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    1. SSSniperWolf

      ya so I got sick after this 🤢

      1. Xx_Too_ GuttaxX


      2. jeffthekillee wolf

        SSSniperWolf Me andmy sister watch your videos LOVE you

      3. Gacha Imy

        Nooooooo!!!!!! I feel sorry for you cause you’re sick 🤒 and just before Valentine’s Day too!

      4. Catchy Name Here

        Can't relate

      5. Thinh Ngo Son

        UwU hi (/' =')/💞💕

    2. MyaTheSpudyBuddy The 3rd

      Can you make that’s illegal merch

    3. Sally Surprise

      Hope your ok lia

    4. Sally Surprise

      At my house I have one of those mashed thing and mine black

    5. spoopy noodles 2.0

      I LOVE rice crispy Treats

    6. Ismee Placencio

      Mother:U hungry? Me:Yeah Mother:What you want? Me:Buy we every cereal;3

    7. Erin Brown

      My Favorite Time of Cereal is lucky charms

    8. Bruce MoRante

      Is it me or did she just cut the box with her nail

    9. can't you be kaylee hahahahaha

      So sorry

    10. singel lama mama

      Are u originally from America

    11. J S

      Cereal killer!

    12. Crazed_ gacha

      I stg the Very Berry Cheerios are my fav cereal

    13. Kayla Sanford

      Reese’s puffs all the way! That stuff is my childhood!

    14. Big Beanos

      Y the Hek Iz y baking cereal?!?

    15. Yuri Garcia


    16. Dana Parsons

      i wen too a place called BOOMERS and they had go carting and one guy would crash into everyone when they ant supposed to and i called him a boomer and he looked so proud and i was like ok u do u

    17. Noelani Weaver

      Do you have a food allergy

    18. ღl liveen ツღ :3

      Lia:*mixing cereals* Me:eating cereal while watching this

    19. Piotr Wrobel

      I'm Irish and live in Irland

    20. Ty M

      Just why

    21. Ava Wild

      SssniperWolf:Saying monkey instead 9f gorrila when they r called GORRILLA munch Me:AHHVGH UCYFY UCHIOVGGLIHUHILLVIJ

    22. hhorsebeef ccreatour

      cocoa puffs were i'm from, the mascot is a monkey.

    23. Maria Villegas

      SSSniperWolf : Not for people under the age 17... Me : Ummm, does 16 and a half count??

    24. Son Goku

      Who's eating cereal while watching this

    25. Cheesey Biscuits

      Lia u should make vlogs

    26. Taken Vocals

      Lia: so we basically got *one* of everything Couple minutess later: NOOOOO we got *two* captain crunch boxs

    27. Hasel Ramos


    28. Pranky

      Is it weird that I like honey bunched mixed with cheerios?

    29. Candice Stevens

      oof i feel so bad for SSSniperwolf

    30. Kayla Hatchel

      My rabbits name is Oreo

    31. anglez halo

      the way she wore her mask was wrong lmfao smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

    32. SuperShadowJared

      Booty o's are already a thing made by some wrestlers

    33. Hillary Houle

      Lia: Fruity Pebbles are way too fruity Me: TrIgErEd

    34. Hillary Houle

      Lia: I can’t eat these eggos Eleven:TrIgErEd

    35. Sofie Playz

      U don’t live in America ?

    36. tfme

      Am I the only one who used to do this anyway?

    37. Kyle Nevins

      hi i love you ssniper wolf

    38. Bluegachagurl :3

      *i raise with light shining on me* I have Diabetes and candy is s u g a r but I can still have them just with I n s u l i n look diabetes up if u don’t know idk why I typed this

    39. L Williams

      I bet all the cereal all together was so gross 🤮

    40. Abby Marie

      Why can't you have wheat???? BTW Looooovvvveee your channel!

    41. Niurka Peña

      Who is hurry for cereal now

    42. Amber Kitchen

      Auto corrct

    43. Shane Sinclair

      THAT. LOOKS. SO. GOOD. GIRL. IS. IT. It. So good

    44. Yo Cuevas

      That's why I love sssniperwolf vids

    45. Yo Cuevas

      You guys are so funny 🤣🤣🤣♥️

    46. Corky Rankin


    47. Sophie O

      Wow, that's cereal to feed a village!🇮🇴

    48. Corgi9000

      You made a video with MARSHMELLO!

    49. Parm Boi

      Woah wtf happened in the last couple years! She looks so different?

    50. DrizzMc Fizz

      Captain crunch is not a captain he is a commander

    51. LizCrowie

      Me this whole video: *WTF*

    52. シ Eleven シ

      Ahh my eggos

    53. lazy hamster lover

      Everyone:"I dont like fruti pebbles" Me:"*gets offended"

    54. Amelia Hamill

      ngl for a minute i forgot sis from england 🤣

    55. Liv McHenry

      So much gluten 🤢

    56. GLONK


    57. The queen Cici

      That’s sad

    58. NAVO DHA

      Wait wheres sniperwolf from

    59. Jennara Wise

      I feel sad for you I love ciniman toast crunch

    60. Jordan R

      Booty os is all ready a cereal