Conan Gray being iconic on The Zach Sang Show for 10 mins straight


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    Being Iconic On The Zach Sang Show For 10 Mins Straight...
    #KidKrow #ConanGray #Maniac #ConanGrayAlbum #SunsetSeason

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    1. kris

      sorry i died, im coming back soon

    2. Kid Sunset

      i have one braincell and his name is conan gray.

    3. Kaydence Sullivan

      My favorite song by gonan cray is fucc Zack sang

    4. Sophia Amor

      Ur so underratedddd I love u omg

    5. zaza natilda

      thanks for making my day sksksks

    6. Eden Gallagher


    7. ahaha lol

      plot twist every moment with conan is iconic

    8. Maddy T.

      How did I not knows that he’s so fucking funny??? He is one of my favorite ppl ever

    9. Hollyyy

      Conan and the smoke detector huh 👀👀👀

    10. Abby Petricek

      “Well no ones ever tried to murder me.. although that would be fun”

    11. Summer Sunshine

      this is everything.

    12. eLLe

      wow, i didn't know i like conan this much thank you

    13. Bianca K

      "thE pErsOn i wrOtE MaNicuRE- uhhh maniac about..."😂😂😂 ah i love him

    14. Aroush Zaman


    15. aurorafly

      wow hes amazing

    16. Multifandomest

      You know you're something else when you've already seen the whole thing

    17. hxneyy_dew

      I Stan this

    18. ThisGirlFliss

      are we really not gonna talk about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="408">6:48</a> where zach said 'the guy... the person you went out with' oop zach knows somethingggg

      1. DoLDii's Utopia

        @Val Smith like, y'all assuming othet ppls sexual orientation...and in this case i think its kinda rude and weird. IDK man.

      2. Val Smith

        @DoLDii's Utopia who's assuming

      3. DoLDii's Utopia

        @Val Smith dont assume things lol.

      4. DoLDii's Utopia

        Bruh no, why y'all really wanna get into ppls sexual orientation, JEsus

      5. Val Smith

        Yeah. Everyone knows something, it isn't a secret🤣

    19. Sponge Jem

      *omg @ **<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a>** it seemed like he said it to my face and i feel attakt*

    20. Vivian Calixto

      omg I love the part he says okay, what about it? soooo good

    21. Axel Am

      What is up there: God The universe ThE sMoKe DeTeCtOr

    22. haaadddiiqqq

      “I have a really short attention span, and I have like, two brain cells so...” - Conan Gray 2020

    23. dan a

      The taylor swift music in the background of the shower was such a good touch😂

      1. dan a

        @kris ye i noticed taylor was the judge as well😂

      2. kris

        yeah I added a few taylor things 🤣

    24. marcela

      this is amazing conan gray come here

    25. Aidan Mansfield

      I needed this during the pandemic. Thank u xx

    26. MAXIMUS

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="456">7:36</a> YEAH WHAT ABOUT IT

      1. haaadddiiqqq

        “I’m leaving. I’m getting publicly bullied in the Zach Sang Show.”

    27. Amy m

      when he makes up stories abt others and others make stories abt him he says he gets bullied... only conan🥺🥺

      1. Eden Gallagher

        but Conan didn't lie about dating them lol so it's really not the same thing

    28. Emma Feria

      I live for this content

    29. bijoux

      i clicked on this video knowing the exact parts that would be in this

    30. Kat Hunnicutt

      Nobody: Zach Sang: Fiction is not..... fAcT

    31. inayah begum

      Conan is if my inner thoughts came together and became a person.

      1. _coco_beans


      2. uwu m8.

        inayah begum sameeee

    32. Neyocrayo

      Bro omg yes

    33. Gabriela M.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="308">5:08</a> heather: why would you ever kiss me? wish you were sober: kiss me in the seat of your rover conan: 😳

      1. drama club

        @Violet :0 she's talking about the song heather, not the girl

      2. Violet :0

        (look up meaning for heather) heather didnt kiss him. Heather's bf did

    34. Cameron F

      Can we talk about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a>? Lmao

      1. Niccolò Paganini

        kris girl where does that pic come from i need it the pose is too iconic

      2. Christina C

        Cameron F LMAOOO

      3. kris

        LMAOSJSKSJAK !! Kris at 6am do be wilding doe

    35. Carolyn

      these were the best moments of this interview great job on this edit

    36. Anna Waytray

      also it just occurred to me that Heather might be about Matty Healy? people on instagram seem to think so too

      1. peach.y milk

        also it was most definitely NOT about matty healy, i doubt its heath either (the actual girls name who cones crush dated is heather so idk about heather and heath)

      2. Daisy Bell

        I definitely don’t think so, I mean he’s only met Matty once, even though he’s been listening to the 1975 for years, just don’t think he would write a song about him

      3. peach.y milk

        can yall stop trying to invade conans personal life please? he has said many times he does not like it, and its an invasion of privacy. if he wants to tell us who his crush was, thats his choice, if he doesnt, thats his choice. pls stop trynna get into his bizz :(

      4. stephen strother

        hitlerslefttoe do you think greek god is about heath 😳

      5. ruby

        @S But conan was friends with heath and conan hates heather i dont think conan hated heath

    37. Anna Waytray

      YAAS bring this back! conan on the zach sang show was the BEST! hilarious edit, love it!

    38. kris

      sorry the editing is a little bad I edited this at 6am lmao😳

      1. Cooper Clay T

        I love this

      2. Multifandomest

        Aww no, you did amazing, we love you ♡

      3. Zi’s Journal

        kris THIS IS NOT BAD AT ALLL THIS WAS REALLY GOOD AND I LAUGHED A LOT interview shows take some notes

      4. kris

        sounds good! I’ll try to make that soon

      5. Frency

        WTF NO IT'S GOLD