Everything Wrong With Knives Out In Whodunnit Minutes



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    Knives Out, Rian Johnson's follow up to The Last Jedi, was a universal home run with critics, and a hit with audiences alike. Because it's f*cking rad.
    But we do what we do, so we did what we do, and here is what we did...
    Thursday: Animated sins AND a brand new CinemaSins intro video-bumper!!
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. Peslac Bill

      You mean “the 4th I Know What You Did... movie”. There has been a third, already. Though it was total shit, so I don’t blame you if you don’t even know it exists.

    2. Iluvcheesecake6969

      Am I crazy for thinking this wasn't a particularly good movie? It felt really predictable, you knew Ransom did it because the dogs barked, that immediately let you know in the first few minutes that somebody else was at the house that shouldn't have been. And then the dogs only bark at Ransom.

      1. Iluvcheesecake6969

        The great grandmother can talk, we know this because she laughs and says Ransom you're back already. Yet she's not even remotely upset that she saw this lady/Ransom climb down their house in the middle of the night, the same night that her son died?

      2. Iluvcheesecake6969

        and then the movie is so meticulous that it points out the smallest drop of blood on white shoes, but not the giant mud puddle she took 6 steps in? Where's the mud on her shoes? She tracked it all the way in to the secret window ffs

    3. Sin Stalker

      I dislike Rian Johnson so much. His writing is horrible.

    4. Sparky Nicole

      I’m glad cinemasins liked this movie. I thought it way very intricately detailed and the foreshadowing was a treat to me. I honestly loved the movie and I was heaping praises on it as soon as I walked out the doors. I watched it with my family and they didn’t share the same opinion as me, so I thought I was wrong for my opinion somehow.

    5. DawnHawk

      A Boot to the Head! and another for Jenny and the wench!

    6. Lightning in a Bottle

      #my house

    7. Cole Krumrey

      Man, Jeremy had to bend over backward for this one. I've always preferred Th3Birdman anyway.

    8. Douglas Baker

      You go a long way for a few of these sins, lol!

      1. Douglas Baker

        Damn good point on the "good nurse" bit tho.

    9. MCOC Pope

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="868">14:28</a>. Remember the cops that did the investigation before the movie only saw a guy with a slit throat. They had no reason to take the medical bag as evidence because they assumed it had nothing to do with Harlan’s death

    10. soinhu foitu

      This movie has the closest we’ll get to an actual evil captain America lol. Donut hole.

    11. Ulisse Narici-Porter

      I saw this last night and it was in the top 10 movies I’ve ever seen.

    12. louison dessus

      you forgot the biggest plot hole in this movie! the medication supposedly kills the person in ten minutes. fran and ransom meet at 10 am, and he kills her with that medication. Marta and ransom meet later (I think either 12 or 2, cant remember), and Fran is still alive enough to say "Hugh did it". she should have been long dead...

    13. Aaron Nicewonger

      @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> "I've never heard someone pronoun game about themselves before..." Obi-Wan in Star Wars: "Am I a joke to you?!"

      1. soinhu foitu

        I'm so glad CinemaSins loved this movie as much as I did

    14. milkmanv1

      That really is one of the most perfect ending shots ever

    15. Saradactal Mama

      Pretty sure the shadow on her cheek is a cross handing from the rear view mirror but just at an angle that doesn’t show the whole thing....my hubby is Hispanic and his whole family has crosses everywhere

    16. lks102000

      Seeing Chris Evans, who for so long played my favorite hero and "God's righteos man", be a murderer and villian was a nice change

    17. BlueEyedGirl4

      Ana de Armas was incredible in this movie!

    18. Team Amateur Hour

      Why has no one sinned Daniel Craig’s HORRIBLE southern accent??

    19. Dylan South

      #20 is bad because Blanc sees the blood on Marta's shoe when he first meets her, so he does have a good reason to stick around.

    20. japascho

      i like this movie and i feel like they like it to, so i can enjoy this eww just as much as they enjoy sining the movie.

    21. srbrooks

      I am so mad I watched the last ten minutes of the film before getting to watch the whole thing. It is so unsatisfying when you know who it is from the get go!

      1. Deep hug

        Am I the only one that didn't like this movie?

    22. Stephen Color

      She's there because he saw the blood on her shoe. That should take off about 10 sins.

    23. Imran Abdullah Khan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="436">7:16</a> "Canine Christ" - that term almost killed me. :v :v

      1. Deep hug

        how they were going to fool the police into getting the wrong guy.

    24. Austin Woodward

      I feel you should've removed a seen for the broken phone. She's a young woman with an iphone. Of course it's going to be cracked and movies today always have perfect phones

    25. Zayn .Keller

      What even is the point of this channel anymore?

    26. Aidan Henbest

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="336">5:36</a> I'm sure someones pointed this out already but there is a reason. As soon as Blanc meets Marta he looks directly down and then later in the scene he looks down again. This shows that he knows about the blood that is on her shoe, therefore keeping her around might be of a benefit.

    27. josh

      Movie thought it was way smarter than it actually was. Where was the mystery of the killer when your told out right marta didn't do it and it was obvious none of the family did.

    28. Emily Escott

      I'm so glad CinemaSins loved this movie as much as I did

    29. twinkie faith

      I forgot to turn on the volume on my headphones, so I thought the beginning was a bit where he didn't say anything because the logos were silent.

    30. jordanforever21

      I think this movie was overrated.

    31. Luke Saunders

      Benoit bringing Marta along for the investigation wasn't a mistake. As revealed at the end of the movie, he already knew she was involved in the murder because of the blood on her shoe.

    32. The Chosen Cosmic-Order

      Bruh as soon as she said "Michael Meyers killed..." I uhh.... You ever have diahreah at the worst moments? Well.... I couldn't stop laughing and uhh... I couldn't st.. Look that's just the dumbest stuff man lmao

    33. Demon Queen

      Less than 70 sins? DAMN. That might be the lowest count I’ve EVER seen. Like...EVER. And yes this is a FANTASTIC and I mean ABSOLUTELY AMAZING movie.

    34. NotYourTherapist

      ANOTHER SIN, during the car chase when she presses the break, the cops look towards their left as they're driving past her, as if she's to their LEFT, her car's on the driver's side of the cop car. But in the next shot, they drive past her with her on the right of the cop car. Her car's on the passengers side of the cops car. So there's that. Except if they were in the first car

    35. Jakson

      Richard: *hands Marta a plate during politics conversation* CinemaSins: Incredible! *takes off three sins*

    36. zijuiy wttuy

      CinemaSins: “I’m removing 5 sins” Also CinemaSins: removes 4 sins

    37. darthspidermario

      This movie was brilliant but I was kinda disappointed she was innocent all along, it would have been much cooler to see a movie where you knew who and how it was done and how they were going to fool the police into getting the wrong guy.

    38. BCS1980

      Am I the only one that didn't like this movie?

      1. jordanforever21

        I liked it, but I didn't think it was as good as they made it out to be.

      2. zijuiy wttuy

        CinemaSins: “I’m removing 5 sins” Also CinemaSins: removes 4 sins

    39. Majestic Salmon

      Ok, the biggest sin in this movie is the medications Harlan gets. Ketorolac comes in 30mg/1ml and the max dose for an adult by IV is 30mg (15mg if your older and probably have poor kidneys, like Harlan) and 60mg dose if it's given IM. So Marta was already killing Harlan by giving him 100mg by IV! Another issue is strength of medications. Ketorolac comes in 30mg/1ml and morphine can come in several different doses but even if Harlan's morphine came in 10mg/1ml Marta would have to give him like 10ml! That's alot of medication and should have been a red flag. I meam she'd basically have to be the worst nurse in the world or actually trying to kill him. This movie was so good except that they got the meds all wrong.

    40. Jon Johnson

      You HAVE TO do Jumanji: The Next Level! It will be at absolute playground for you!

    41. Savannah Linnea

      No please- this is my favorite movie, Jeremy. You best not be too harsh.

    42. Granuaile Lenora

      Did anyone else notice that Harlan literally spelled out the entire plot twist at the beginning when Marta (and all of us) thought he was going to die from morphine overdose? He said “If someone were to purposefully switch the meds...” What I can’t believe is that CinemaSins didn’t add (or remove) a sin for the brilliance in spelling out the answer for the audience.

    43. Kurtis Deakin

      Love the lil blues bros nod at the end, ty!

    44. Yitz Stone

      You talk a lot BS.

    45. Juan Ayala

      I’m glad Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas at least got recognition at the Golden Globes this year. They were phenomenal. Glad the script got an Oscar nod too. Johnson should’ve gotten best director too. Plus Ana for lead actress.

      1. Joanna

        I get that almost all of these were stretches but, Only 3 were his children so it wasn't incorrect

    46. Mary Thayn

      Benoit asked her to be at his side bc he knew she knew what happened bc of the blood on her shoes and he was confused why she would have anything to do with it.

      1. Joanna

        obviously heard him, but ended up lying and didn't vomit. Or am I missing something?

    47. Gigi Hide

      This might be one of the least sinned movies. Cool!!!! I saw this movie in theaters on Christmas night, it was really nice (:

    48. Scott Paul

      The phrase "who dunn it" is a grammatical abomination. Please, use the proper term: a "who has done this."

    49. Nax thor

      Can we stop for a minute to admire how subtle is the dog's part in this movie? At the beginning we are EXPLICITLY told that they barked at night, and throughout the movie we see them being nice and silent to the whole family except Ransom, and the movie does such a good job at making forget this

    50. Nax thor

      I think the fact that Blanc makes little deductions of important parts and takes some time to solve the case is part of the plot twist of this movie. At the beginning of the movie it literally tells us that he is a great detective and this is like a CLUE game because it wants us to think that it's just another detective movie, but at the end the story y about Marta and the detective is not even that important, he is a fairly "common" detective that solves the case as MARTA makes the exposition unfold before Blanc, but who really makes stuff happen is Martha

    51. Jacob Staten

      I thought these were supposed to be funny.

    52. James Smith

      Is Jeremy from Indiana ?

    53. Tim Winter

      Glad you went easy on this movie. It was bloody brilliant!

    54. Deep hug

      CinemaSins: “I’m removing 5 sins” Also CinemaSins: removes 4 sins

    55. Raimera

      Actually, when Marta first meets Blanc, he actually takes quite a long glance at her shoes. It's a fun little detail to notice.

    56. 杨妍旎

      What is the reference for “just because we work in the same corporation doesn’t mean we work the same job”? It’s interesting!

    57. hunter knop

      My only problem with this video is the vhs tape and the fridge magnet. She didn’t need to erase the tape she just needed to break it enough to make the image indiscernible.

      1. Deep hug

        start the plan prior to the symptoms is a smart move on his part. It's called being proactive... or pre-emptive, I think. Either way, he's not waiting until it's too late to do somethin

    58. Lucas Zidlicky

      I think that she got blood on her shoe when she re-entered the room after sneaking in from the outside

    59. Amr Ashour

      I hate you but this was great

    60. LittleVidds

      You should've counted a sin for when Marta was covering her footsteps on the mud and basically lied to Blanc saying, "What? What? I can't hear you" or something like that. She obviously heard him, but ended up lying and didn't vomit. Or am I missing something?

    61. A-Train

      I get that almost all of these were stretches but, Only 3 were his children so it wasn't incorrect

    62. Dave Booshty

      If Christopher Plummer's Character Simply called 911 none of the whole murder mystery coulda been all avoided and the movie woulda maybe only been about twenty minutes maybe?

    63. Travis Starr

      How did the blood end up on her shoe? Did you not see The Last Jedi, the film that was short on all kinds of fuel? Bombs dropping in space, no space suction, light speed is just going very fast...Rian Johnson is terrible at basic psychics.

    64. Travis Starr

      “Clue” was more of a mystery than KO! This was easily one the most predictable and underwhelming films of the year. Any whodunnit mystery where you can easily dismiss over 80% of the cast as suspects within the first 45 mins, see the victim’s actual death within 30 mins, and figure out Evans is the key suspect based on his complete lack of early screen presence on top of his salary alone is not worth praising.

    65. wealthypersons

      "I'm gonna remove 5 sins" 71 -> 67

    66. chris x rivas

      it was a good movie (:

    67. Booboosik

      The movie sucked. Hype and no substance.

    68. septemberflowers

      whodunnit? don't you mean... Who Has Done This minutes?

    69. RagingNipples

      This movie was hot garbage that thought it was more clever than it actually was.

    70. John Kloosterman

      I'm going to say the inconsistencies in Harlan's plan are because he just loves making plans. Once he came up with the idea of doing a suicide to cover up the overdose, he was committed to it, just because he thought it was a clever plan.

    71. Mahi Sharma

      You know when a Movie is good when the narrator tries this hard to find sins.

    72. BioGoji 1989

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">03:35</a> Look, if Harlan had waited until he started showing the symptoms, he probably wouldn't have had the time to actually make up his plan and tell it to Marta. Him deciding to start the plan prior to the symptoms is a smart move on his part. It's called being proactive... or pre-emptive, I think. Either way, he's not waiting until it's too late to do something.

    73. Nikola Potpara

      Everything wrong with The Platform please

    74. Ciaràn Busby

      Does anyone ever think that the crew that worked on films come to CinemaSins, see that their film has been done, then tell all the rest of the crew, they all watch and laugh at the video?! I like to think that.

      1. Ptao Tom

        I frikken love this movie

    75. Don AJ

      This channel sucks

      1. Ptao Tom

        as if it is the only way to convey emotion in scene.

    76. Rose Thorn

      This is the first movie in the history of cinema sins that so many points were taken away

    77. Quinlan Hogan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> Benoit knew she was guilty, remember?

    78. Priya Garcia

      Wait, no sins for Daniel Craig's awful accent?

    79. Swastik Swastik

      I loved Chris Evans in this movie. He was great for the comedy.

    80. Ethan Nurtjahja

      Little note to sin 8, according to the director's commentary those windows couldn't open so they had a guy around the corner throw the ball.