Finish the TikTok Lyric: Noen Eubanks and Chase Keith

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    Finish the TikTok Lyric: Noen Eubanks and Chase Keith
    Noen Eubanks and Chase Keith Finish the TikTok Lyrics. Who do you think deserves to be sipping super dry martinis? Comment below!
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    1. dolores delano

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰 JAJAJAJJAJA

    2. Downright Delinquent

      I love Chase's energy lol

    3. Chloe Clarke

      I only got lay it down right😂( like woah)

    4. This is Angelina

      *русские спокойно спят* Вы где?))))

    5. leonie. sngrr

      Noen is such a cutie 🥺🥺❤ I love him ❤

    6. saby baby

      Блин ноен подвел

    7. Bangtan's Girl

      i fucking love so much noen

    8. Владислава Воронцова

      рашн герлз канон

    9. Dana Brimgazina

      Chase boyfriend Charlie?

    10. zhyken Vlog

      2 e boyyyyu

    11. TheLiving Bird

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> But i was DEPRESSED

    12. 1w_is_chris _

      Who’s here from @oh my stars

    13. Maria Clara

      noen mexe com meu coração

    14. Charles beck

      Ewwww these E boys make me wanna kill myself

    15. 은비

      왜 머리로 ㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㅋㄹㄹㅋㄹㅋㅋㅋㅋ 종 치는ㄷ ㅋㅋㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    16. Zara Herondale

      "Oh no I thin I e u I e" Chace omg!!😂🤣

    17. Bazhena Fedankova

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> я нашла эту песнююююю

    18. Palahuddin YT

      Lol chase has a cute voice

    19. Mykhaella Malan

      Noen iss soo damn cute!!😍

    20. That's me

      Hi i'm Chase, and i'm Noen And you're watching Disney Channel

    21. That's me

      I want so much they date

    22. maha amro873

      WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT NOEN'S SMOL MOAN AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> I'M SIDBKSVDJDVS

    23. Sandy Nuñes

      Jajaja. A loviu olean die sich auf dem ich habe Likert das nicht die beiden 📖 liker Lover yuo noes

    24. Juliet Slaney

      Noen got up to twerk and i was like oop

    25. Giulia Alina


    26. Я тут ты труп

      Рашн гёрлз есть ? 🤰

    27. Willow William

      OMG NEON l see on TIKTOK hes actúelie my ídol

    28. Juliet Slaney

      She a nice lady and she dancing her YAMS .

    29. Gabriel Bosid

      Tlk tok Lyrlc

    30. Amanda Nuss

      Lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a> is so funny

    31. ItzCrazyKrasi

      2 gays in 1

    32. Suamae Singhsnaeh

      I want Payton and Chase Hudson to go on this XD

    33. Vicenta Sequeira

      No ubiesen ponido a Noen😉

    34. Junaki Chowhurry

      Chase singing "I think i am catching feelings" is the best thing ever.

    35. Chiara Barrios Bardi


    36. cresCxnt_exe

      A h, y e s N o e n e u b a n k s

    37. милана молочный чай

      best 1 minute and 28 seconds in my life

    38. kuroni

      noen voice is literally so cute-

    39. MINA MINI

      Noen is so aesthetic 😭😭💙

    40. Pink

      Chase is a billie boy version

    41. Lover of Yeeet!

      I think noen is shy in real live

    42. Soloflow biggestfan

      I love Noen ❤️

    43. Dunja Vereš


    44. Xtootx _91

      The guy with the hat looks like bailey's boyfriend

    45. Milagros Acosta

      JAJAJA alto gemido hizo Noen en el minuto <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a>

    46. Ceylin Ozdemir


    47. Анжелика Вилкова

      Как он афигенно произносит своем имя "ай эм ноуэн"

    48. Tea_ bunne

      Stanley fishyyyyy

    49. Ashanti Williams

      Chase: Stanky fishy Stanky Fishy Stanky Fishy I got STDs Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Laura Nuñez

      When they say “and you’re watching “ I thought it was Disney channel 😂

    51. Karoline Navarro cornejo

      noen is so cooollllll and cute

    52. Yana Zanina


    53. thankyou,next

      i wish neon wasnt gay:(

    54. Nyanjoak Deng

      O. G.

    55. Csimpánz Channel

      Two gay Guy OK

    56. Mia Moya

      I onlycome here for noen. Thx YT :D

    57. Saanvi Bhandarkar

      Somebody had too many fruit loops for breakfast 😳😳😳

    58. Wilma Leckey

      E boy check

    59. Leyna Al Ali

      I need more

    60. Adela Grahovac

      noen is the cutest dont argue me

    61. Jade Elizee

      Noen is adorable

    62. Gizelle Shoshani


    63. Princess Elshu

      i swear the first song should've been for danielle's finish the lyrics

    64. BluuCat `

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> Disney Channel

    65. Fatii Bae

      who are they?

    66. Flavia De Brito

      imagine daniel cohn saw this

    67. lilpiña_56 _65


    68. Senzgirl Ngcobs

      Firstly When chase was like “oh no i think I’m catching feelings” i felt that Secondly Noen’s voice is so cute

    69. Ariana Horsten

      the guy with blue hair looks like bellie eilish

    70. Koya Zy

      I don’t mind always reminds me of Daniel Cohn dancing I -

    71. Sidonia Sunshine

      I like Noah

    72. Shine Kiss Domini Lumban

      Both of them are soo cute, don't just talk about noen here.

    73. Schnapp Tivity

      I like how he said yams weird I keep playing it back lol😊

    74. Random Account


    75. Julia Gajdosova

      I love noen

    76. alexwannacry

      Chase looks like Yungblud Sorry, i just notice this the entire video

    77. Dania Qaisara

      Can you invite charlie😅

    78. nutsa chubinidze

      I love how comments are only about noen. because same.

    79. Elias Perez

      E boys

    80. SydniiTheUnicorn Thompson

      ANd i WA$ DePReS$eD