How To Dance To The Biggest Song On The Internet (Sub Urban style)

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    How To Dance To The Biggest Song On The Internet (Sub Urban style)
    Sub Urban's song 'Cradles' is massive and so is the dance that comes with it. The only person who hasn't danced to this song is Sub Urban himself...until now.
    * queue Cradles by Sub Urban *
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    1. Angel Candy


    2. nrntaetae

      I like how his songs are so deep but irl he is so cute and sweet

      1. taiyäki `

        I was about to comment the same thing until I saw this, but yeah, I agree! He is adorable and so cute 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    3. Miss Cxybxby

      Literally me when i try to do tiktoks w my friends lmao

    4. little island

      I thought he's going to show us how to dance like he's having a seizure on his live performances

      1. taiyäki `

        I wish xD I would love to learn it

    5. Lucky Videos

      When you fall. It’s part of the dance. Don’t worry, it was Eh

    6. TanyaKurenai11 Shirosagijo

      Damn the fall!! 😂👌❤️

    7. James michael O'Connor

      Love it 👻

    8. Aaron van

      You need to tour to the quad cities man iowa/illinois great music man!

    9. Alo Sol

      Precious BEAN

      1. taiyäki `

        YESS PROTECC HIM 🔥🔥🔥

    10. Ashraf kitu

      Hahaha Ahaha

    11. ulises mtz


    12. coni _cute

      que mas es

    13. h.eriza Awomi

      He's cute 😂😍

      1. taiyäki `

        Ikr, he is adorable and cute and sweet and amaz- 🔥🔥

    14. ᴀsʜ ᴡᴏʟғ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> me falls down the stairs by walking backwards

    15. Ronita Panjaitan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a>

    16. Gurdinder kaur

      Search axzyte dance

    17. Woofie’s 2D Logic

      Welp i have a new fandom now

      1. taiyäki `

        Same XD

    18. Maira Mahome

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> Omg it’s so cool

    19. qtxash exe

      linguini? is that u?

    20. InsaneaTear

      Wow I'm so S H O O K he should be a dancer and can be better than people on TIK TOK!! (No hate to those tik toks stars,they were great too)

    21. Lauren Ballard

      Epic fail

    22. Haui Zuleyka

      my heart nutted

    23. Dreamy Girl


      1. taiyäki `


    24. Julie Why Don't We

      Nobody wanted. Everybody needed.😂😂😂

    25. Alexei Yirievich


    26. Tamara Hidalgo

      Yo tengo tik tok no ablo inglés así que traduscanlo

    27. Graciela Vargas


    28. Minorbay27 Gacha Movies

      This is why we love him

      1. taiyäki `

        I love him for everything He is so cute and sweet and adorable awwe

    29. M ø n k e y Milkshake

      His dance is already good ➡️⬅️↙️↖️⬆️⬅️➡️↘️↗️

    30. Pushparani Mahakrishnamoorthy

      Did you see him fell

    31. Ali_ Gaming

      The creator doesn't know his dance :D

    32. Kristel C

      this is the same guy who made the line “it’s hard to breathe but that’s alright” popular, what a legend

    33. 로지Rosie

      “tHat wAs gReAt :)”

    34. Determinator-Z


    35. Rajesh Mondal

      Is he going to bland🙄

    36. JAVI UwU

      this is a billie eilish in men version i love it

      1. Nani Hine

        Ikr sooooo true guess that why I like him

    37. Família André

      Tho Music is Love you thu me

    38. Boliviana de corashon

      Es perfecto, bellísimo baile, bailas mejor que yo, 👌😃

    39. bamgods

      amigo sos un queso pero te amo

    40. Mizo Tech EH

      they ruin the song

    41. oluǝɥ

      ddi i wonder into the atiktok community

    42. Kryptic -

      What pants does he have on

    43. BHZ_-_ 06

      Sooo he can dance like he’s having a seizure but he can’t do that dance..... ooooookkkkkkkk

    44. Juancitø

      By some reason I think that that dance looks like a fking 3 y/o was just playing around a his/her sister thought about doing a tiktok with a choreography inspired by the 3 y/o

    45. joseph carl


    46. Luz Elvira Soto Caccire


    47. La Mica UwU と彼のでたらめ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> Oof :V

    48. Ugh Ugh


    49. Exploding Ducks

      What are does type of pants, I like them, does it have a type of name?

      1. 67 subs with no vids ?

        The name is pants

    50. lily edits gatcha

      Me: *goes on Tik Tok and films herself dancing to Sub Urban's song llike the way he did* Also me: Shit, I look horrible, how did he do it T-T

    51. Wolf Boye

      *somedays i cant tell if my body belongs to me*

      1. Nani Hine


    52. Defstrike M

      That fake fall

    53. Rose Witch


    54. anonimo


    55. BD Animates

      Fuck tok or shitTok

    56. Dank Memes

      Welp mom I’m in love with another celebrity

      1. soyamikzx

        welp saemdt.

      2. my life is ruined•90 years ago

        @Hamza Khan same

      3. Blanka. Gradziel.

        @Hamza Khan SAMEEE

      4. Hamza Khan


    57. MTF: Nine Tailed fox

      People watching from around the world The lights Are bright I cannot dance, but it's alright Hush

      1. 「•Lïl Søphïę•」

        Lmao original 😂😂

      2. Andre Kerterso

        Great comment.

    58. Xenon Yt

      Pls don't do it

    59. im bored

      he is me when i try to dance lmao

      1. FLARE 7712


    60. INEX

      Its hard to dance, but that's alright! Husssh...

      1. Nani Hine


      2. Gurdinder kaur

        You watch waif right

      3. Cookie Crumbs


      4. Blanka. Gradziel.

        OMGGGG 😂😂😂

    61. Dust Bunny

      he’s pure

      1. Dust Bunny

        You can’t tell me that he’s not wholesome, but yes, i forgot that line

      2. Cookie Crumbs

        RΔMΣΠ ШITCH I'm... "Dirty little lullabies playing on repeat..."

    62. Karma -chan

      Sub urban on crack...

    63. Trap Justin


    64. ・ G x b r i e l l e ・

      that was amazing

    65. Poypim Poypim

      He so cute❤

      1. taiyäki `

        Ikk, he is adorable 🔥🔥

    66. D A K O T A

      In Sub’s mind: Hehe uhh yeah, no ;-;

    67. Erin ysabelle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> he fell!!! 😂😂😂

      1. MockT - bs

        Thanks for pointing that out, I thought he ascended

    68. Suki


    69. iiCøttón _ Càndyii

      Why is there not a lot of stuff like comments, likes, or anything well mostly comments but..

      1. Cookie Crumbs

        XxBubblie _ GachaxX Oh! Right😭 I getcha. :) :)

      2. iiCøttón _ Càndyii

        Cookie Crumbs, I meant like why are there 38k views but only 62 comments and 1k likes

      3. Cookie Crumbs

        Y r they comments asking for likes???

      4. Cookie Crumbs

        XxBubblie _ GachaxX Sorry wha???

    70. iiCøttón _ Càndyii

      Lmaoo 😆😂

    71. Yeonjun’s Wife

      omg i luv him

      1. taiyäki `

        Same ikr? He's so freakin cute i can't- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      2. Xd xd


      3. MøonKatt


      4. -M00nie


      5. Rose Witch

        me too

    72. Flighthouse TikToks

      I'm always first :)

      1. iiCøttón _ Càndyii

        UhSthetic, lol

      2. E u p h o r i a


      3. iiCøttón _ Càndyii

        Yes you are

      4. iiCøttón _ Càndyii

        I_support_ you, liar

      5. I_support_ you

        Flighthouse TikToks no me

    73. Kayla Bierei

      When he fell i felt that aha

    74. Taylor Varner

      I'm first not you

    75. I_support_ you