Jacob Sartorius Recreates His Old Musical.lys: Suggestion Box

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    Jacob Sartorius Recreates His Old Musical.lys: Suggestion Box
    17 year old, Jacob Sartorius, stops by to recreate some of his cringiest Musical.lys, do the Git Down with Dani Cohn and eats a worm!
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    1. Sarah Escott

      noo really

    2. Jaylah Portillo

      He has 3 phones😳

    3. im not cool gamer

      Y'all really had a crush on this kid in 2016

    4. Rylee Ferguson

      You were cuter as a kid

    5. Guess who I am

      I am so sorry but this is hilarious😂 I tried so hard to not to laugh but I couldn’t help it😂😂😂 The best one is his favorite tik tok person and applouce everyone it was Payton🌷 but for real he is good an put work into it and btw who doesn’t love him dm. The last one is when he couldn’t flip the bottle and then the music came I was laughing and crying😂😂😂😂

    6. Nushrat Ahmed

      Jacob Sartorius is literally the perfect/cutest human being ever!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍!!! He's so cute and adorable!!!🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍!!! I love Jacob Sartorius so much and with all of my heart and more than anything else in the world!!!!🌍🌍🥰🥰❤❤

      1. Nushrat Ahmed

        @Marshmello lover You're the sweetest person I've met!!🥺🤗🥰❤ I love you so much!!🥺🤗🥰❤

      2. Marshmello lover

        You are the nicest person ive ever met

      3. Nushrat Ahmed

        @Marshmello lover you're welcome!!❤❤

      4. Marshmello lover

        @Nushrat Ahmed sure thx!!

      5. Nushrat Ahmed

        @Marshmello lover I gave you a shoutout on my channel as well!!❤❤ Wanna be my 1st best friend??❤❤

    7. Anonymous

      He looks better when he was 13,he looks like a drug addict now😂

    8. RJ Long

      What a chode

    9. iconic Gacha

      The cringeeeeeee

    10. Hissah Al koblan

      Invite Annie Leblanc

    11. sila erdemir

      Mal bu

    12. Jennifer Allport

      Jacob sarturis gay more looks pregnant his baby boy Payton moormier

    13. Farrell Nation

      This guy sounds like a 10 year old kid

    14. Eidma C.


    15. Bianca Ferreira

      he flexing hard on his bag

    16. Tanner Nugent

      I streaked his concert!I swear! irsel.info/video/fylm-hay/j5ezmK6qsrGol7o.html

    17. Skraylor Alvarado

      Hey is gay

      1. Nushrat Ahmed


    18. ChoisanPodato


    19. R!ot_Squidy boy

      bleach my eyes

    20. mecq5978

      dumb useless video

    21. natasha kalsi

      This is weird lmao

    22. a person

      he still looks like hes 13

    23. connie

      i love him awh

    24. Trina Roberts

      Why did he bring 3 phones?😂

    25. sassy made

      In <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> why did I know he was gonna say Payton 🤣🤣🤣

    26. t y l e r m c m u l l i a n

      y do u have 3 phones

    27. I’m Janiyah Mullins

      He really had to say “I just shattered one of my 3 phones.”😳

    28. Ameerah Kissi

      I give you A-

    29. Jana Brizic

      Lol I was waiting for this

      1. Jana Brizic


      2. Flighthouse TikToks

    30. Borea Ademaj

      Invite Payton Moormeier next

      1. Madi Michelle

        Flighthouse TikToks yes you should!

      2. Flighthouse TikToks

        omg should I??

    31. Devlin oconnor

      Fristttttttttttt hiii

    32. Sophie Plays Roblox

      First comment

    33. Grace Lopez


    34. Solarrr

      Who else was a HUGE FAN BEFORE 2019?? 💫 👇🏽 👇🏽 Btw im gíftíng my nêxt 50 ŠŮẞŠČŘÍẞÊŘŠ 👀 😍

      1. Maha’s Random Life


      2. natasha kalsi

        chickSZN I’ve subbed

      3. Flighthouse TikToks