Do All Cheaters Think The Same?



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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 روز


    1. daughter

      Yeah these folk need to be in polyamorous relationships

    2. Tomioka

      Notice how there is only 1 male 🙃🤨😏😉

    3. YoungbaeMadness

      Naah you dont cheat on someone you love tho. You can care a lot about them, really like them. But not love. People tend to confuse love with liking or care for someone. But you dont cheat on someone you love. Not trying to be a dramaqueen or anything but being cheated on really fucks people over. And when the person claims to have loved you, it breaks your trust in love. Personal opinion tho.

    4. Angelic Rebels

      Wow I never thought I would dislike a group of people as quickly as I did..

    5. 28282able yu-gi-oh

      I hate cheaters more than anything.

    6. Joby Overfield

      Have these cheaters heard of a thing called breaking up?

    7. -NoLimitKae -

      This video is disgusting lol

    8. Shelbeth Ann Malison

      Excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses

    9. Jennifer Alex Oliveira

      5:12 "the trust after was gone" oh gee i wonder why

    10. gothicshawty

      I hope this doesn’t become normalized. It’s awful

    11. Christina Aguirre

      I would not get back with someone who cheated or beg someone to stay tf

    12. Tranquil Oogway

      I don’t understand why people find all the excuses in the world to cheat. I never had the thought of cheating.

    13. Silva

      These people... man I don't know sometimes.

    14. Adrian Rojas

      I cheat on my regents exams all the time and dont gaf

    15. Vue

      The girl talked about how she found it weird her partner said he forgave her but then didn't let it go. She isn't complaining about not being trusted but rather about him not being truthful with her. Cheating is bad but most of the people in this video (there are exceptions lol) are generally good people who made a mistake and have grown. Most of them also agreed that cheating was wrong so why are you guys just being angry and mean in the comments?

      1. Vue

        @Jacqueline McDonald Many things are selfish and you're right - what they have done is bad. But if they have reflected on what they have done they may very well now be good people. If anyone of them had openly admitted to not regretting what they have done, then I, too, would be calling them selfish but non of them are (although the pink-haired girl came off as very shady.) It's just very ironic considering you were not hurt by any of these people specifically (or so I hope). They partners were. And two cases, the partner forgave them. So whether or not the cheater deserves forgiveness is kind of up to the people they have harmed, not an angry youtube comment section.

      2. Jacqueline McDonald

        Cheating is selfish and I disagree these people are "generally good" they're selfish and self absorbed. Try again.

    16. Maya Tirado

      “I cheated once when I was 15” actuallllyyyy “I’ve cheated 3/4 of my relationships” haired girl literally the worst🥴

    17. Hallie Randall

      All these hateful comments make it very clear that you missed the entire point of the video/conversation.

      1. Kristina Kane

        @Hallie Randall I agree.

      2. Hallie Randall

        @Kristina Kane disagreeing is one thing. But being hateful and degrading is another.

      3. Hallie Randall

        @Kristina Kane the point is not to shame anyone. But to look into the minds of those who have cheated. I've personally been cheated on. I also have a friend who used cheating as a way to get out of an abusive relationship... The comments attacking and being hateful to the individuals who are in the video do nothing for the conversation.

      4. Kristina Kane

        But I must have missed the point, what was your interpretation?

      5. Kristina Kane

        I appreciate that people still hold highly negative connotations with cheating.

    18. SKJonathan

      There is no excuse to Cheat!!!

    19. Eclipse706

      This is letting me know to never try out a long distance relationship.

    20. avaphynx

      I've haven't been cheated on and never cheated. There really isn't an excuse to cheat. If the relationship is that horrible. Leave, it's not healthy.

    21. Meli AT

      The guy that cancelled: wait this is not about school cheating?

    22. blurponyunicorn

      Just fire with fire. Most cheaters don't like getting cheated on.

      1. blurponyunicorn

        A robber doesn't like to get rob. A killer doesn't like to get killed.

    23. Bipolar-Jaguar

      Ft. Tom Brady!

    24. pXg Scaryy

      Notice how there is only one guy

      1. Kristina Kane

        Completely unrealistic 😋

    25. Jake Seckman

      I wish nothing good upon these people

    26. J A M E S

      Jaz your ugly asab

    27. Bilal Sleiman

      The girl who cheated on me also had some "fun" dyed hair. Not implying causation but now I feel like there's some kind of correlation.

    28. Hannah-Jade Mittler

      It honestly makes me sick that they’re so proud of what they did.

    29. Naptine

      if you can’t handle being with only one person, polyamory exists....

    30. Hannah Hildebrand

      I love how the guy didn’t say anything about him being the only man there. I feel like he had respect for everyone and was open to hear their opinions without judgment.

    31. Samuel Lane

      They're all bad people, end of story

    32. Moon Shi

      Nope, don’t think I could ever normalise cheating

    33. leska

      why dont some of them just do open relationships if they cheat so often n its not a one time thing...

    34. Luanda Nuredini

      Once me and my boyfriend had this conversation about "would you forgive me if i cheated on you" and he said something that will stick to me for the rest of my life. He said "to cheat on someone you should find someone whos better than them" if their not then dont cheat, its not worth it.

    35. Tommy Draws

      You cheat on me, bye bye

    36. Steven Drk

      If you fall in love with someone else, at least break up with your partner FIRST - don’t play a double life

    37. Hayden Balmain

      If you want to have fun, go to a party, get a job, find a hobby. A human heart isn’t a toy.

    38. candice nicholson

      You know the world isn't black and white. Yes they did a horrible thing but they have a right to feel the way they do about it. Everybody in the comments hating of these people you guys are being so close minded.

      1. Kristina Kane

        "but they have a right to feel the way they do about doing it." True, but that does not mean their attitudes should not be criticized. What they did was clearly immoral, yet many of the demonstrated a repulsive amount of flippancy. Just as they are entitled to their feelings, we are entitled to our censures. How is that "close minded," love?

      2. Robert

        candice nicholson It's not being closed minded, it's being a decent person. Betraying someone's trust is not a good thing and no amount of circumstance will change that, they did a bad thing that shouldn't be tolerated

    39. Mehikaa Pandey

      If that person is toxic just break up with him it doesn't mean your going cheat on him. And if that guy asks “why did you cheat on me” and u say “bec u were toxic for me” that means u are being freaking toxic!

    40. philmagroin56ish

      lol cheating losers

    41. Myrah Hodgekiss

      She said she cheated over seas and didnt tell her bf and that he wanted to fix it so they went to counseling for what she did .... lol dafuh

    42. Ramon Anaya

      The only thing i want to cheat on is my diet. 😁😁

    43. Shayne Tango

      If you wanna act single, than stay single

    44. Taylia Hinds

      hey no one is perfect. cheating is terrible but at least most of them grew from it

    45. Nicole Lucarelli


    46. Fonzy.A1M

      This whole episode is disgusting don't forget about these people

    47. Erna Jerebicanin

      It’s rly not hard to just not cheat lol. Excuses

    48. Lissette Arroyo

      Cheating shouldn’t be normalized!!

    49. Lissette Arroyo

      People are losing the value of being in a relationship. Like if you’re with someone then you’re with them. No need to be cheating!

    50. Camila Navas Delgado

      Why is there only one guy ?? 😂

    51. Heaven JJ

      You should have done it with people who have been cheated on too otherwise these people will continue to cheat. This is self reinforcing in group. They clearly don't know that they're wrong because everyone there thinks cheating is easily forgiven and is acceptable.

    52. Kimberly Martinez

      I want people to tell me their opinions on this story I have. My cousin cheated on her bf because he didn’t have a job for 1 1/2 year and she was supporting both of them for a while. She was at work and this man was telling her she deserved more and so forth. I tell her she should break up with her bf if she felt bad being in the relationship. Anyways, she cheated on him. She destroyed her bf trust and love and her self worth was at the lowest it could be at. At the end of it, she realized that she was manipulated by that man, and she was mentally destroyed. Now my question is, what do you think about her cheating story?

      1. Kristina Kane

        She should have dumped instead of cheating - her self-esteem would be intact and she could pursue a better relationship.

    53. Fraylen Grullon

      All I can think of during this was something I heard on wild n out "cheating is something woman dont do" I'm laughing my ass off

    54. Sumaiya Sultana Usmi

      Just realized that human being got no self esteem anymore! We still consider us as most advanced organism on earth? They cheated on their partners & talking about it so casually! Real “psychopaths”

    55. MIHO Your Loud Neighbour

      I only cheated on my dog by petting other dogs😓 sorry

    56. Katie P.

      Now we need the people who’ve been cheated on and the people who the cheaters cheated with (home wreckers??)

    57. Smiley Face

      Jake from State Farm is white 😢

    58. Finican Mwa

      If people were honest in the first place...but people aren't. I only have my perspective but it seems with the people I find that asking for honesty is a waste of time.

    59. p s


    60. HXE29

      Everyone in this video makes me question everything idk how its even possible to think like this