Love Advice with Trippie Redd & a Real Therapist

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    Love Advice with Trippie Redd & a Real Therapist
    Why does love hurt? How do you handle your first breakup? You asked Trippie Redd your questions about love and he's giving his best advice - so is a real-life therapist.
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    1. Frank Caceres

      I’ve never heard Trippie’s music I think I never will but I like his personality seems like a cool funny guy

    2. Top Sensei

      The wrld is not majority girls

    3. Karina

      He’s such a smart, unique soul 🤍🖤 Love Trippie

    4. Natalie Nunez-Lopez

      why did I cry ?

    5. Loretta Jackson

      Trippie Redd I'm really feeling your music 😍 and what I hear from you I think you do have a old soul in a good way keep it 💯 pushing Smiles 😊

    6. Dan Dan

      It should straight up be called *"I agree with Trippie"*

    7. Gigiana Taylor

      He b making all that hard music but when u at his concert he b not feeling it as much as his love music 😂😂 his love music he b taking ts to the next level he just a lil softy for love

    8. Mya


    9. Jennifer Fuentes

      wow I love him he’s so intellectual about everything 🥺

    10. Evony

      what’s the therapist name cause i need her in my life😣☹️

    11. Ajay Williams

      Damn she such a cool therapist XD

    12. Papi Jiminshee

      Girl got drip

    13. Nina Blount

      Trippie I fucking love u!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    14. alex

      i need this therapist .

    15. Eliseo Justo

      You gotta write ha a song 😑🐼🔥😁

    16. Saphphire Perez

      Fucking love this

    17. ttvwackypappy

      Bro that therapist is hot anyone else think that?

    18. CØLORZ

      Omg i love trippie redd😂😘

    19. Amina Bin Shafiq

      I agree with EVERYTHING except talking to friends of a girl or guy that led you on. Also if you're not in a relationship with your baby's mother I don't think that you should voluntarily inform her that you're in love with someone else. Because it's going to hurt her.But if she asks be COMPLETELY HONEST.

    20. Amina Bin Shafiq

      His mother raised him right! He had GREAT ADVICE!!!!

    21. Alice Karina Music

      He was really insightful! He had good answers lol ♡♡

    22. [DV] CMF23

      wtf is this recorded in portrait for?

    23. Michael Ellis

      That made me cry bro

    24. Ryan Datboooiii

      Trippie should be a therapist on god

    25. Tana Lynne

      Trippie is so fine 😋😫

    26. Ulowwxrld

      Lmao friends that are kinda like you

    27. Kai S

      he was a twig😭 why he so bulked up now

    28. yoh b

      i love her...WE STAN.

    29. Tori J.

      I love Trippie Redd. That's all.

    30. 8d Knocking

      “I agree with trippie”

    31. Abby Estrada

      trippie is erething

    32. Youssef Al.

      I can feel Trippie redd

    33. Blue DripStone

      I just see two soundcloud rappers

    34. Victoria Lanise

      Love letter to you 4 had me in tears I felt all his pain in every lyric ❤ I think it's my favorite album by him now #GRANDECATORCE

    35. jess arakelian

      take a shot every time she says “i agree with trippie”

    36. Jas Kaur

      Whys trippie so cuteeee:)

    37. Its_MillerTime 315

      Trippie Redd answer to “how to move on”: Trippie: “Let me count my Guap, count my Guap”

    38. Quinn Marie

      I’m dead he has me rollin . Love trippie

    39. Jasmine Pineda

      He can be my therapist

    40. Vannah Rose

      They both gonna go smoke weed together after this

    41. Toby Curtis

      Man, I've been sleeping on Trippie. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a>, that's a man who was brought up the right way.


      Trippie I feel like we both have been through a lot and I feel like we should get to know each other and just fall in love and make all of our hater and exes jealous..... I really like ❤️❤️

    43. Stephan Swib

      Man he lying every nigga at some point be a lil shook

    44. jvlissa perez

      Trippie: bruh Therapist: i agree

    45. Tomoko in 4k

      Best love advice...dont pursue a relationship with attractive people...

    46. YNW jay

      So like I’m not a bad looking guy and I really like this one female , but like I feel like I don’t have her full attention even tho I see females like me and I just want her attention what do I do? How come I can get these other females eyes on me but not hers ?

    47. tayleralexis

      y’all sure she a therapist?

    48. Robertson Sal

      He seems like a genuine good guy from his answers, void of resent or malice from his own heartbreak. Thanks Trippie, I hope you see this comment and know I was able to remember my shit doesn't stink at all. Able to let go of it all now, Thank You..

    49. Marcus Cleghorne

      Dude didnt take his own advice cause he back with thotzilla

    50. Ceezoh8tesu


    51. Jayxtentshin

      So i told this girl i like her and she said she talking to someone and she call me bruh every single GOD DAMN DAY (THAT MADE MY DAY😂😂😂

    52. JahsehWRLD

      Dynamic Duo right here

    53. Cal

      He’s literally me! I have some great relationship advice and shit for other people’s relationships. BUT my own relationships fucking suck man 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

    54. Cal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">00:48</a> 😂 This bout to be my fav thing to say now. “abso-fucking-lutely”

    55. Chicken leg Piece

      Ty I needed this my gf said she don’t think this gonna work out and said she needs to think

    56. Lenani Guteriez

      My husband looks so adorable 🥰

    57. kyra ylana

      everytime i don’t know what to do in a relationship , i come here . this video just has all the answers and plus who wouldn’t listen to trippie

    58. Ariel Kermit the Frog

      Trippie is the most attractive human I stg

    59. Adam Payton

      Trippie how you gonna give relationship advice when you got back with Ayleks recently *STOOPID* ?

    60. diaryofseresha

      Trippie so cute af

    61. James Hodgson

      Trippie be speaking facts tho

    62. Whylo Echodome

      Would smash therapy lady tho

    63. Godfrey Animba

      If you came outta a bad relationship... Celebrate Dawg

    64. David Chavira

      Trippie: speaks Therapist: I agree with trippie

    65. NotoriousCrusader

      I know a girl always callin' me bro like "Omg bro look at this" *Showing me of her baby brother* like she always textin me n shit always tryna play games cuz she a gamer girl, what does that mean?!

    66. Andrea WR

      Trippie: *breathes* Therapist: EXACTLY I AGREE 100% WITH TRIPPIE

    67. Ilexxana

      wth Trippie should be a therapist

    68. Ilexxana

      I love this video !

    69. Cortny Sellers

      Therapist had to step up her drip and strap on that 4ft. white gold chain

    70. Cortny Sellers

      Trippie rocking those Tripp pants

    71. SuperCholaGurl

      Please dont get back with ayleks :(

    72. Stephanie Hitch

      Give me 100 likes if you like this vid

    73. Bra Kay

      Trippi Red, whoever you are. Repent. I rebuke the powers around your neck, may they not posses any viewer. I can see what you’re doing. The devil is a liar

    74. Eshell Laquay

      I mean a lot of girls love u like me

    75. 9 Inch Nail

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="521">8:41</a> summed up is" I agree with trippie."

    76. Scottie Johnson

      Why is he wearing a diamond fingernail clipping???????????

    77. Bryan McDevitt

      This is a fucking vibe and made me happy. I love trippie.

    78. hairy trolls

      oh my god he’s so cute

    79. FoxHoundVIP

      Ayleks got old quick

    80. Yelsha Sofia

      I love Michael 😗⚡️❤️