Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks



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    Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks! Today we're looking at some of the best Hey Yo Really Bad Hairline Check on tiktok! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Lucky People having the best day ever Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      hey yo stuck at home check

      1. Mckenna Schmiedeberg


      2. Damian Valerio

        Little brains are smarter

      3. ASMR Chopping


      4. Fluffy Wolfie

        Hey im at home and can i reply to this sniperwolf

    2. Laurie Pingree

      I love watching your videos.

    3. Megan Dean

      I gotta five head but it don't look very big 😂

    4. max and biscet

      Mine is five fingers lol

    5. Mariah Thomas

      Borde Sssnpw

    6. DarkGacha Yt

      Hey yooo, like if you gotta threehead

    7. Ryan Mullen

      Sssniperwolf, your hairline isn't that bad. Actually, it's not bad AT ALL

    8. rachel nobles

      My fore head is bigger then yours lia lol

    9. Tonya Virgilio

      I have a 3 head...

    10. Eucharia John

      I HEAR "pretty face need space" Period

    11. Cadence Ackerman

      max if you think your hair line is bad you shoud see mine it is bad like a inch big and i have to smash a like you said so and if you did not say that i am still doing and i will sub too! so you and max r lucky haha and stop about the wig! and cad you do a try to do a try to keep singing thing and soo ya please please please please please please please please please ok i will stop bye wow i have been tiping for a long time bye!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Roblox Dount

      I got a six head..

    13. stephanie soto

      I got a solid 3.5 head

    14. Sana !!!

      Is it JOST me or I thing she is so funny lol

    15. Cate Geddes

      Sniper saying she got bad hair line Me:girl it looks like I’m holding a wig so I look bald *:(*

    16. Alein Ashnyer

      These peoples for heads are so big they measure them in miles!!!!

    17. Grace Bolton

      I have a 3 head am I special? I'm 8 years old

    18. At Home With Audrey!

      HAIR LINE CHECK oh wait,i have no hair...btw i just shaved my head XDDDD

    19. emily petri

      You do look like a black haired version of Cheryl blossom from riverdale tho

    20. S_vper 2020

      Humpty dumpty realistate.

    21. DaV

      Lol, my teacher definitely glues his wig on. Mr. Y I’d you see this, yes. The quiet kid with anxiety who doesn’t talk most of the time just said that. This is an inside joke with my class so the reader probably doesn’t understand.

    22. Shuuca O

      I have a 6 head

    23. NoFloss

      I got them three head 😔

    24. •NightyGacha• ÙwÚ

      O.O <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">4:04</a> She’s Mrs.Dr.Eggmiss!! She is what Eggman wishes he was

    25. Caroline Lorello

      "you know what they say about big foreheads, big foreheads big brain. she just need more room up there" ~Lia 2020

    26. Noessen

      road to 20 mil congrats

    27. OMG It’s Fatima!!!

      I am 5 Head

    28. Jackson Meme lord

      I have a 3 head

    29. Madison Davis

      chicken nuggets

    30. Madison Davis


    31. Madison Davis

      im sad i have a 6 head and im 10 :(

    32. Rebecca Shields

      I have a 3 head small head

    33. dany

      I uave a nine head


      ELLO! The bigger ur forehead, the more kisses u xan get

    35. Mariah Colon

      love SSSniperwolf videos check

    36. duane rivera

      where sausage

    37. Little balloon Popper

      I didn’t watch the vid because of the TikTok sound like to relate

    38. Vera Schmutz

      I have a small four head. it's not even a four head its a three head!

    39. • シャドウィーŠîmøn •

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="221">3:41</a> he looks like pennywise

    40. Mint Rose

      Me tiny forehead:I guess I’m a 3head

    41. Ava McCulloch

      Lol I feel like I’m in prison

    42. Sadie Sheptock

      I just realized almost all of her thumbnails have she has her mouth open😂 Love you lia😂💛

    43. Brianna Isaac

      5 head

    44. angel kitten

      when i saw the emo girl. HI HUMPTY DUMPTY!

    45. Abigail Kaye

      Nieu ni nieu ni nieu nieu

    46. Kevin Held

      I have 5 head

    47. Nathan Branigan

      That sound is damn bad.

    48. Kaedy Yap

      I have natural big eyebrows

    49. gucci gang

      Me: Cousin: Me:,what are you waiting for turn on sssniperwolf Cousin: I thought you were going to Me:nall brah nall Cousin:fine

    50. Gilly Goose

      4 head

    51. rebecca krabbe

      You think jojo siwa is the CEO of hairline MY DAD IS CEO OF HUGE FORHEAD CHEAK YOU SHOULD SEE IT LOL

    52. Abby Wood

      U talking bad about jojo

    53. Payton Douwenga

      I have a six head

    54. Kim Utting

      I have a 5 head

      1. Kim Utting

        I forgot to say it was bad enough only seeing my dad,little half sister and step mom once per two weeks

    55. Rhianna Fulena

      Is that joke real that he made you slap your face

    56. Hanny Banany

      I have a full hand forehead

    57. ShellBee_Gaming

      I have a four head

    58. Kerry Hughes

      Ha jojo

    59. Giselle Lazarit Orozco (410gislaza)

      your forehead is big sorry you told me

    60. Truekitty Love


    61. Helle Tommerdal Hognes

      I have a 4 head

    62. Itz Cheezo

      I have a 5 head

    63. Reagan Unicorn

      Why Jojo

    64. omen nov

      Your forehead not even that big

    65. omen nov

      Yeet :))

    66. Queen__ thigpen

      5 head

    67. Ahmed Rashan

      The sibling is my ugly brother

    68. casey mcdonald


    69. Tom Saario

      4 hed

    70. Limping penguin

      I have a five head ):

    71. dragon destroyer

      I have a 3head :/

    72. L Tasch

      Your videos are the only thing keeping me from going insane during this quarantine

    73. Isaura Ortega

      Love your videos:)=)

    74. dark nightmare

      No she like a alien it need this black eyes 👽 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a>

    75. undyne ?

      I have a three head

    76. Garmiah Fleurius

      I am a 5

    77. Vanessa Barajas

      imagen doras hair line

    78. Jaila Horne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a>: she be looking like Wednesday from the move 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    79. Faith Brooks

      ha im stupid i have a 3 head😂 Like if you have 3 head😋

    80. 2E Tube

      I got a 3 head