Flo Milli | 5 Second Songs

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    Flo Milli | 5 Second Songs
    Flo Milli stops by Flighthouse to sing her popular songs, "In The Party" and "Beef FloMix." How many songs did you recognize?
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    2. Tricia Fradrick

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    7. Sanna Soltani

      Can someone write all the name of the songs?

    8. Ela Arslan


      1. con

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    9. Kristi Kxznsns

      Nothing wit this vid oncludes charli or lil huddy. Flo milly is here and yaaaasss😍

    10. Ella Yu

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      1. Tricia Fradrick

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    11. Madi Michelle

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    12. Beyza Nur Er

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    13. Ainsley Angstman

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    14. נועה סיטון


    15. gucciflipflops

      Hahaha I am waiting for Chase and Charli😂

    16. victoria gonzalez

      I love charlie and adisson

    17. Ellen melon

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    18. נועה סיטון

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    19. MJ's Life

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