Conan Gray Discusses His Creative Process & His Upcoming Show In London



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    Watch out UK, America's new Prince of Pop is here to steal your hearts! With 150,000,000 streams and counting Conan Grey join us on BUILD to tell us how he has gone from a humble IRsel upload to mega-stardom. Don't miss it!
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    1. conan’s coffee

      that crowd doesn’t deserve to see him

    2. Katarina Korlat

      Why is she making it sound like being an introvert is like being an alien! Like, introverts can communicate normally, write songs, perform and everything, just like extroverts

    3. October Rodriguez

      conan: im definetely gonna come back within the next year corona: i think the fuck not u trick ass bitch

    4. October Rodriguez

      conan: im definetely gonna come back within the next year corona: i think the fuck not u trick ass bitch

    5. Kylie Bijou

      Bruh, they spelled his name wrong in the description...

    6. Try Guys Meme videos

      Ok. He was Harry Potter for Halloween

    7. Carolyn

      So we’re called the kids huh

    8. Lee

      He’s so fun and he seems like such a nice person

    9. 3racha Enthusiast

      This was so painful to watch the crowd was DEAD

    10. sympathique gosse

      omg I have the same cardigan! he cut it to show off his beautiful shoulders

      1. hila talai

        sympathique gosse where is it from?

    11. joshjamzzz

      Should Conan be Edward Scissorhands for halloween??✂️

    12. Aroush Zaman

      im crying cone: Hey Yall crowd: Interviewer: say hi! cone: WTH???

    13. Bethany Holmes

      Anyone else wanna know how many white tank tops cone owns? 😂😂😂

      1. Bethany Holmes

        @aly sounds about right 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂

      2. aly

        just that one and he washes it every 2 months

    14. Benjamin Bradford

      O.O kid krow hype train

    15. Anna Waytray

      if someone gives you croutons and u just eat them without salad you know they're a real one

    16. Autumn Cook

      he went as harry potter everyone

    17. Masha Rosa

      What is this crowd ?

    18. ibrahim Ngaka

      okay WHEN TF DID Conan do a London show 🤦🏾‍♂️😭🤧 WHENNNNNNN someone tell me NOWWWWWWWW

    19. natalie wallace

      Idk if I’m ready for him to blow up well I am proud of him

    20. natalie wallace

      Please come to London again I want able to come last time it would make my day

    21. Aram Karamanian

      i remember conan at 90k subscribers

    22. no

      that one person that disliked the video is gay

      1. 서민경

        @SKTW 890 well conan tweeted us that he doesn't want to label his sexuality or gender...

      2. SKTW 890

        Bruh he himself is gay

    23. Haiide Gasulas

      Comfort me Conan❤

    24. Erica Bomhoff

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="881">14:41</a> THE VINE REFERENCE YES CONAN

    25. max fernandes

      "who needs salad???" the NATURALITY that he says that HAHAHAH conan i luv you baby

    26. max fernandes

      "this sounds REALLY WEIRD BUT I'M INTO ITT" i adore that interviewer HAHAHAHHA

    27. asiya hassan

      btw he was harry potter for haloween and went to harry potter world

      1. a dumbass

        yeah it was epic

    28. I R I S

      Dude this crowd is DEAD

      1. Devon Fairbanks

        Bonan killed them all

    29. ari .-.

      i love him sm 🥺

    30. Addict with a Pen

      Wow 2 months in no dislikes as things should be

    31. Fearless Dreamer

      I'm so proud of Conan. :')

    32. Fara Syuhada

      so proud :')

    33. Annabelle Blakemore

      yes pls come back to the uk, last time was the best night of my life.

    34. Stella Broekhuizen

      Conan trying to not do a British accent for 22 minutes straight

    35. Mariana Nascimento


    36. Connor Holan

      This crowd is definitely not a comfort crowd just sayin

      1. amelie_ thingz

        *i just need some company now I just need someone arouuuuuuoouuund*

      2. max fernandes


      3. StanLegends

        @Connor Holan true. Lit rally crickets

      4. Connor Holan

        Fearless Dreamer when he tried to interact with them they were like...dead 😂

      5. Fearless Dreamer

        or maybe they are trying to keep quiet and listen, possibly could be that too

    37. Lauren McLeod

      i miss him :(

    38. vanessa grace

      this is so crazy that he’s getting so big I’m so proud of him :’)

    39. morgs

      no dislikes for cone is what I live for 🥺💗

    40. Nevena Todorovic

      ahhh all of the people from smaaaall towns that he will never visit, where yall from Serbia and the main city here is Belgrade, i swear if he came here i would lose my shit holy-

    41. -alexa

      i went to the concert he was amazing :')

      1. angelic subs

        this is so late but i was at the same onee

      2. chilly lilly

        @alexa irwin nice profile pic

      3. -alexa

        @Jurixia rlly fun, he's so grateful for his fans and i had a great time :)

      4. Jurixia

        alexa irwin how was your experience? :0

    42. Zoe Lazaro

      loveeee him

    43. aynaa

      yo im so proud wtf

    44. Isabel S

      The croutons was a big shout-out to Cari haha

      1. mars

        OMFG YES

    45. Isabel S

      hes baby

    46. Rhinos R Cute

      omggg I wish I could go but London is far away and expensive to travel to😭😭😭 actually so sad rn broooooo pls come cLoSeR 🥺🥺

      1. scarlett

        london’s overrated

      2. izzie Golunska

        Bro London’s where it’s attt

    47. Paulina

      im so proud of the way conna poping in the word as upcoming artist