Finish the TikTok Lyric: Lauren Godwin and Sebastian Bails

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    Finish the TikTok Lyric: Lauren Godwin and Sebastian Bails
    Best friends, Lauren and Sebastian, (AKA The Blueberry and Orange), go head to head to see who can finish the TikTok Lyrics. Who do you think did better?
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    1. Lil Tea splash

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a> OH SO NOW YOU WANNA BRING IN THE BRITISH TINGS

    2. sadia imtiaz

      Sebastian the 🍊 lol

    3. orlando mendoza

      There are horrible Seger’s

    4. Ava Lock

      its lauren the orange and sabastian the orange

    5. Yuridia Sanchez

      Le adelante como 10 veces para ver dpnde dice botty botty jajajjajajajaj le voy a volver a adelantar jajajaja

    6. Sergio Ramos

      Lauren the bluberry and the orangeeee!😂😂

    7. Erin Baker


    8. league invader

      CEO of mumbling

    9. league invader

      Nobody: Lauren: I know it I know it. It’s mgmmensnfjhendnndjsndnddj

    10. Park Jimin

      I'm sorry but she sounds a little bit like a goat

    11. Teresa Ramirez

      When my friend sings: bllksndjsbdb Me: thats NOT singing

    12. Yamila Alvare

      Is it me or does sabastoin (sorry I spelled that wrong) look like he in prison

    13. Cosmonautsnot

      When will he come out

    14. Fire X

      Are those word?? Or mumbling

    15. Alina Grineva



      I hate Lauren soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mach

    17. Ibtihal Alwaleed

      She isn't fair fatass

    18. H U R T _gacha

      Fat blueberry check

    19. Liza's daily vlog Blogging channel

      sebastian is a gay

    20. Sandra Castro

      Can you have Chari Damilio and Dixie Damilio

    21. Mako Scam’s husband

      Wtf tung

    22. Laura Brieskova

      Lauren is insect😲

    23. -Mia Collins ;

      Olha,achei o laranjo KKKKK

    24. Lily Blair

      She forgot her pants 👖

    25. Park Jimin

      She sounds a little like a goat haha jkjk dont take it serious

    26. Laura Ozimec

      Fuck you Laura and Sebastian. 🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕

    27. ii_kelceexx

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a> Sebastian the 🍊 orange I’m dying 😂

    28. Tiana Kovacic-Torres

      lauren:hi i’m lauren the blueberry sebastian:hi i’m sebastian the orange me:hi im tired and i’m sleeping

    29. rua basel

      وين العرب اطلعوا وقولو من وين انتوا give me a like plz

    30. RAGHAD rr

      Following you from Saudi Arabia 😂🇸🇦💞I love Americans very much🥺♥️! + The boy is beautiful. Does he have Snapchat🌚🤣♥️?

    31. Aqa zia Asghari

      The first time I heard about them I thought they were friends until I heard rumours and I didn’t believe before when they said they were in a relationship :3

    32. Brooks Hunsucker

      Lauren you can't sing

    33. Kylie Nguyen


    34. Wajda Asif

      He called himself the lord he forgot that he is actually orange

    35. Addy Withers

      Didn’t he get mad when people called him orange??

    36. Diana Vilsone

      It's Lauren the IDIOT

    37. Dora Rojas

      I love you sebastian

    38. YT Maria

      forgot her pants lmao jk

    39. Salexx

      Who's here from TikTok? I I V

    40. Senpai Angelic

      Lauren: “He is the same color as this button”🤣🤣

    41. Anylah's Vlog

      How do they not get copyrighted

    42. Marieka Campbell

      Same I thought the same as Sebastian on Yellow Hearts ahhahaha

    43. Aniyah Wilson

      at least he knows the orange...

    44. sellonangel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> wow she doesn't know how to sing

    45. Liam Tonga'uiha

      I remember they both used to make tiktoks that were meant to be funny but weren’t :)

    46. gg playz

      Omg they don't know any of them why is this recommended

    47. Thrieztan Malinao

      She sucks why is she singing there she did not even no the lyrics

    48. Yazid Arriaga

      Lauren is so annoying

    49. Palahuddin YT

      Lauren isnt even singing she's just Aghdgs jus shd

    50. Jayla baby Lol


    51. AZ_ J1

      What is she ooooonnnn

    52. Maria Emmerson

      This was good

    53. Godメートルgatogamerメートル

      Coment 400

    54. Jackie Martinez

      she cheated on THE 2nd round

    55. Than Than Soe

      She cheated

    56. Thuhiri Vasikaran

      Lauren cheated she never put her hands behind her back like if u noticed

    57. Ğächa And Røbløx ŪwŪ

      Who knows Dye from tik tok And she has a Crush Of Sebastian😂😂😂

    58. Richard Ko

      Lauren doesn’t wawr pants and is like akajjs snddmdiojoiewnwiofnedwfiojdefwio S

    59. Tyra Henley

      Sorry but he is orange when makes tik tok’s he where’s make up

    60. Natalie Kaba

      Lauren can not singing

    61. Manttas

      Lauren was like wbwbajsjfnfn

    62. brooke playz roblox

      Some of these songs aren’t from TikTok there from real people and o feel like the real artist aren’t getting there hype

    63. Yamileth Lomeli

      She did not have her hands behind her back

    64. Yamileth Lomeli


    65. Yamileth Lomeli

      Lareun got a lot wrong

    66. ItzJacoblolz Jackie

      ণভঢচয ঢ়বুঘী

    67. Madeline Stephenson

      Why not sabistion the orange

    68. Lxdr 774

      لغلوغها سكر على المايك😂😂😂😂

    69. Hshsh Hdhdh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> that dorito said look my vid

    70. Jaylen XO

      Why was Sebastian even feening just to say “I can take your man if I want to” ...

    71. SobbleTheMeme

      Ew there gross

    72. Salma Aktar

      There such a cute cupule

    73. Itz. Randomcookie

      Lauren isn't even singing she's like bajhabejshzvscjak

      1. Itz. Randomcookie

        Kao Thavrak 👍🏻

      2. Kao Thavrak

        Foxy_rainbow25 1 yeah

    74. Itz. Randomcookie

      U guys annoy me..

    75. Amelia Broadley

      The first one Lauren wasn’t even saying half of them correctly

    76. Lana Markovic

      Haha I love you

    77. Lareina Emma

      Actually it's orange

    78. Pastelgirl_ Playzz2

      **I can take your man if I want to but lucky for you I don’t want to** -Sebastian Bails 2020

    79. Dakota Johnson

      I love the song ROXXANE

    80. KW

      Why is she mumbaleying in the shog

      1. KW

        Sorry i mest. Up sorry.