Imthatlauren and Jonyy Rubio : Gingerbread Challenge

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    Imthatlauren and Jonyy Rubio : Gingerbread Challenge
    Friends, imthatlauren and Jonyy Rubio, face off to see who knows more about the other person. Each wrong answer gets a boink on the head! Who do you think made the better gingerbread house?
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    1. Derpy_ Kitkat

      When Lauren started doing the renagade 😂 and was that watermelonisha?? (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) for once she didn't die?

    2. Nikola Jedrusik

      No to nie źle

    3. abbie briley

      my favorite people in da world ❤️

    4. Hoga Tyou

      Where is watermelon nisha????????

    5. Ameerah Kissi


    6. Dieynaba Diallo

      Firsr veiwer

    7. Alixlle


    8. Solarrr

      Who else was a HUGE FAN BEFORE 2019?? 💫 👇🏽 👇🏽 Btw im gíftíng my nêxt 50 ŠŮẞŠČŘÍẞÊŘŠ 👀 😍

    9. Spy Ninja