

      3 or 4 years be like wanna see soap die in 4k HD

    56. wolfy the wolf


      1. wolfy the wolf

        @Maddness Elite #WEWANTMW2MULTPLAYER

      2. wolfy the wolf

        @Maddness Elite #WEWANTMW2MULTPLAYER

      3. Maddness Elite

        Not gonna happen

    57. vlogers Killa

      Anyone else notice that this game has the same sounds and animations from cod aw?

      1. SicParvisMagna123

        Same engine I think. Apparently Modern Warfare Remastered used it too.

    58. Lucas Carlius

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a> *👌gotem*

    59. Chris Case

      Where is the multi

    60. safayat prio


    61. Rapguyster27

      Call of duty if you see this please fix the bug on some consoles that say you need a dlc pack when you already have all the packs please

    62. Luigi Commissiong


    63. Abdalhadi Hrb

      This game with all its versions are unforgetable. I Really miss it

    64. Zach Theobald

      "This is for the record"

    65. Logan Firstman

      RELEASE multiplayer

      1. Maddness Elite

        @alfred j plus if u think they lie then why are u playing their games?

      2. alfred j

        @Maddness Elite once again activision always lie.

      3. Maddness Elite


      4. alfred j

        @Maddness Elite activision always lie.

      5. Maddness Elite

        @UHHdidn't u hear they didn't want to split the player base into 2 games

    66. dadose

      im not crying, you're crying

    67. El Bool

      Me emocione hasta que me entere que no tiene multiplayer, que asco es lo que mas me traía recuerdos y tenia tanto tiempo esperando este resmaster

    68. signedstring254 proerd


    69. The everything YouTuber

      I know that it’s got nothing to do with the multiplayer at all but I can’t wait until it comes out then I’ll get into a multiplayer lobby and be putting on Blue faundation Eyes on fire (Zeds dead remix) for you all if you remember it back in the old days 🔥.

      1. The everything YouTuber

        *to bring back the nostalgia

    70. Billy Angus


    71. Cameron pc gamer

      Wheees the Eminem

    72. mikael morales

      i just Bought the game on PS4. just wanted the solo missions. What a waste of money, no solo missions. Try to contact a CoD chat always in a brake or something. never available. Warning you can pass throuhgh the game in maybe 3 hrs. tops anybody help finding the missions solo please.

    73. KarwanTDS

      Wait does that mean people with original call of duty mw2 get mw2 remastered on Xbox?

    74. Pedro da Silva

      I want a MP remaster of this game, i wanna to play it so bad !!! please !!!

    75. Harun Safranti

      black ops 1 black ops 2 remasterd plsssss

    76. Eu jogo video game

      Mw2 > cod modern sbmm 2019

    77. Jesse Flores

      Why do they never show Roach

      1. Jesse Flores

        Black Viking

      2. GAME OVER

        operation kingfish!

    78. HD Gaming

      Now all we need is BLACK OPS 2 Remastered with multiplayer and zombies take out money 😂

    79. your moms a fatass 2869

      My head hurts so bad everytime i play it idk i just can't manage to fix it and for some reason it's only this game

    80. Pilar Comb

      who else pre ordered on xbox and got it today??