Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take


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    Scottie Pippen
    Stephen A. Smith, Isiah Thomas and Max Kellerman’s conversation about Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokoumpo turns into a Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons debate.
    #FirstTake #NBA
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    1. tyquan uchiha

      Max is just having the crowd gas him up 😂

    2. Mike Santiago

      Stephen A " 1st of all your wrong max, what else is new" 🤣😅

    3. What The

      Each team has one up on the other. Bulls have more titles Pistons beat them head to head 3-1

    4. 1FTSports

      Funny thing is Scottie Pippen HATES Isiah Thomas

    5. Se 2333

      Remember when kg said he and the Celtics “broke” Lebron... Yea. Isiah is basically under the same drug kg was on

    6. Calvin Foo

      Isiah will never let this go because remember, he is from Chicago and Jordan basically snatched the title of the city's favorite son from him. It hurt and still hurts from a professional and personal level. Those boos must've hurt him bad.

    7. Sam Christian

      When I was younger, I hated how the old school ballers would hate on each other but now after seeing how soft the game is now, I appreciate seeing the pettiness from old legends more. I feel its competitive and the fact that these men still hate each other thirty years later brings tears of joy.

    8. northernlight1000

      I'm pretty sure Jordan did not have another all star when they beat the pistons in 1991

    9. Dave Israel

      Isiah was right! Scottie said it: "And Yes The Pistons Was That Team"

    10. thambone30

      Isaiah is speaking truth.

    11. shoney thomas

      Didn’t Jordan go out his way to get thomas off the all star team and Olympic team let’s be real

    12. rcasagranda

      Zeke trying to diminish the Bulls in Chicago, they got swept what is he talking about!

    13. Yehuda Shabtai

      First off have you checked giannis career stats...he doesnt even average 20 pts a game...he has got one mvp trophy as his entire playoff success whatsoever and max talking about him being the goat...first do 10 percent of what mj did before getting such praise

    14. Yehuda Shabtai

      Isiah sitting up there basically saying he is good as mj because they won 3 of 4 series against the bulls...forgetting the fact was the best player by far each and every time...once mj got a little more help isiah got swept....Detroit had way more better players surrounding thomas....pippen was soft in all those series offering virtually no help to mj while he was getting the mj rules treatment...

    15. KillaSin515

      Zeke only 2 years older than Jordan but when Jordan and the Bulls beat the Pistons in the playoffs he basically retired the Pistons. The Pistons were never a threat after that.

    16. Will will

      He get the boot cause he hated on cool Scott he doesn't want to give Scott Pippin no credit

    17. graham o'riordan

      Finally someone picked off Max on this myth that Kawhi was on Giannis the entire game. Makes out Kawhi dominated him

    18. Marc Leon

      I love Isiah he's fearless in that hostile Chicago crowd.

    19. N E

      Stephen A. destroyed him.

    20. Robert Perdue

      Wow I don't believe it Isaiah Thomas gave Michael Jordan props finally maybe he was told to say it because they in Chicago

    21. Aki Aniol

      He(I.T) is still salty over being whooped by the bulls and ofcourse MJ. Oh and not making the dream team. Lmao Sorry man but you ain’t nothing when MJ and the bulls are in the convo

    22. Aaron Robles

      Exactly!!! Isaiah said what I say all the time. The bad boy pistons had no scorers like that. Just Isaiah. Not dumars not rodman not laimbeer were scoring threats. And this is where people's minds should work quickly. Umm max you said once jordan got pippen he beat the pistons? Ummmm what superstar teammate does greek freal have? None. Middleton is good but not a super star.

    23. Derek Shao

      why are you booing me? I'm right

    24. chuimon slp

      Max and Shannon are the biggest flip floppers.

    25. Lil Cups

      6:38 “STAY OFF THE WEEEEDDD”😂😂

    26. ankevious oliver

      Thomas wants all the smoke. I love it.

    27. Ger Con

      Giannis is better than Kawhi!!!

    28. Johnathan Quinto

      Molly is mad annoying

    29. Nikø Stark

      Isiah salty AF that Chicago likes Jordan better than him! HAHAHAHHAAH

    30. Ro_1Deep

      Max believe you suppose to win the big one cause he has a boxing mentality. Which is true!

    31. Trust Me

      Its Zeke not IT people

    32. Landon Walraven

      Isaiah is a true D boy a city legend for real

    33. Blanket Starry

      Just a general comment, not necessarily about this vid, but since they were talking about Giannis as potentially the best ever (someday) based upon his numbers. First of all, this is a bad era. The rules have inflated many of the numbers and although there is great talent in the league, there is also some embarrasingly bad playing going on. If we are just looking at numbers, people like Wilt would always, by everyone, be considered the best ever. But players in todays era, I predict, will always have an imaginary asterick by their name in future generations as playing in a weak era. The NBA needs to fix some things fast.

    34. Justin Verser

      Love how he throws his entire team under the bus. I remember Joe Dumars winning a finals MVP on the same team Thomas played on so he must have been good enough for something.

    35. Nya Long

      Detroit had to get through Boston. Chicago had to get through Detroit. Isiah won at all levels - Prep, NCAA & NBA. Zeke is a Top 10 HOF. Pippen probably could not crack most "real" NBA fans top 25; but he is a top 50. Think about it!

    36. WuuF466

      Defense was played back then. Defense is a joke in today's NBA. Jordan in his prime today. Would average close to 50 points in todays N B A.

    37. c roll

      Isaiah is a hater. Just like when he led the off court walk off after being swept. No matter what he says, the bulls are on mount Rushmore and he isn't.

    38. Lenard Jacop

      He still salty Poor Isaiah

    39. Airwane

      Isiah still salty about Pippen

    40. Kenny Gs

      Im taking Zeke over mj

    41. Dan. bj

      Isiah with the facts 💯

    42. Greg Cunningham

      Thomas is a rat, snake that gets booed in his own

    43. Hagan Shabba

      Detroit vs everybody whoooooo whoooooo

    44. Kundanlini Lee

      Hate on my Detroit Bad Boys but we beat them Bulls in the ground. Lol

    45. Sean Rankin

      Head to Head his Pistons were better than Jordan's Bulls. What's to argue? Isiah checked that clown

    46. Aden Martinez

      Zeke was always a punk. I can’t STAND MAX but he’s right. Zeke trying to bounce like a ffff coward. The pistons had a wayyyyyyyy better team than mj and helloooooo...I thought you morons said mj had a super team because of pip and RODMAN.......lmfaoooooooo

    47. Orest Pellumb

      Max keep doing you. I for sure wouldn’t mind being wrong 90% if the time if I was getting bread he getting

    48. Cognac Muzik

      How You Gon Be Mad At The Truth!?

    49. Ken Little

      Ain't nobody putting no money up on Isaiah Thomas cuz 😂

    50. New Warleans

      All I kno if Jordan and Isaiah played 1v1 and Jordan got ball first he would touch it SIMPLE 🤷🏾‍♂️

    51. Isaiah Collins

      This dude max.......

    52. krazy k

      And he is hands down right now the mvp

    53. krazy k

      The pistons made M.J. ...yes the greatest of all time.. and wat Isiah saying is even tho mj lost didn't make him not the best... so even though Giannis lost to my raptors dosent means he not the best right now, cuz he is proving it night in night out

    54. krazy k

      Original bad boys.. Detroit pistons... luv it.. max no the full history

    55. krazy k

      No top 50 and zique did it

    56. ed salisch

      Mr. Kellermann disrespects himself, Isiah and Pippin with his comments.

    57. Ernest Espinosa

      Pistons drafted PATRICK EWING 1st round. BEST NCAA center at that time. ON the #1 GEORGETOWN squad. Pippen came from CENTRAL ARKANSAS. Pipen was FAR from being an allstar when he came in.

    58. Ron Lee

      Thomas is one of the 🐐 bad boys for life, Rodman was a real man with the PISTONS

    59. Ernest Espinosa

      Isaiah is wrong...

    60. Du Z Tvee

      Isaiah was definitely right