Galaxy S20 vs S20 ULTRA Hands On! - What's the Difference?


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    I got a chance to go hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Can't lie I'm super pumped for Samsung's new phones. With features like 120 hz refresh rate display, quadruple and triple camera system, space zoom, single take and much more, this might be the most exciting smartphone of 2020 so far.
    Stay tuned for my Samsung Galaxy S20 review, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review and relal day in the life.
    Stay tuned also for a Galaxy Buds and Samsung Galaxy ZFlip review as well. Lots to come!
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    1. mr. loungensmritz

      I was thinking. "Is that all might on his shirt?" than you made that joke (althought the shirt isn't mha). Good one

    2. wilson ndebay

      I can buy the Xiaomi Mi 10 PRO which has the same specs as the S10 Ultra minus the water resistant but with a 30 watts wireless charging pad for half a price of the Ultra

    3. Teshigi Smith

      That last comment about not knowing how many people are really looking at the S20 Ultra is so true for me. I'm honestly sad and kind of tired of how many videos on the S20 Ultra there are when there are like none on the S20 which is what I'm most interested in. Everything for these phones especially the Ultra was pretty much leaked so it's really all to me like the same info being regurgitated.

    4. thisismyexcitedfacee

      when you're from a country where the standard S20 is 1499. oof.

    5. status45

      Pre orders start on 21st. I love your videos but stop saying guys after each sentence it's really annoying.

    6. mitchell abbys


    7. Mikey Johnson

      These phones are all overpriced. No phone should be over $1000. That's stupid. Everyone should stop supporting this consumer robbery. Vote with your dollars and don't buy these.

    8. David Zavala

      Thanks for telling the price how it is. $1,000 and $1,200 and $1,400

    9. Gwilosteez

      Thumbs up for adding all might 😭😅

    10. Andre Ayton

      Where’d you get that shirt bro

    11. ilyn Payne

      So basically a person needs a bodyguard guarding the Galaxy S 20 Ultra that thing cost more than my car

    12. Edge Boom

      What the song ? Very like it

    13. Hakoa

      I would never buy a 1400 phone that will slow down after 2 years☺

    14. RexLight

      We need a galaxy buds video!

    15. Rivaldo Victor

      We want to see a video of Samsung galaxy buds plus

    16. Nosirrah

      Goodness you’re good looking

    17. Mak Ishola

      Whens real day in the life coming out???

    18. Devon Douglas


    19. Daniel Tapia

      Bro where did you get that shirt at??

    20. Vikingz. edits

      I have no idea where the ram counts on the mobile phones are going My phone have twice as ram as my laptop & the s20 ultra have 4 times as many ram as my phone..

    21. Grandmaster Chi

      Yes I would live if you could do a review on the galaxy buds +

    22. Dwayne Burry

      What's wrong with an S 20 Ultra Plus a.k.a the new note?

    23. Godfrey Smith

      I want that shirt

    24. Justin Mucha

      great vid. please do a buds + video

    25. Fogozar 00

      Definitely do the galaxy buds

    26. Poke Arjuna

      Do Samsung buds+ video

    27. Samuel Arouch

      In europe it's €929 for the s20 and €1029 for the s20 plus, that's because we have the 4g variant. 5g is useless anyway

    28. Liam Hardie

      Got the Ultra pre-ordered. Looking for a top quality bumper case for it so it will still show off front and back, any recommendations??

    29. Y R

      can someone with small hands review the s20 ultra

    30. hooper2711

      im rly on the fence between the plus and ultra.

    31. Tetron Richard


    32. lilricho24

      Just ordered the + I spoils love the ultra but so much more!

    33. Jon Courliss

      My iPhone 11 feels dated now ☹️

    34. CG

      Definitely no need to rush out and get these devices. Sales are incoming via the carriers in a month or so.

    35. Pear

      I'll just wait next year for ultra when the price drops

    36. Annie Marie

      Thank you for this review

    37. Jesse Orozco

      It's gonna be very good the 20 ultra 💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💯💯💯

    38. Just_a_ six

      The ultra with that price seems reasonable with all its features, iPhones are around that price range and they are not worth it

    39. SuperAminAmin

      Pumped for real day in the life S20 ultra and left a like so please make it happen bro

    40. Hasan AlSayyad

      Buds + review please

    41. Rizvi Malik


    42. GαεlLαzεrYT

      yea i would like to see the new Galaxy Bud video yes

    43. softest uwu

      the note20 is coming on august djskks im still not able to buy any tho lol

    44. Yobo1987

      Real good review, but i missed the size comparision between the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra

    45. ZET JUNIOR

      its so cool

    46. Smokey Q

      What's with phones not having aux ports for headphones now. I own an expensive pair of corded headphones that I wont be able to use unless I have a special adapter which is stupid . Looks like I'll be sticking with the s9+.

    47. Victor Ortiz

      Question. So does the S20 Ultra come with any headphones??

    48. Joshua McCrae

      I can literally charge an S20 Ultra with my Chromebook charger. 😳

    49. Dominico Mucci

      Good review and covered all the important thing. Thanks for this was a good watch!


      Who else is thinking about the s20 plus


      I'll go with the plus was thinking about the ultra but I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus and a Samsung Galaxy s10 plus so I'm good. The first phone is average for me the middle phone is just good for me the ultra is way to much money

    52. Cole Nagin

      Me 3 weeks ago I was trying to decide if I buy the iPhone 11 or wait for the 12 Now I’m like should I wait for 12, buy the 11 or s20

    53. Hebs Cody

      I'm between the s20 and the plus

    54. Reece

      Just randomly found you on here! Nicely done. Easy going laid back style and to the point. New subscriber here! Would have liked to the prism white/aurora colour. Think they have limited the colours a bit too much, and gone a bit backward in that regard. Otherwise good phone except the price!!!!

    55. Tom Matthews

      Good video thanks

    56. Ivan Lipatov

      The plus ultra joke is awesome

    57. Jethro solis

      I already pre-ordered ultra and this vid made me more excited

    58. D D

      Apple's strategy is putting the prices higher, they know people will buy the most expensive no matter what. People are too insecure and think they have something to prove to others, so they want to be cool and have the expensive device

    59. Robert

      Wow it makes laptops look cheap. Why the jump in numbers s10 to S20 what about s11 s12 s13 s14 s15 s16 s17 s18 s19???

    60. ??

      This guy talks as if someone is holding his balls.