Childish Gambino - 3.15.20 ALBUM REVIEW



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    untitled unflattering.
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    FAV TRACKS: 42.26, 53.49
    LEAST FAV TRACK: 32.22
    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?


    1. Nat

      i really like the album but i see why people are disappointed by it, definitely not his best work but i really enjoyed it.

    2. David Camacho

      fuck you

    3. joshua woods

      drop a vinyl update.

    4. Caleb Batchman

      Repeating “STAY WOKE” for 12 minutes doesnt really count as a review Melonathan

    5. Millennial Comic

      The overall album is a 4/10 for me. 19.10 was a complete mess. Glover comes off as a pretentious fanboy of Prince, but every artist has a bad album

    6. ECorn35

      I miss rapping Gambino

    7. Kymani E

      I disagree with this vid completely.

    8. J. G.I

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="362">6:02</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="379">6:19</a> .. You are a SAVAGE MELON ...classy, bougie, ratchet!

    9. SnazzyPeridot848!

      In Kapow We Trust 1 VS. In Kapow We Trust 2 VS. In Kapow We Trust 3! (Which Is The Best One?) | Genius Thread Creator: "I'd like to ask you guys.....if you had to say what the best IKWT project is..........what would it be?" Replies! •"

    10. J D

      This is what happens when a reviewer is constantly looking for some weird odd obscure sound while they completely miss the good music that their listening too.

    11. PartyPoison

      Please review Boom boom room (side A) and Boom boom room (side B) by Palaye Royale

    12. Winston Nips

      Yeah I like this album in some spots but I’m getting pretty tired of artists filling albums with filler. Maybe all that noise means something to them but to me it’s just like droning nonsense while I wait for the next song to start

    13. NanoBot05

      This album was weird, most of time it was just noise. With a few moments of actual music, and I’m confused how so many love this album. I love Donald but I am pretty disappointed

    14. Otsile Modiselle

      This project's sloppiness is only limited to the marketing, if you ask me. Unlike melon, I felt it was an enjoyable listen.

    15. GameRealm

      32.22 is a tribal song

    16. GameRealm

      This man is lost.

    17. Elagabalus

      Not this biggest fan of this album, just not my style, but this felt way too harsh.

    18. vardaan nayar

      I’d disagree, these songs are awesome. But, to each his own.

    19. Charlie Haycock

      Nope to you on this, amazing album

    20. Callum Barrett

      Not often I disagree with your reviews, but I really like this album 🤷🏼‍♂️

    21. sean islander


    22. sean islander

      Man I unsubbed peacefully and stopped watching instead of angering myself seeing wack reviews but I was like nah this new CG album is so good even fantano will like it. Once again I’m annoyed. I’m not surprised but still disappointed.

    23. Banana Bread

      I’m gonna say a decent to a strong false rating

    24. Justin Cruz

      ngl I kinda disagree here my man I thought the album was neat. I'll give it another listen but I guess I clicked pretty well with this one.

    25. Adrian to be remembered tho

      That album cover hits deep

    26. donte

      I didn't care for this album at all BUT the way you so eloquently trash music with a straight face is hilarious LMAO!

    27. ay_dee_an

      So you’re telling me, all his songs sound like shotty distorted versions of other musicians songs, and very lazily put together? And you didn’t think to interpret that as commentary

    28. Veillie Starr


    29. Mario Gengar

      I love Donald Glover a lot. Before he was acting, I watched his stand up and listened to his first two albums. Then he did acting and I loved it just as much. Awaken your Love is amazing and his 2018 singles were bops. But Jesus man this album is wack. I agree with Anthony here, it really needs a redo.

    30. Jake Letizia

      I disagree Gary. I disagree.

    31. Abe Froman

      I hate childish gambino. But this album is pretty fire if you give it the time. Love the melon but he's wrong. It bumbs. Donald Glover trying to be Kanye and Andre 3000.

    32. James Roberts

      Is this a childish album or a Glover album?

    33. Rameez Mufto

      disagree with this review completely, some bangers in this album, also shows the growth and the vulnerability Gambino has felt in the last couple of years, as he refers to his father, and his self love. This album is a gateway for his fans to understand his life and what he went through. Each beat and song is a description of how he is feeling and he is showing us his life story in an experimental perspective no other artist has in the last decade has.

    34. I’m too lazy to come up with a clever name

      On the parts about how Gambino didn’t develop the ideas explored in the album well enough, I could agree. But goddamn man the sounds weren’t that bad, 19.10’s a fucking banger, Why Go to the Party (forgot the number title) was a neat track. A lot of undeserved hate here.

    35. Kayla Lee

      I love childish Gambino but this album is trash 😳

      1. Trading Cards And More

        Kayla Lee fake fan

    36. UrBoi ColinTheKing

      Felt the same, just wanted know if everyone else was just as disappointed

    37. Jason Hatcher

      Getting a lot of the Prince references, it feels like a modern Black Album. I think we're disagreeing on whether or not that is a good thing.

    38. r v

      Was not Was Dinosaur for Doomers ? Bwhahaha brilliant!

    39. Durkio B

      This is what happens when an artists feels like he’s so big he has to do something different. All we wanted was a simple childish gambino album lol

      1. GameRealm

        why would we want that we want a childish gambino album there's a difference

    40. Mindbreakerz

      Good review, but you didn't have to remove 37 points because there wasn't a song named 9.11

    41. DL L

      This is my favorite work from Gambino so far. I respect your opinion, man, but the melon has gone bad with this one. 🤗 🍈 😷

    42. quedronol

      gray flannel means "this opinion does not matter."

    43. Official Jaywillproductions

      Yooo 19.10 is a banger bruh, u set the bar way to high bruh

    44. John Smith

      Everything about this guy is corny. His opinion of anything rap or hip hop doesnt really matter.

    45. Oreos Oreos

      Anthony man, this is definitely not as bad as a 4! And the fact that the sole reason you gave it a four was because gambino is too childish!? Despicable

    46. Cabin Fever

      I disagree with you on this. To each their own and all that but I really like this album personally. You similarly panned BTI and that went on to be one of the most loved albums of the decade.

    47. Isaiah Dandridge

      19.10 is fire Fantano tweaked

    48. Wafi Wafi

      yeah but this entire album would be trippy when high

    49. 3030 CEDAR

      Thank you for railing this album. Algorhythm infected my ears

    50. Jax W

      This is my problem with this channel, but I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so here’s mine: his entire review is based solely on the production and his own personal opinion of the music he reviews. He greatly overlooks lyrics and deeper messages behind songs unless they’re obviously laid out in front of him by the artist. He then expresses his views and opinion as if they are fact that “this isn’t a good song” or claiming that songs/albums are simply a “complete mess”. While I concede that this is true for this album, what he misses however, is that utter chaos is the point of this album. Between the timing of the release, the cover art in the original website, and the lyrics of individual songs; it is clear that this is a reflection of the state of society while the Coronavirus spreads around the globe. The chaotic and dark lyrics are a clear calling of what is happing in every community around the globe - yet he has no mention of even the virus in this video which people have concluded is why the album was released on March 15th. He makes no connection to the deeper messages in his previous work besides the obvious track This Is America. Even Feels Like Summer has a blatantly obvious message behind it which he greatly overlooked in his first and now second review. I personally find that his reviews are often shallow and come down to whether or not the album meets his expectations rather than judging them based on quality. That is how you express an opinion without stating it as a fact. Just thought I’d post my two-bits here... Edit: I'm in no way saying Fantano is wrong nor am I saying his reviews are bad. I am simply questioning the way he conveys his opinions, as well as how much research actually goes into his reviews.

    51. Ethan Crauwels

      This album was a complete letdown

    52. Charlie Flores

      This album was ass

    53. Imago

      The flannel is a confusing red

    54. playboi carti's sock

      I like u and all Anthony, but please stop screaming the n-word or the white supremacy speech when we play minecraft together on xbox.

    55. Aaronstark19

      This video is a great sequel to Glover on the N64

    56. NathanaelWiebe

      i actually really liked it, ill keep listening while see how my opinion develops. Probably the review I disagree with most but i cant completely explain why i like it.

    57. Jarred Shane

      I really enjoyed Time, "24.19" and 47.48. I think the whole point of the album is not necessarily to satisfy an expectation but a chance for Glover to make a statement showing us some new ideas and show us where his new sounds fit in to the current soul and hip hop landscape. When I listen to these tracks I'm hearing a lot more influences from Tyler the Creator's and Thundercat's newest material creep in. Much more so than Kanye's past material.

    58. BatataFria

      Tu ta errado e é careca

      1. fax0_max


    59. Brian Pae

      Where is skeptas review

    60. Jordan Calderon

      19.10 makes my dead dog dance. wtf are u on about???

    61. stooleyqa

      I strongly inquire that you review Celebrity Mansions by Dinosaur Pile-Up next, melon

    62. dwaine millard

      ok because you mentioned it gets better, I do like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2868">47:48</a>, so two songs + Summer which I already liked so 3

    63. dwaine millard

      I've tried to like it as I am a Gambino fan, however I can't help but to agree w your review:(

    64. El Terrorizta

      not knowing the synth process and futuristic concept Glover took in this album plus the great distortion, vocal effects and sound selection is disturbing. guy has no idea in future of music.

    65. Mildish sadbino

      Melon forgot to mention Donald Glover is a comedian 1/10

    66. Tommy Pigskin


    67. Kyle Woolacott

      Saw the shirt and thought he was reviewing a Logic album

    68. Bradley Armstrong

      I'm starting to get weirded out by how often I like your least favorite tracks. As much as I loved him on Community, and as much as I'm looking forward to binging Atlanta, I was never sold on Donald Glover as a musician. Regardless, this is easily the least cohesive album I've listened to in months, but there are a few good tracks here and there, mostly in the second half. =5-6/10

    69. Due Unicycle

      I don't like child......but still fuck you.

    70. Snowmo Glitter

      This comment section is apparently the world gathering of men who are sensitive about their micropenises.

    71. tinybird

      When the review has 25x more views than the album has sales

    72. adam music

      I’m getting heavy Flight of the Conchords vibes on 12.38.

    73. Billy K

      You’re an embarrassment to music.

    74. Obey _Hate

      Wow still no Chilombo

    75. Ruprecht MonkeyBoy

      R O A S T E D

    76. FAMOUS PAT

      You’re close minded af. There’s obviously a story and purpose behind the project. Even in the first track

      1. Jack V

        Creed Rose Exactly. Narrative and messaging don’t automatically make music good. The execution of the actual song needs to be good as well.

      2. Creed Rose

        i know, he has this funny habit of reviewing the actual music

    77. Do you even Rift

      Just passing by to remind you that you are extremely bad at what you do.

    78. Perci Constance

      Maybe this the inverse of untitled.unmastered. Like it’s gonna be followed by an album that’s actually good and he’s just working backwards by dumping out all the shit he had to start with.

    79. Francisco Davis

      That album cover needs some sunscreen immediately

    80. Will Broadbent

      The message he posted on the website when he released the album makes me think there might be more to come. He says this album is for his dad specifically "in the first book". And the first drop he did had that wide image split into four quadrants. But maybe that's just me as a Gambino fan wanting more and looking for clues.