Everything Wrong With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood



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    Quentin Tarantino is back with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It's got Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Margo Robbie, and Bruce Lee & Charles Manson (no, really). Most everyone liked it and it was up for Best Picture, but it still has sins. So we counted them.
    Next week: Recent-past horror & recent narration.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 4 روز


    1. CazzSDMF

      this was definitely not tarantinos best work. I was excited about it but damn, it was just one LONG drawn out boring pile of shit. awesome ending but the last 10 minutes does not make the rest of it any better

    2. Pablo Tolentino



      Can't wait for Th3Birdman version of this video

    4. Syrus

      Im at 9:43 and not enough sins have been taken off !!!! Great video as always tho good sir.

    5. dranelemakol

      Liked for "footage footage"

    6. billy hill

      it sucked

    7. Xeno Phon

      Youd didnt even bring up how it was a movie for hollywood elites and not for consumers. It was a movie to give a catharsis to Hollywood and right a wrong they feel happened. And you pets paid them to do it. Sit there for almost 3h to see a bunch of nonsensical fairy tale crap for 15mins of the actual point. Tarrentino is an egomaniac and quickly becoming a hack.

    8. DJ Jcash

      ""Now I'll tell you what I'm too old for... going to jail over some poontang" Nothing. There was nothing wrong with this movie, it was great.

    9. The Profilers - History and Events

      Please do EWW Layer Cake since there’s a new bond film coming ip

    10. Alexis Strauss

      The Manson family actually did hike home separately after the murders so the movie shouldn’t get a sin for that cause it’s conceivably accurate and not made up

    11. Dee Drayton

      DO GRETEL AND HANSEL!!! FIND THE CRAP THAT I FOUND BECAUSE UGH. Whole time I was in the theater I was naming sins.

    12. David Chop


    13. TheCreativeAnimation

      Oh this channel still exists?

    14. Chris Poncelet

      Cinemasins should keep all their videos under 10 minutes, because half of the sins are bullshit these days. I understand they’re “assholes” not critics, but a lot of sins aren’t even right, they’re just padding their runtime for money. And that’s a sin

    15. Dexter Lee

      This movie was a whole tarantino sin. It is a bad movie.

    16. TheCarMan

      Missed Opportunity ... 19:38 "Good day Mr. Phelps. Your mission, should you decide to accept it ..."

    17. jorge junior

      Why Margot Robbie's character was even in this movie🤷🏽‍♂️??

    18. Huisbeest

      7:20 i mean WHYYYYY did he do THAT! it's the worst this character got imo

    19. R Baker

      You need to add 10,000,000 sins for the fight scenes with Bruce Lee. Quintin lost respect from me the day I saw this. Fuck this movie. Lol

    20. SC1089

      There's a big difference between jail and prison. Hitting the police officer and spending two weeks on a chain gang was just jail. Statutory Rape would be a much longer prison sentance....

    21. O. Guimarães

      I love how you're wrong about so much

    22. King Brown

      Do The Irishman when you have a free moment please :)

    23. momoringluv

      Do Parasite next

    24. Diggy Dumbo

      I'm waiting to see the 1917 episode

    25. LouisHazRice

      Can’t sin a good movie no matter how hard you try

    26. Oliver Steenberg

      You should make your own movie

    27. Daniel Dorrian

      The can of Old Chattanoga was closed prior to Cliff parkouring up to the roof. Brandy was in a kennel the entire time Rick and Cliff were in Italy. Good catch on the Pendellum movie not being released until March of 69'.

    28. Carel Cloete

      PLEASE!!!!!! Do a ridiculous one. A sins video for Sharknado or something

    29. Karl Anthony

      Nice, for a channel designed around pointing out mistakes, the description has Margot Robbie spelled without the T.

    30. Sebastian Sporti

      No, this is kinda disrespectful: with other movies your attitude is funny, but here it's shows your lack of understanding... like going to a stripclup and saying: *ou my gosh*, why is there *no girl with a t-shirt* on.... It's not funny. I stopped at minute 4 however, maybe it turns to genious afterwards...?

      1. Sebastian Sporti

        Ok it really gets good! :D Haha. ;-)

    31. David Woods

      Did u ever do "the invention of lying" 🤔

    32. Princess Plays

      Can you do everything wrong with leap, shark boy and lava girl, and mr Peabody and Sherman plz?

    33. Ray Doe

      @3:06 so brandy doesnt feel alone

    34. Andrea Gomes

      It makes uncomfortable seeing the movie of Quentin Tarantino after he defended Roman Polanski and blamed the victim

    35. Jenson Dudash

      Can you do everything wrong with Matilda

    36. Lulzalex

      CinemaSins sin: Your awful fake laugh for some of your dialogue. Everyone knows you've planned ahead what to have in your video, and that you have to reshoot some parts to get the dialogue just right, there is no way you just randomly have a really dry short chuckle that immediately stops before your lines. DIIIIING +1 sin

    37. Rob Huck

      What the hell is with the Cinema Sins narrator's voice? If these people insist on making a living off of far more talented performers and artistic creators, the least they can do is not be even more annoying than those purported "sins".


      this movie should be called " did we really need to see all that" so many pointless fucking scenes that do absolutely nothing for the story.

    39. Monkey Jeebus

      Los Angeles is really big but it's totally possible since its west los angeles and Hollywood they are focusing on.


      this movie sucked ass. it did nothing the whole movie. maybe character development but it shouldn't take 2 house to set up who your characters are. Sharon Tate could have not been in it and nothing would have changed. oh but wait, he subverted our expectations right? such a bullshit trend. its called a TWIST and no one can do them right anymore.

    41. Antonio Labaš

      Amazing movie, one of the best that I watched in theatre. P.S. Margot name is written wrong in description.

    42. WaVx

      Do you just hate every single movie that exists?

    43. aga war

      Everything Wrong With Coraline

    44. Trace Alyea

      Making you feel sorry for a Manson family killer. Haha that’s fucking funny man. Cliff slamming that bitches head 100 times was priceless and he was high off acid

    45. Jim Applebee

      I have to agree with the ending making the actual murders that much sadder. Plus the character Timpthy Olyphant plays was riding a motorcycle with his wife in 73 when they were hit by a drunk diver. His wife died & he had to have his left arm & leg amputated.

    46. Trace Alyea

      When I first saw OUATIH, I thought the girl on the right at 2:07 was Hillary Duff because she really wanted to be in a good movie about Sharon Tate and not the shitty “The Haunting of Sharon Tate”

    47. H1K8T95

      do Uncut Gems and use "I shot Marvin in the face" in the video

    48. Elijah Muller

      204 is right hahahhaha

    49. Kaysen Crosby

      yay we haven't had a bonus round in a while

    50. Fishous Rend

      You should sin Dragon Quest Your Story on netflix

    51. S Mac

      You should do one for Parasite

    52. help4343

      "and we know that George Sphan is a PRIME candidate to be dead right now" Um, if we know anything about the real George Sphan we know he didn't die until 1974, years after the murders

    53. ChilledP

      4:38 my god, she would fucking get it

    54. naiastra

      am I the only one who went into this movie with no idea who Sharon Tate was or how she died? cuz I can tell y'all it was a VERY different movie from that perspective.

    55. Yamini Mervikar

      Will you please do a sins video on The Hangover!!!

    56. Jesus Jr Romero

      I love the ending of this movie idc

    57. Charles_Draw

      𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨,𝘉𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨. -𝘝𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘰𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘴

    58. madi r

      Can you do everything wrong with Bad Times at the El Royale? It's a really good movie but I'd love to see it picked apart

    59. Trent Singh

      Do starship troopers

    60. TheBigBoss

      This channel is a disgrace to movies and art.